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Dashboards Dont Work - On Demand Webinar - Preview


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Preview of the slides from the On Demand Webinar "Dashboards Don't Work - Unless You Have a Metrics Management Strategy"

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Published in: Leadership & Management
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Dashboards Dont Work - On Demand Webinar - Preview

  1. 1. Dashboards Don’t Work (Without a strategy for managing metrics!)
  2. 2. Learn how to put metrics to work in making dashboards as useful and effective as possible. Our Objective
  3. 3. Organizational Transparency through Metrics
  4. 4. Strategic Insights Execs Exec Briefing Briefing Notes Senior Leaders Summary Rollups Briefing Notes Ops Teams Mgmt Tools The Business Middle Mgmt Operations Dashboards and Reports Strategic Insights
  5. 5. New insights from combining metrics  Added areas make framework richer Other Internal Supporting Areas Industry Benchmarks Strategic Insights Layer other areas  Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, etc.  Intertwine results with the business Industry metrics as baseline comparison  Market share, cust sat, profitability, efficiency, etc. Strategic Insights Internal Core Areas Manuf.Int’l
  6. 6. 5 Executive Metrics and Reporting Tenets: Clarity
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