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2014 BCG Local Dynamos slideshare How Companies in Emerging Markets Are Winning at Home

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Key success
factors Example Case study
Bank Rakyat Indonesia Indonesia's most profitable bank brings the bank to the customers. It sends
employees with handheld devices into 2,300 busy markets and bazaars to serve
street vendors and merchants, who have limited time for bank transactions.
Xiaomi Xiaomi has skyrocketed to success by capturing the enthusiasm for the Internet
among young people in China. The company relies solely on e-commerce to sell
devices and solicits design ideas from customers online. In 2013, it sold about
18.7 million smartphones in China, outselling Apple.
Home Inns & Hotels
Home Inns saw an opportunity in the underserved and fragmented budget-hotel
market in China and moved aggressively to fill it. Using a combination of
acquisitions and franchising, the company grew fourfold in five years.
Equity Bank Equity Bank successfully serves customers in rural Kenya by using a combination
of agents and mobile banking, eliminating the need for customers to travel long
distances to reach a bricks-and-mortar branch.
Cinépolis Cinépolis cultivates both internal and external talent. Dedicated recruiting, two-
year management training, MBA sponsorship, and Cinépolis University are all
available to employees, while members of the public are invited to attend the
SeedCamp program to enhance customer experience.
Narayana Health Narayana Health provides affordable health care in India by leveraging economies
of scale. They build "health cities" with high numbers of beds at each site,
resulting in high asset utilization, greater bargaining power with vendors, and
highly trained physicians.
Each of the key success factors is illustrated in the local
dynamos' unique path to success
Catering to
customers and
local conditions
Operating at
warp speed
Adapting to
uncertainty and
Building talent
Source: BCG analysis.

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