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From Global Challengers to Global Leaders


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BCG's infographic explores the financial performance, recent headwinds, and innovation and talent issues surrounding the global challengers–100 companies from 18 countries that are growing and expanding overseas. Read the full report, here:

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From Global Challengers to Global Leaders

  1. 1. Some challengers are feeling the pressure as they expand overseas RECENT HEADWINDS From 2012 through 2013, revenue growth slowed by two- thirds, a much steeper pullback than experienced by the nonfinancial S&P 500 REVENUE GROWTH At the same time, their margin slipped and is now lower than that of the nonfinancial S&P 500 PROFIT MARGIN % 13% 3% 17% 6 GLOBAL CHALLENGERS NONFINANCIAL S&P 500 INNOVATION & TALENT To regain their momentum, global challengers increasingly will have to develop world-class capabilities in many areas, especially innovation and talent From 2008 to 2013, the global challengers increased their R&D spending four times faster than the top 100 U.S. patent recipients, but they still have a long way to go to catch up Many challengers will face acute talent shortages. In Indonesia, a 40 to 60 percent gap between demand and supply of middle managers will exist by 2020 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Emerging markets remain the world’s growth engines 100 18countries from companies Companies within these markets that are riding this wave of growth and winning by expanding overseas THE GLOBAL CHALLENGERS For the first time, the global challengers include a quick-serve chain and two wine-and- spirits companies—companies that appeal to middle-class tastes Only eight challengers from the 2013 list dropped off, suggesting greater stability and resiliency Five previous challengers “graduated” to become global leaders, tied for the largest number ever The long-term financial performance of the global challengers has been outstanding GLOBAL CHALLENGERS From 2000 through 2013, their revenues grew three times faster than those of the nonfinancial S&P 500 ANNUAL REVENUE GROWTH During those years, their average profit (EBIT) margin was 50 percent higher than that of the nonfinancial S&P 500 AVERAGE PROFIT MARGIN 18% 18% 6% 12% NONFINANCIAL S&P 500 China India Chile ColombiaArgentina QatarPhilippines Russia Mexico Turkey Malaysia South Africa Indonesia UAEThailand Brazil Saudi Arabia Egypt In China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil alone, people will enter the middle and affluent class during those years 730 million $11 trillion, Between 2010 and 2020, more than two-thirds of the anticipated growth in consumer spending, or will originate in emerging markets 2008-2013 R&D spending growth 2013 Average R&D spending Talent shortage in 2020 Top 100 U.S. patent recipients Global challengers * Countries represented on the original 2006 BCG global challengers list $2.7billion $270million FROM GLOBAL CHALLENGERS TO GLOBAL LEADERS Read BCG’s latest insights, analysis, and viewpoints at © The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. 2014. All rights reserved. To find the latest BCG content and register to receive e-alerts on this topic or others, please visit Please direct questions to