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Yogaburn Review

Helping women get lighter, healthier, and happier with their bodies and most importantly women's mental state.

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Yogaburn Review

  1. 1. YOGABURN REVIEW HELPING WOMEN GET LIGHTER, HEALTHIER, AND HAPPIER Click here for the program: https://c6b21ls80- I have been using this program and channelling my inner yogi consistently for the last twelve weeks. In this article, I’m going to share my in-depth review about Yoga Burn and how I have transformed by body using this workout program. MY POST-PARTUM DEPRESSION PREVAIL Now, I honestly believe in loving your body just like the Lord made you. But after gaining twenty five pounds steadily over the course of three pregnancies, I was desperate for something that would bring back my healthier, slimmer body. When my oldest child was born, I quit working out on a regular basis. Still, two months after I delivered him, I found the time to go for weekly aerobics classes. This exercise coupled with a strict Atkins diet really shaved those extra fifteen pounds off. I had always been slim my entire life thanks to an active lifestyle, so when I went back to exercising and eating right, my body responded. Then when I had my daughter things were a little more difficult. At the time, my son was in his terrible two and the baby almost never slept for longer than a few hours. I was a complete mess! My husband was travelling to Texas at this time and taking care of the house and two little kids was taking a toll on me. Luckily, my husband’s aunt Martha came and stayed with us for a few months till things settled down with my husband’s job and he came back to Fayetteville. Aunt Martha helped me look after the baby and kept my son entertained. She also helped with meals and cleaning the house so that I had
  2. 2. a little more time to myself and for catching up with the rest of the world. In this period, I experimented with the Keto diet and went for lots of short jogs when I could. Even when the kids were down for a little nap, I’d throw on my pair of running shoes and jog around the neighborhood for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time. I had gained around twenty pounds this time and through these jogs and my ketogenic diet regime, I lost around fifteen extra pounds. By the time my youngest arrived this March, things had spiraled very badly. Obviously, I was basking in the glory of motherhood and being a mommy to three beautiful angels. But, I had picked up so much extra poundage that I wasn’t able to enjoy this experience in a way that I would have liked. While my husband was back in town, Aunt Martha’s support was missing. Eventually, however, things fell back into place and I found myself in a routine. Sadly, I was almost twenty five pounds overweight. The weight I had gained and then lost from the first two pregnancies was back! Since the Atkins and Keto diet had worked for me in the past, I experimented with them again. However, I barely had any time to exercise since leaving the house
  3. 3. was a challenge. At this time, I was on the lookout for a workout solution that could take away my stubborn mommy-weight. Luckily for me, my friend from college had the perfect solution! Or Click Here To Try: Michelle was my friend back from when we were at Southern Arkansas University. Although she moved away to New Jersey with her husband and the kids last year, we have been in touch. When I told her about my weight troubles, she suggested the Yoga Burn challenge. If you’re struggling with any form of weight loss and need a little boost for your body, read on. Why Did I Decide To Try Yoga Burn? So although Michelle is a close friend of mine and somebody I trust completely, I didn’t just buy Yoga Burn on a simple suggestion. Michelle gave birth to twins a year after my oldest was born. Just like me, she put on a significant amount of weight in the past-partum period. We had spent countless hours over the phone trading information, tips and tricks on what was working to burn away the weight. While we managed to shed a few pounds with a variety of regimes, nothing really gave us lasting results. However, since she had moved away, her weight had melted off completely, revealing a more confident and happier Michelle. When she told me her secret was Yoga Burn, I decided to give it a shot. Honestly speaking, I just brought the program without looking at too many reviews or testimonials. In my mind, Michelle’s success was all the proof I needed. She had gone from being an under-confident, self-conscious and unfit new mother to a yummy mummy with an actual waist! I first experimented with Yoga during college. Our university’s health centre promoted a variety of classes to help students with stress and anxiety. This is when I learnt that Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India and that with regular practice, it can help improve the overall quality of life by decreasing stress and promoting relaxation. At this time I went for a class or two every few weeks. Sadly, I never found a way to permanently incorporate Yoga in my life. Eventually, I lost touch with my inner yogi and as a marriage, family and kids came into the picture, yoga was completely forgotten. When Michelle told me that Yoga Burn was
  4. 4. genuinely the key to losing the extra weight for good, I remembered how this practice had helped me feel better in my body when I had practiced it in the past. For those of you who are not aware, yoga is known for its many remedial and holistic benefits. I’ll elaborate on some benefits that I have personally experienced – Flexibility: One of the most impactful things I noticed upon restarting my yoga practice with Yoga Burn was improved flexibility. Even though my kids require constant attention and I’m always running around them, my body wasn’t getting enough of the ‘right kind’ of exercise and stretching. Yoga helps me concentrate on regaining my body’s abilities to perform physically. Reduced Pain: Yoga is known to build muscle strength and core strength with regular practice. Even as a person who doesn’t have any instances of chronic pain, I am still besieged by aches and pains on a regular basis. This happens mostly because our postures aren’t correct. However, practicing the right yoga poses on a regular basis has helped in reducing these aches and pains. Happiness Levels: Another important benefit I have felt through yoga is an increase in my happiness levels. Since yoga makes you reconnect to your inner self, it helps you feel calmer. For me, when I am practicing yoga I am able to look at the blessing in my life for what they are today. This just a review on which I’m being
  5. 5. compensated for. Click here to try the online program: https://c6b21ls80-