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DiSC S Team Culture


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What's it like to work in or with a team with an S-style culture? The "Get along" team.

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DiSC S Team Culture

  1. 1. iDl$C The “ Get Along” Team " T212313 tiziigs i: :;t, c: :f; :f: :.: E:: s st. :1;IIEty z: ::: l c: :;? :r; ‘.’;3:. ‘i: ::: o:s c:1i: ::; :oI3 Team Characteristics ; .i- y-nu-q " e u n r My Q la: -uun“"‘~u Jun ‘III; -iipfll “" n 'ilui. -an‘ '«“. ..p. ./n" -—‘i. i s . . . :.. _,. _: 4,. ..‘ sa. .,__«. ul , - uiu. . . i-i. . r-.4-. ___I-H’ as ni-_! .u~»u -ml»! «r a an-_~, .q. a‘i-. ,i. . , ... ' “gnu: higfiavlth »ua L . D I : I a u . H . e «I Am‘ J“ , > n . . . ; ‘. u - n ' ‘fin. Tell me about it! We can’t do it without you! We appreciate it! 3 i'ilIllZ'lllr. .l’tIl. ":. Clear expectations Sincere appreciation Flexibility Continuity Collaboration Safe space for expression Time to process information High level of teamwork Diplomacy Empathy Nurtures the culture Creates stable environment Fo| |ow—through Customer service orientation ‘.1 l u r: J’eLs1ii. i’~ Uncertainty and risk Sudden change Pressure Crisis Lack of planning Competitive atmosphere Isolation 'i‘i-rr, |:; '|i-ricia l-E. ‘ indecisive Passive resistance Maybe complacent Sensitive to criticism Can stifle innovation Fails to challenge ideas Avoids critical feedback What do you need? Who can we include? How will it affect people?