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Marketing Plan Report-Luxury Hotels in Vietnam

Marketing Plan Report-Luxury Hotels in Vietnam
Experienced the new trends in leisure industry in Vietnam, to avoid the untrustworthy information, the market research and business environment analysis were conducted prior to marketing plan building to ensure the effectiveness of marketing strategy for these hotels.

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Marketing Plan Report-Luxury Hotels in Vietnam

  4. 4. OVERVIEWOFMARKETINGACTIVITIES2018  Follow the activities of sales and F&B departments to optimize the promotion programs  Diverse both offline and digital marketing platforms  Innovate and ensure uniformity of marketing designs according to brand identity of each hotel system  Improve the working process among Sales, F&B and Marketing departments to plan, build content, measure effectiveness of promotions  Need to produce new videos and images for marketing materials  Invest budget on digital channels  POSM is currently printing by color printer -> Outsource printing of POSM to ensure quality 4
  5. 5. An analysis of tourist business environment 02 5
  6. 6. Distribution channels of luxury hotels in Vietnam In 2017, the most popular booking type at high-end hotels is through tour operators, followed by OTA channels. This trend is similar between both 4 and 5- star hotels. In 2019, Da Lat hotel system will promote the development of MICE tourism, through establishing partnerships with stakeholders. 2.1 external business environment analysis 6
  7. 7. Since 2017, the growth rate of foreign visitors has surpassed the growth rate of domestic visitors, approximately 4 times. These potential visitors need to be exploited in the future. Current customers in the leisure market 7 2.1 external business environment analysis
  8. 8. FACTORS REAL SITUATIONS MAIN EFFECTS POLITIC - Visa exemption policy for foreign tourists (North Asia, Russia, and Europe ...) - Focus on the foreign tourist majority in Vietnam ECONO MY - Competition increased in 4-star and 5-star hotel tourism sector instead of cheap hotel systems. - Lowest index ranking Vietnam 2017: environmental sustainability, visa policy, infrastructure. - Increasing market share of high-class hotels, need to increase the market share of Dalat Palace and Du Parc compared to other hotels in the region. - Establish CSR partnerships with organizations and communities in Dalat and with Miss Universe Vietnam SOCIETY - Foreign tourists to Da Lat increase the most dramatically thanks to 2 main trends: visitors like cultural experiences and relaxation. - Building partnerships with stakeholders to reposition the hotel image in Dalat TECHN OLOGY - Only some 5-star hotel chains develop their own app for members, personalize the customer experience - Increasing promotion through OTAs - According to distribution channel trend, it is necessary to focus on digital marketing 2.2 OTHER MACROSCOPIC FACTORS 8
  9. 9. An Bình MandaraBelresort Adensee Palace DL Wonder Ngọc Lan Duparc Highprice Medium- high quality Highprice High quality Medium- highprice 2.3 THE IDENTIFICATIONOF HOTEL BRAND COMPETITION The main competition is about different high quality services. Rating results of 5 star hotels does not depend on price. Dalat Palace's strength is because of beautiful location and architecture from historical to design thicknesses, compared to other hotels and resorts. Source: TripAdvisor, Booking 5 star hotel Booking Tripadvisor Dalat Palace 8.2 4.0 Swiss- Belresort 8.4 4.5 Adensee 8.6 4.5 Ana Mandara 8.6 4.5 Bình An Resort 8.8 4.5 4 star hotel Booking Tripadvisor Du Parc 7.8 3.5 TTC Ngọc Lan 8.0 4.0 Saigon Dalat 8.1 N/A Terrasse Villa 8.2 N/A DL Wonder 8.8 N/A Pricing strategies are applied by 4-star hotels with many discount offers. The location near the center, the number of large rooms compared to the group of customers is a big strength of Du Parc compared to other hotels in the region. RATING 9 POSITIONING MAP
  10. 10. The comparison of website traffics Source: TripAdvisor, Booking, SimilarWeb  Dalat Palace and 4 other 5-star hotels are competing directly with each other (same location, same customer segment, and providing similar resort services at the same price).  The amount of traffic of Dalat Palace compared to the other 4 hotels is quite low, only throug the main channels: directly accessing the website; advertising link; search with keyword KS. In addition, the tools Social Media and email have not brought good results.  The main traffic source of Dalat Palace website: through other introduction sites Dalat Palace has placed advertising links to backlinks to the website. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Direct Refferals Search Social Mail Dalat Palace Heritage Binh An Village Ana Mandara Dalat Edensee Tuyen Lam Hotel 10
  11. 11. HOTEL % TRAFFIC FROM SEARCH PAID KEYWORDS ORGANIC KEYWORDS TOP 5 ORGANIC KEYWORDS Dalat Palace 44.94% 0% 100% - Top 1: Dalat palace luxury - 52.89% - Top 2: Dalat palace city hotel - 47.11% - Top 3: Da lat palace - Top 4: Khách sạn palace da lat - Top 5: dalat palace Dalat Du Parc 27.58% 0% 100% - Top 1: du parc hotel dalat - 62.10% - Top 2: where to stay dalat - 37.90% - Top 3: Dalat du parc 100% of keywords searched for Palace and Du Parc are from free sources, at which: Hotel Palace: Customers from the target group / were introduced / used the service at Palace (Not new customers) - The hotel was positioned for high-end customers Du Parc: Most customers come from the target group who know about Du Parc service (62.1%). In addition, Du Parc was promoted through some Pr articles on Travel magazines (37.9%). Search Engine Optimization Source: SimilarWeb 11
