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  1. 1. Concepts in Logistics and Supply Chain Management This half-day workshop will focus on the history and strategic PROGRAMME importance of Logistics and Supply Chain Management as • What is logistics and supply chain management and ENROLMENT FORM a strategic tool in gaining competitive advantage. Please complete both sides of this form and return how does it fit in business? to Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, • Logistics and supply chain reviews together with your payment. In many New Zealand enterprises Logistics and Supply • Logistics and marketing – the Yin and Yang of business Chain Management functions are often misunderstood • Applying a current $2B strategic supply chain initiative Professional Development Courses and/or mismanaged. This does not occur through reckless in SE Asia Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology disregard for the company, but rather a lack of understanding - Why is it important? Private Bag 19, Nelson or knowledge in comprehension of the vital importance of - How could it benefit NZ–Australian exporters? logistics and supply chain integration, and the subsequent Tel: (03) 546 9175. Freephone 0800 422 733 • Discussion of the case study Fax: (03) 546 3325. Email: costly effects. PROCESS WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Course: Concepts in Logistics and Participants will be given presentations along with power Supply Chain Management Strategic managers of any enterprise, but especially those point handouts. with significant logistics, marketing, transport, storage and Date: 9 September 2004 accounting component activities; including exporters and An overview of logistics and supply chain management will risk programme managers (RPM). The programme assumes be provided, as well as comment on the importance of the Fee: $325.00 (GST inclusive) little or no previous experience in the area. interface with marketing. A current case study will be outlined and discussed (pending client approval). BENEFITS PERSONAL DETAILS Depending on enrolment numbers we may limit the number Participants attending this workshop will gain an of places, and run subsequent courses. Possible qualification First Name: appreciation of the principles of logistics and supply chain courses may also be offered by Nelson Marlborough Institute management and see a current case study as it is unfolding of Technology. Surname: for New Zealand and Australian perishables exporters to Position: SE Asia and beyond. Company/Organisation: Postal Address: COURSE DETAILS Telephone: (daytime) Date: Thursday 9 September, 2004 Venue: Report A Block, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Facsimile: Time: 8.30-9.00am registration. 9.00am – 1.00pm Hardy Street, Nelson Email: Fee: $325.00 (GST inclusive) Enrol by: Thursday 2 September 2004 Signature: Date: ✃ Please complete the details overleaf.
  2. 2. PAYMENT DETAILS PRESENTERS (GST Regn No. 29 630 968) The presenters on this introductory seminar are: Visa Mastercard Walter Glass (MBS, BBS, FCILT) and Ken Benn (MEd, BSc) of the Logistics Training Group (LTG) in Palmerston North. Both Walter and Ken have strong consulting and academic Amount Paid backgrounds. Walter has been Course Director of the UK Name on Card Diploma in Logistics since 1995 for the Massey Graduate School of Business, and LTG is now taking the programme Expiry Date over. He is heavily involved in strategic logistics initiatives Professional Development Card Holder’s Signature especially in the international primary export sector, Cheque (payable to Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology) including the development of a NZ-Australian perishables hub in Southern Malaysia and the use of Ohakea as a civilian Courses airport. NMIT’s Commitment to Business Excellence Ken is a mathematician, computer scientist, and former Manager of Massey’s Master of Business Administration For statistical purposes only; required by the Ministry (MBA) Programme. He has also lectured on the Logistics of Education Diploma for some years. He is recognised for his quantitative Date of Birth: Male / / Female and computing skills, and strategic management training abilities. He has consulted to the health, meat, dairy and Concepts logistics sectors, recently having been involved in the NZ Citizen NZ Permanent Resident evaluation of Fonterra’s vehicle scheduling and routing programmes for milk collection, and the associated tanker in Australian Citizen Other fleet optimisation. Logistics and To which ethnic group(s) do you belong: NZ/European/Pakeha FURTHER INFORMATION For further information on this and other courses offered Supply Chain Maori through NMIT’s Professional Development Courses contact: Iwi (Please specify) Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Management Private Bag 19, Nelson Other (Please specify) Telephone: (03) 546 9175; 0800 422 733 Fax: (03) 546 3325 Cancellations: Cancellation terms apply; please contact us for full details. Email: PRIVACY ACT: NMIT will retain your information for statistical reasons, for reporting to the Ministry of Education and for advising you of other courses as requested. I do not wish to be on NMIT’s mailing list. 9 September 2004 NELSON MARLBOROUGH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology