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Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Who says you can't fix ugly?


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Danny Boice's July 2012 Talk at the Lean Startup Machine. About Speek's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and other concept validation practices we took.

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Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Who says you can't fix ugly?

  1. 1. Our MVP - Who says you cant fix ugly? Danny Boice Co-Founder / Product & Tech @DannyBoice | @SpeekApp
  2. 2. The Big Picture ** Yes, this was blatantly stolen from Ash Maurya & "Running Lean" - Be cool
  3. 3. First World Problem/s1. Beers We were drinking on a Tuesday. Who does that?2. NYC We were travelling on "business" for our boring corporate gig.3. And somewhat off topic.....The experience of dialing into a conference call sucks and everyone hates it.
  4. 4. Solution HypothesisPeople would rather join conference calls by going to a link- like - than by dialing a 10 digitphone number, then a conference id and/or a PIN.
  5. 5. Validating AssumptionsWe did over 30 customer interviews before we designed asingle pixel or wrote a single line of code. ** Yup, this too was shamelessly stolen from Ash Maurya & "Running Lean" - Sue me
  6. 6. Our Butt Ugly MVP• Designed it using Balsamiq the first day of SXSW (While drinking that night too)• Developed it and pushed to AWS before we left SXSW (Even more drinking)• Hid our ugly baby behind a free LaunchRock landing page and let people in manually• Interviewed every single one of these early users(Hoped they werent drinking)• Wanna See it?
  7. 7. Wanna See It? ** This was definitely NOT stolen - trust me
  8. 8. Wanna See It? ** This was definitely NOT stolen - trust me
  9. 9. Fast Forward To Today• Seed funding - lead by 500 Startups• 2,000+ active users growing at 250 per week• 15% activation rate• $0 marketing spend to date• Lots of user tests• Achieving product / market fit - then we scale• Wanna see it?
  10. 10. And What Does TheFuture Have In Store ForUs?
  11. 11. Holler At MeMy Twitter: @DannyBoice Speeks: @SpeekApp