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The Philippine Tourism Industry

Presentation during the Second Tourism Human Resources Congress “Building Tourism Human Capital for Global Competitiveness” - 2 October 2012

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The Philippine Tourism Industry

  1. 1. Powerpoint Templates
  2. 2. 88.57 M Filipinos in 2007: 2010 – 92.34 M Labor Force 40,644 953 Employed Persons 37,841 1,021 Unemployed Persons 2,803 68 Underemployed Persons 7,312 20 LPFR 64.7% Unemployment Rate 6.9% Underemployment Rate 18.8%In thousands except rates. Details may not add up to totals. Powerpoint TemplatesSource: Preliminary, April2012 Labor Force Survey (LFS) Rounds.National Statistics Office (NSO) website & Bureau of Labor & Employment Statistics (BLES)
  3. 3. Powerpoint TemplatesSource Data: National Statistics Office, Labor Force Survey
  4. 4. Powerpoint TemplatesSource Data: National Statistics Office, Labor Force Survey
  5. 5.  Youth unemployment rate at 16.0% was more than twice the national rate of 6.9 % A large proportion of the unemployed have high school education (44.5% or 1.247 M) or reached college (34.8% or 0.975 M) Underemployment still a serious concern (19.3%); common in the rural areas Powerpoint TemplatesSource Data: National Statistics Office, Labor Force Survey
  6. 6.  There are 1.118 million workers in the Hotel & Restaurant Industry or 3% of the total employed From 2001-2011, the Industry grew annually by an average 5.3% or +450,000 workers In 2009, around 6% of GDP; Tourism direct GVA P463,398 in million Peso (PDP 2011- 2016, DOT) Powerpoint Templates Sources of Data: NSO, Labor Force Survey; PDP 2011-2016; DOT
  7. 7. BLES Integrated Survey (BITS) 2009/2010 Latest result of the BITS on Employment – 437,715 employed in this sector and most were young workers (15-24 yrs old) with 67,469 4,966 establishments engaged in tourism (30 June’10) Nearly half of total establishments employed agency hired workers (49.4% or 2,452) – mostly for security/janitorial services Powerpoint TemplatesSource Data: Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics, Labstat Vol.16 No.24
  8. 8. BLES Integrated Survey (BITS) 2009/2010 Top 5 Hard-to-fill occupations:medical technologist (607)cooks (542)travel attendants & stewards (431)service crew (366)accountants & auditors (333) 3,267 or 65.8% of the establishments adopted rotating shift as a flexible work arrangement for employees Powerpoint TemplatesSource Data: Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics, Labstat Vol.16 No.24
  9. 9. Tourism Hotspots / Major Destinations, Philippines: 2009- 2010Source: Department of Tourism. Powerpoint Templates
  10. 10.  In-demand occupations for 2005-2009 for this sector has a total available supply of 138,095 or 83.46% of the total 165,461 critical occupations Food and Beverage Attendant has the highest number of certified workers at 41,746 followed by House/Hotel Cleaner with 40,163 TVET sector can still provide needed workers locally, as it can train 431,535 annually from the 4,841 training institutions. Latest TESDA data for 2011 counts 242,679 certified workers in this industry Powerpoint Templates
  11. 11.  Most workers in this sector are graduates of Tourism, HRM and Travel Management CHED data shows that 446 graduates can be produced in the three (3) identified critical skills available in 77 institutions Opportunities abroad abound, particularly in hotels, luxury liners and cruise ships as staff, maintenance, cooks or crew. Filipinos are in demand workers abroad in this industry for their value for work, hospitality and courteousness Powerpoint Templates
  12. 12.  Exploitation of OJTs due to over supply that led to the replacement of regular workers Ill equipped graduates/lack of qualified applicants CHED moratorium issued in 2010 includes HRM Competition with opportunities abroad Graduates/applicants do not settle for salaries offered Companies are used as training grounds Powerpoint Templates
  13. 13.  Identified as one of the 12 KEGs in DOLEs most recent labor market signaling activity, Project JobsFit: The DOLE 2020 Vision and the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce, 7 Big Winners Considered an employment driver in NCR, II, III, IV- A, IV-B, VI, VII, IX, X and Caraga and recently emerging in Region V and CAR Regarded as the 4 th largest contributor to foreign exchange receipts next to semi-conductors, remittances & BPO Powerpoint Templates
  14. 14.  NSCB: 5.3% lodging increase in 2009 11% growth in Hospitality Industry in 2010 Target of 6.5 million international arrivals by 2016 Filipinos are in demand workers abroad in this industry for their value for work, hospitality and courteousness Powerpoint Templates
  15. 15. The Philippine Laborand Employment Plan, 2011-2016 Powerpoint Templates
