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Open Bank Project workshop at API Days, Open BankIng and Fintech, London 2015


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Slides of OBP workshop. OBP is an open source RESTful API for banks that connects to and abstracts the core banking systems underneath. A bit more technical than slides from previous day. Contains notes on API versioning, catalog, system diagram.

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Open Bank Project workshop at API Days, Open BankIng and Fintech, London 2015

  1. 1. Simon Redfern, CEO Bank as a Platform Transparency as an asset Workshop
  2. 2. Our Vision 1995! Why do we need a Web site?! 2000! 2010! 2020! Of course we have a Web site! Of course we have an API! Why do we need an API?! In the future, every bank will have an API “By 2016, 75% of the top 50 global banks will have launched an API platform and 25% will have launched a customer-facing app store”! “Bank as a Platform”: Modern, open APIs accelerate sustainable and secure customer-centric banking innovation by leveraging an ecosystem of third party applications and services. !
  3. 3. The Open Bank Project Is an Open Source API for banks! 1/ Open Banking API! 2/ Developer ! Community! 3/ Apps! Open Bank Project
  4. 4. Application.. 500+ developers using the Open Bank Project API!
  5. 5. ..Ecosystem ...The possibilities are endless!!!
  6. 6. Open Source API stack •  RESTful banking model •  Scala in JVM •  OAuth included •  Data and Auth Connectors •  Linked Metadata and Entitlements •  Dual licensed AGPL & Commercial •  Github OpenBankProject/
  7. 7. Developer Tools Apache Licensed SDKs (Handle the OAuth flow) Run locally
  8. 8. OAuth
  9. 9. Versioning In URL (easy to read / test)
  10. 10. Documentation Github Wiki: API to document API J
  11. 11. API Explorer Explore API in context of the logged in user J
  12. 12. Documentation in code Near the Code – So we can add HAL
  13. 13. Multiple Banks /banks/BANK_ID Try it: •  rbs •  natwest •  ulster-bank-ni •  ulster-bank
  14. 14. Multiple Account Views Multiple views on an account (don’t assume owner is accessing) /accounts/private •  owner •  auditor •  public •  shareholders •  regulator •  add-your-own
  15. 15. Fine grained permissions Entitlements on each account view: /banks /BANK_ID /accounts /ACCOUNT_ID /VIEW_ID /account
  16. 16. Transparency Options •  Guest Access (accountant, auditor) •  Public Views (NGO, Charity) •  Aliases for Counterparties (preserve privacy)
  17. 17. Meta Data •  Counterparties (urls, geolocation) •  Transactions (tags, comments) •  Customers (face image) •  Etc. Stored outside Core Banking System
  18. 18. Roadmap
  19. 19. Next Hackathons Banks can leverage the OBP API to create better customer relationships RBS - Edinburgh, Oct 9th-11th ! London, Nov 7th-8th ! Delhi, Dec 14th-16th !
  20. 20. Simon Redfern! @simsysims! @OpenBankProject"" "" " Thank You!