  12. 12. 01 CORE SERVICE 4-5* hotel room standards 02 ACTUAL SERVICE The luxury additional services 03 AUGMENT SERVICE The according historical and cultural highlights Brand Recognition • Synchronize corporation identify program and adverting images on media • Combined service packages based on customer demand and price (Sale / Pr combination) -> create service difference Brand Awareness • Promote the image of Dalat through CSR activities on historical culture • Combine cultural values to collaborate to organize relevant conferences / seminars  expand MICE visitors The levels of services in Palace & Du Parc 12
  13. 13. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats S1 Large business scale, higher number of service rooms S2 The luxurious, classic properties bring many values of cultural history S3 Additional services during vacation at the hotel (Golf, Club, Spa) W1 Invest less for digital advertising, difficult to attract current customers from online source W2 Human resources: have not coordinated regularly O1 Tourism grew strongly in Da Lat, O2 Cultural experience trend increases in tourism activities in Dalat O3 MICE increases in Vietnam T1 High competition in the region, especially in digital technology development in the service industry T2 Diversify and compete premium experiences for customers at 4 and 5 star hotels 2.4 SWOT analysis 13
  14. 14. S-O STRATEGY: EXPANDING NEW MARKETS 2.5 business strategy from swot matrix ESTABLISH CUSTOMER DATA UTILIZE TECHNOLOGY INTO CUSTOMER SERVICE Depend on the types and frequency of service usage. Identify psychological high-income customers changes (on vacation experience, service needs) to supplement or improve services. Develop the program "Dear customers" for these customers Maintain revenue from loyalty plans and turn them into KS referrals (WOM) Update or take the lead in technology trends in customer services (booking, feedback from customers, providing information via email marketing) 14
  15. 15. W-T STRATEGY: REDUCE RISK OF EXTERNAL COMPETITION 2 new markets need to focus: (1) - Customers search for hotels from online sources and (2) - MICE customers. Combine the services of Dalat Palace in a full vacation package for customers (i.e apply more deals for loyal customers / Du Parc, Convention tour and prominent Palace service) Marketing activities will be more effective when Sale - Marketing - F&B departments coordinate on a daily basis to update KPIs of applied Marketing / event tools, adjusted for next campaigns if necessary. DEVELOP NEW CUSTOMER DIFFERENTIATION IN LEISURE SERVICES PR AND COMMUNICATION INVESTMENT 15
  16. 16. 2.6Phânkhúckháchhàng mục tiêu Positioning customer needs according to two main levels: - Luxury (Palace, Le Rabelais) - Facilities (Du Parc, Le Bistro) Besides, additional services such as Spa, club (Palace, Du Parc); The conference area (Dalat Convention) and Golf are attractive to be combined in the promotion package for MICE customers Besides, Chinese customers play the key role in this leisure market in Vietnam 16 2018 2019
  17. 17. MARKETING strategy 2019 03 17
  18. 18. FINANCIAL GOAL MARKET EXPANSION GOAL  Maximize room capacity, apply sales promotion program in lower season to increase revenue  Balance budget for Marketing activities, in which:  Invest more for Digital platforms than OOH advertising  Strengthen advertising in lower season, diversify service package in the peak months  Target customers: New customers to search for hotels from online sources and MICE customers, retain loyal customers  Service objectives: Design the combo service with the linkage, run promotion programs to attract more customers in lower season  Branding: In the long term, develop Palace image to preserve historical and cultural values. 18 3.1Marketinggoals2019
  19. 19. Production Event Digital Marketing SPONS ORSHIP & PR A B C D 4 STAR HOTEL - Duparc - Le Bistro 5 STAR HOTEL - Palace - Le Rabelais - Golf - Convention - Karaoke Club - Spa 3.2 Marketing TOOLS 19
  20. 20. 20 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUL AUG SEPJUN LOWER SEASON PEAK SEASONPEAK SEASON OCT NOV DEC • Focusing on promotion programs for businesses (year-end, new year parties), promotion through OTA, inventional F&B policies for guests staying longer , outbound guests • The PR articles to introduce outlets with promotion • Promotes digital advertising programs • POSM • Deploy bedroom discount program to maximize room capacity, aiming at international tourists and groups in the summer • Promoting OTA and F&B promotions to increase the number of customers using the service, especially during the holidays in Vietnam: (30 / 04-01 / 05, 01/06, 2/9) • Peak wedding season: apply the program of wedding package, wedding party offers • The PR articles to introduce outlets with promotion • Promotes digital advertising programs • POSM • Deploy sales promotion programs for businesses, winter programs, events - year-end conferences for guests, outbound guests • Promote F&B promotion to increase the capacity of using additional services, especially in holidays: October 20, Christmas, New Year • The PR articles to introduce outlets with promotion • Promotes digital advertising programs • POSM 3.3 MARKETING & COMMUNICATION PLAN
  22. 22. Thank You! 22

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Marketing Plan Report-Luxury Hotels in Vietnam Experienced the new trends in leisure industry in Vietnam, to avoid the untrustworthy information, the market research and business environment analysis were conducted prior to marketing plan building to ensure the effectiveness of marketing strategy for these hotels.


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