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PowerShell - PowerForensics

Brief explanation of PowerShell and usage of PowerForensics on PowerShell

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PowerShell - PowerForensics

  1. 1. Taha İslamYILMAZ Computer Engineering TOBB ETU ADEO IWS - Computer Forensics INVOKE-IR
  2. 2. Invoke-IR • Windows PowerShell • PowerForensics • Demo
  3. 3. Invoke-IR PowerForensics Uproot WMI Eventing
  4. 4. Windows PowerShell New generation command – line interface Users are able to link several commands PS C:> Get-ChildItem C: | Get-ForensicFileRecord
  5. 5. Windows PowerShell-Cmdlets Special commands Easy to use get-command get-process p* | stop-process get-process | where { $_.WS -gt 10MB } | stop-process
  6. 6. Windows PowerShell Functions  Similary with programming languages  Saving time when tackling repetitive tasks function Stop-Script () { "Script terminating..." Write-Output "========================================================" Exit }
  7. 7. Windows PowerShell Modules  Set of related script files  Easy to share PowerForensics
  8. 8. PowerForensics  Digital Forensics framework  Currently supports NTFS files , in the process of adding support for ext4 file system
  9. 9. PowerForensics Cmdlets  Boot Sector: Get-ForensicMasterBootRecord - gets the MasterBootRecord from the first sector of the hard drive Get-ForensicGuidPartitionTable - gets the GuidPartitionTable from the first sector of the hard drive Get-ForensicPartitionTable - gets the partition table for the specified drive
  10. 10. PowerForensics Cmdlets  Windows Registry Get-ForensicRegistryKey - gets the keys of the specified registry hive Get-ForensicRegistryValue - gets the values of the specified registry key
  11. 11. PowerForensics Cmdlets  Get-ForensicFileRecord - gets Master FileTable entries (parses $MFT) Get-ForensicVolumeBootRecord - gets theVolumeBootRecord from the first sector of the volume (parses $Boot) Invoke-ForensicDD - provides a bit for bit copy of a specified device Copy-ForensicFile - creates a copy of a file from its raw bytes on disk
  12. 12. How can we use locked file? DEMOTIME
  13. 13. Thank you for listening to me !