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Tarek Sadaka_IE application_ Express Yourself_Question J


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Tarek Sadaka
IE Application
October 2015 Admissions
Express Yourself: Question J

How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of technology on human relations?

Published in: Technology
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Tarek Sadaka_IE application_ Express Yourself_Question J

  1. 1. Tarek Sadaka IE School of Communication Master in Corporate Communication October 2015 Admissions Express Yourself – Question J How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of technology on human relations?
  2. 2. Humans have always thrived as a social group
  3. 3. And so, we created societies where one’s behavior is affected by the behavior of the society around him
  4. 4. In a society, we communicate to share our understanding of the world around us. We do it in ways beyond verbal communication… BODY LANGUAGE GESTURES FACIAL EXPRESSION
  5. 5. COOPERATING QUESTIONING NEGOTIATING COMPETING INFORMING LEARNING PLAYING HELPING VOTING & more … Social interaction comes in many forms that teach us how to function together in a society…
  7. 7. …Offers us protection, and connects us to new people…
  8. 8. When we couldn’t interact face-to-face, we found ways to do it across distance and time Dove Smoke Drawing Etc.
  9. 9. And then came the: As our technology improved over time, we found better ways to connect
  10. 10. Before the internet, people spent more time interacting together in smaller groups. But internet offered humans new sources of ENTERTAINMENT KNOWLEDGE CONNECTIONS DIVERSION
  11. 11. With the internet, came the mobile era…
  12. 12. Today, people have larger social circles giving them access to new opportunities and experiences Everybody is communicating through many smart devices And the faster we communicate the more we communicate…
  13. 13. … and how is online communication benefiting us and the society?
  14. 14. For one thing, it is making societies around the world friendlier and closer together, as it opens up the doors to see a different perspective on life… It allows societies to “touch” each other!
  15. 15. Currently, the average person spends at least 2 to 3 hours on digital platforms everyday doing personal things
  16. 16. In 1995 In 2000 In 2005 Today 15 million people were connected online 350 million people were connected online 1 billion people were connected online 3 billion people are connected online
  17. 17. As this number increases, many fear it will take over basic social interaction as we get sucked into the digital world
  18. 18. Obviously, non-verbal communication has been decreasing, but will it really disappear?
  19. 19. 10 years from now, we would have found new ways to interact. It is predicted that screens would disappear and the interface would be viewed on any surface at any time…
  20. 20. … or maybe through glasses and contact lenses that show us everything, Or even through a chip placed in the head…
  21. 21. Through the help of social media, social interaction is evolving to become more experiential
  22. 22. It is predicted that Augmented/Virtual Reality, which is being developed by Facebook, will enhance social interaction allowing us not only to see another person’s surroundings, but to experience it while at rest!
  23. 23. But how will people react to these technologies
  25. 25. One part will develop an addiction to technology, and will become anti-social
  26. 26. Some might rebel against virtual social interaction and against the future of social media… at first
  27. 27. Inevitably, we will all try to find a balance between real and virtual social interaction, because we need to have both for society to continue functioning
  28. 28. BUT FOR NOW…
  29. 29. We need to ask ourselves, how much of the time spent online is benefiting us and our society?!
  30. 30. If we cannot predict the future, we can at least control the present!
  31. 31. Take a moment… … put your phones and devices aside
  32. 32. LOOK AROUND & CONNECT TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU! Tarek Sadaka – April 2015