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Social Media 2012 - Future Predictions


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A look at Social Media in 2012.

***Please note this deck was created in 2010****

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Social Media 2012 - Future Predictions

  1. The World According to Google (or Eric Schmidt anyway...) <br />Five years from now the internet will be dominated by Chinese language content.<br />Today’s teenager are the model of how the web will work in the five years – They jump from app to app to app seamlessly.<br />Five years is a factor of ten in Moore’s Law, meaning that computers will be capable of far more by that time than they are today.<br />Within five years there will be broadband well above 100MB in performance – and distribution distinctions between TV, radio and the web will go away<br />More Video.<br />
  2. What’s coming up?<br />
  3. Fundamental cultural shifts in what we find to be normal or acceptable about privacy.<br />
  4. Real time information in search results on Google.<br />
  5. Expect Google’s Social Search to change the way we interact with search engines.<br />
  6. Ratings everywhere.<br />
  7. Global Social Brain<br />
  8. Content aggregation will be key to bring method madness.<br />
  9. What’s even better then “nowness”?<br />
  10. Social Media Augmented Reality<br />
  11. Socially enabled digital outdoor will become more common.<br />
  12. Social CRM will change CRM forever<br />
  13. Social augmented reality in real time via GPS and image recognition.<br />
  14. Organizing and filtering content will become big business<br />
  15. Complete decentralization of social networks.<br />
  16. Automated social agents<br />
  17. Micro virtual worlds will arise(that don’t suck)<br />
  18. Watch out for the Wave<br />
  19. Share of voice, point of view, and community influence will be more important then ownership.<br />
  20. What new tools will arise?<br />
  21. Scia Media<br />
  22. SOCIAL MEDIA 2012<br />Less..<br />More….<br />New social tools &services<br />Privacy<br />Single DestinationWebsites<br />Content<br />Collaboration<br />Desired Exclusivity<br />Machine Intelligence<br />Real Relationships<br />Social Connections<br />Direct Only Marketing<br />
  23. THANK YOU!ANY QUESTIONS?<br />Freddie LakerDirector of Digital Strategy – Global Team<br />Blog:<br />Twitter:<br />LinkedIn:<br />Email:<br />