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2014 BCG Local Dynamos slideshare How Companies in Emerging Markets Are Winning at Home

2014 BCG Local Dynamos slideshare v7 LZCF .pptx 7
A three-step framework helped identify the 2014 local
Source: BCG analysis.
Note: RDEs = rapidly developing economies.
Select the
final set
of dynamos
The RDEs were divided into seven regions on the basis of location and
size: Africa, China, India, Latin America, Middle East and Turkey, Russia,
and Southeast Asia
Companies in each region met the following criteria:
• They were successful and domestically focused, with strong market
positions despite lacking traditional bases of incumbency
– The were not owned by the government
– The did not have privileged access to resources or the market
• They succeeded by adapting to the unique challenges of their home
markets and are regarded as outstanding successes by local analysts
and industry peers
Companies chosen for the final set offered the following:
• Interesting business models or compelling stories
• Representation of a wide range of industries and regions
• Variation in size and profitability
• Lessons for multinational corporations
Create a short list of the
best companies within
each region
Steps Criteria
Divide RDEs into

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