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Governments Are Going Digital


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Governments have made good progress in delivering digital services, but many are still overwhelmed by complexity and slowed by bureaucratic skepticism and lack of skills. Users – accustomed to innovation in such sectors as retailing, media, and financial services – wish their governments would get on with it:

Governments Are Going Digital

  1. 1. 2020 global savings $ Billion DIGITAL SERVICES ARE MORE EFFICIENT and save taxpayers money $ Asia Americas Europe $ $ Education Welfare Immigration Employment Health Care £.-. Billion savings a year The UK is going digital by default Savings Per Citizen $. Billion 20 12 global savin gs $ % will use smartphones (up from 70%) % will use tablets (up from 42%) % will use smart TVs (up from 23%) GOVERNMENTS CAN CAPITALIZE by acting on three insights 1 Design content to work across multiple devices and platforms. User patterns are evolving. In three years: SATISFACTION IS IMPROVING BUT STILL HAS A LONG WAY TO GO The average percentage of satisfied users: 1 in 10 transactions was done online  1 in 3 transactions will be done online  % US % Saudi Arabia % Indonesia % Denmark % Malaysia % Russia % UK % Australia % France % UAE % Netherlands 66% of citizens have encountered a problem using digital services % want easier-to- use websites % want greater reassurance that their data is private Focus on ease of use and trust 2 Focus on what is most important— citizens want better digital services in: 3 Almost 95% of the respondents in our survey have used one or more digital government services Of citizens in developed countries use digital government services more than once a week % Of citizens in developing countries use digital government services more than once a week % % CITIZENS ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE of digital government services GOVERNMENTS ARE GOING DIGITAL CITIZENS LOVE IT Read BCG’s latest insights, analysis, and viewpoints at © The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. 2014. All rights reserved. To find the latest BCG content and register to receive e-alerts on this topic or others, please visit Please direct questions to