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Japanese schoolgirl jeopardy

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Japanese schoolgirl jeopardy

  1. 1. Japanese SchoolgirlsManga and Art Fashion Technology HorrorAnime$100 $100 $100 $100 $100$200 $200 $200 $200 $200$300 $300 $300 $300 $300$400 $400 $400 $400 $400
  2. 2. Manga and Anime-$100 Description of manga and anime.Answer
  3. 3. Manga and Anime-$100What is characterized animation created by the newly cultural group in Japan, schoolgirls? Game Screen
  4. 4. Manga and Anime-$200 Where manga and anime originated.Answer
  5. 5. Manga and Anime-$200 What is Japan?Game Screen
  6. 6. Manga and Anime-$300The country that has recently sparked interest in manga books and has sold millions of anime manufacturing in a small period of time due to Japanese schoolgirl migration. Answer
  7. 7. Manga and Anime-$300 What is the United States of America ?Game Screen
  8. 8. Manga and Anime-$400The first manga book to populate highly in America. Answer
  9. 9. Manga and Anime-$400 What is Peach Fuzz By Miwa Ueda?Game Screen
  10. 10. Art-$100The message of Azemichi (the picture below)by Makoto Aida. Kudos to you if you can figure out the name of this photo in English. Answer
  11. 11. Art-$100What is that schoolgirls just want to make a new way out of the old way that has been standardized for Japan? The photo’s name in English: A path between rice fields Game Screen
  12. 12. Art-$200Gwen Stefani’s newest Japanese Schoolgirl Inspired Icon. Answer
  13. 13. Art-$200What are harajuku girls or harajuku lovers?Game Screen
  14. 14. Art-$300 This is the popular image from…Answer
  15. 15. Art-$300 Sailor moon in the wedding bride scene.Game Screen
  16. 16. Art-$400This famous company known for their random Japanese schoolgirl inspired pictures. Answer
  17. 17. Art-$400 What is Tokidoki?Game Screen
  18. 18. Fashion-$100This very popular sky rocketing store in Tokyo where girls can get personal fashion advice. The new classic hit for the girls to buy clothes. Some say that it will never grow old for these girls because it’s just so great. Answer
  19. 19. Fashion-$100What is Shibuya 109 also referred to as “ one- oh-nine”? Game Screen
  20. 20. Fashion-$200This also very popular company that makes fake uniforms that originally started by Japanese schoolgirls who wanted originality in their uniform. The girls have really driven this market up farther and farther and have left their parents rubbing pennies together. Answer
  21. 21. Fashion-$200 What is CONOMi and aneCONOMi?Game Screen
  22. 22. Fashion-$300 This cute, fun loving dog well known in the United States has just become a real hit forthe Japanese schoolgirls. His lazy attitude and floppy ears trademark him as a kawaii cutiefor the girls. This dog may have just run Hello Kitty out of the Japanese Schoolgirl’s hearts. Answer
  23. 23. Fashion-$300 What is Snoopy?Game Screen
  24. 24. Fashion-$400This small icon has rocked Japan’s nation and is now the center of hatred from adults because they are tired of the constant kitty sightings near the innocent Japanese schoolgirls. Answer
  25. 25. Fashion-$400 What is Hello Kitty?Game Screen
  26. 26. Technology-$100This Japanese teenage hit has inspired girls from all nations to immediately fawn over this item and is made vigorously in Japan to supply the girls’ needs. Hint: small screens, large keyboards. Kudos to you if you can specifically identify the type of device they go after most. Answer
  27. 27. Technology-$100 What are mobile cell phones?Kudos: What are smart phones or internet- adaptable phones?Game Screen
  28. 28. Technology-$200This was used before the cell phone invention and nearly driven out of business when cell phones were invented and these were deemed “un-cool”. Only complete and utter losers are said to still own these. Yet were originally created for work use. Answer
  29. 29. Technology-$200 What are Pocket bell pagers?Game Screen
  30. 30. Technology-$300This popular photo booth was once used for factory workers in Japan until the schoolgirls got a hold of it and idealized sticking kawaii photos in their school notebooks. Answer
  31. 31. Technology-$300What is a Purikura photo booth or Photo sticker photo booth? Game Screen
  32. 32. Technology-$400This sleek small portable device has become a “must-have” for Japanese schoolgirls. Hint: not an IPad but a … Answer
  33. 33. Technology-$400 What is a laptop?Game Screen
  34. 34. Horror-$100The power of Japanese schoolgirls is shown by this type of art. Answer
  35. 35. Horror-$100 What is horror art?Game Screen
  36. 36. Horror-$200This movie made major bucks in Japan because it showed irony in the way of a Japanese schoolgirl? Answer
  37. 37. Horror-$200 What is Kill Bill?Game Screen
  38. 38. Horror-$300This artist’s painting, Haramikiri Girls, shows schoolgirls optimisticly slaying themselves with samurai swords. Answer
  39. 39. Horror-$300 Who is Miwa Ueda?Game Screen
  40. 40. Horror-$400This is the easiest way to entertain the Japanese schoolgirls who are constantly juggling around adult topics with their everyday teenage life. Answer
  41. 41. Horror-$400 What is horror or scaring oneself?Game Screen