  16. 16. A NP-1 International Airport Principal Airport - Class 1 A Principal Airport – Class 221 strategic thematic tourism NP-2 A B Community Airport - Sea Portdestination clusters covering 77 A B NP-3Tourism Development Areas A NP-4 A B Tourism Cluster B A Tourism Development Area7 strategic clusters in Northern NP-5 B C International Gateway Strategic DestinationPhilippines (North Luzon, CAR, D A B Clusters NP-6 CCALABARZON, NCR) covering 27 A D B NP-7 CP-1tourism development areas C D E A F A B A7 strategic clusters in Central B CP-2 CP-3Philippines (MIMAROPA, Bicol, The C C B D E C A CP-7Visayas) covering 24 tourism A Adevelopment areas B A CP-5 A B CP-6 B SP-1 CP-47 strategic clusters in the Southern B C B A APhilippines (Mindanao) covering 26 A C A SP-2 A SP-3 Btourism development areas. B B C A C D A B B SP-4 A A B B B SP-7 D C E SP-5 Powerpoint Templates A SP-6
  17. 17. OBJECTIVE: Improve employment levels and access toemployment opportunitiesSTRATEGIES: Focusing policies and programs on keyjob generating areas toward increasing productivity andemployment.To encourage foreign and domestic investments and thus spuremployment generation, the government pursues intensivepromotion, industry development and a more focused incentivespackage in key areas, such as Tourism, Business ProcessOutsourcing… Powerpoint Templates
  18. 18. STRATEGIES: Promoting employment-intensiveundertakings through infrastructureEmployment–intensive schemes in infrastructure development,where applicable, will be adopted…Priority infrastructure development includes the tourism hotspots, including air and sea port development… Powerpoint Templates
  19. 19. STRATEGY: Adopting reforms in employmentfacilitation.Reforms on employment facilitation is being pursued tosupport a policy environment that uses pro-employmentlabor market policies, and improve the employability of theyouth and the educated through measures that addressoversubscription to academic degree and skills trainingprograms… career advocacy, coaching and counseling willalso be enhanced… Powerpoint Templates
  20. 20. STRATEGY: Addressing the job and skill mismatchproblemPromoting better coordination between employers, academeand the government, and by strengthening both public andprivate sector labor market information and exchangeinstitutions, especially at the local levels… the DOLEconducts labor market signaling activities on a regularbasis… Powerpoint Templates
  21. 21. STRATEGY: Enhancing human capital througheducation and trainingPromote demand-driven and quality assured education andtraining, effective skills assessment and certification systemsand career advocacy especially in key employmentgenerating areas as identified in the PDP … Powerpoint Templates
  22. 22. Industry Prospects & Opportunities Growth of Philippine economy will be driven by:• Tourism (diving edge)• Medical Tourism• Real estate (BPOs investing in office space, growth in domestic and international tourism) Powerpoint Templates
  23. 23. INDUSTRY IN-DEMAND HARD-TO-FILL HOTEL and Front Office Cook RESTAURANT Agent/Attendant and TOURISM Baker Food and Server and Handler Food and Beverage Service Attendant Waiter Bartender Room Attendant Other Housekeeping Services Reservations Officer and other Frontline Occupation Tour Guides Powerpoint TemplatesSource: Project JobsFit
  24. 24. OverNursingBusiness administrationHRMTeacher Education Under Agri & Fisheries Creative Arts, Animation & IT Sciences Engineering Powerpoint Templates
  25. 25.  Information Technology Teacher Education Science and Math Engineering Health Sciences Agriculture & Related Fields Powerpoint TemplatesSource of data: CHED Memorandum No.4, S.2011
  26. 26. LMI Publications Powerpoint Templates
  27. 27. DOLE recentlydeveloped CareerPamphlets on in-demand occupations… … 16 of which are career options viable and related to Tourism Industry Powerpoint Templates
  28. 28. Next generation labormarket signaling outputof DOLE , providing anin-depth analysis on the11 identified Kegs inPJF Powerpoint Templates
  29. 29. Houses a "live" registry of skills up to the community level,to help facilitate referral and placement of jobseekers. Powerpoint Templates
  30. 30. Location and Number of Workers With Work Experience as Carpenter, Dapitan City, Zamboanga Del Norte: 2011-2012 Kauswagan Polo Potol SanPedro San Vicente 13 Carpenters Linabo Santa Cruz SulangonPowerpoint Templates
  31. 31. SAMPLE SKILLS MAPDistribution of Workers With Experience in Production/Manufacturing in Calamba, Laguna: 2009-2012 Number of Workers 1-50 51-150 150-300 300-500 500-1000 1000 over Powerpoint Templates
  32. 32. The Phil-Jobnet Website Powerpoint Templates
  33. 33. Career Guidance and EmploymentCoaching Major strategy to connect jobseekers to employment opportunities in the labor market Creation of 59 Networks of Guidance Counselors (NGCs) with 2,350 members in the 16 regions that served as conduit of DOLE in the conduct of career orientation nationwide Powerpoint Templates
  34. 34. Career Path of Tourism & Hospitality Graduates  Tour Guides  Food and Beverage Service Crews  Waiters and waitresses  Front Desk Personnel  Chef/Cooks  Bakers  Food Preparation Staff Powerpoint Templates
  35. 35. Career Path of Tourism & Hospitality Graduates  Marketing and Promotions Specialists  General Managers  Housekeeping Managers  Front Office Managers  Convention Service Managers Powerpoint Templates
  36. 36. visit our websites: Powerpoint Templates