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How to crack clat in 3 weeks


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Does it scare you to think that the CLAT exam can be cleared with a preparation time of less than one month? Before you dismiss this as a pipe-dream or a figment of the imagination, OPUS reminds you that many candidates have actually cracked the test with just three weeks of preparation.

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How to crack clat in 3 weeks

  1. 1. How to Crack CLAT in 3 Weeks
  2. 2. Does it scare you to think that the CLAT exam can be cleared with a preparation time of less than one month? Before you dismiss this as a pipe-dream or a figment of the imagination, OPUS reminds you that many candidates have actually cracked the test with just three weeks of preparation.
  3. 3. Do you feel low while thinking that the lack of time will produce a negative impact on your CLAT score? It is incorrect to assume that only those who spend months or up to a year are the only ones who qualify in the CLAT exam.
  4. 4. Effective Tips If the challenge before you is the lack of sufficient time, refresh the thought that the CLAT exam comprises several sections. Each section has to be tackled in a different way. What works for English will not necessarily work for the GK section. Before you commence, calculate how much time is available to start the preparation process. Keeping the following points in mind is strongly recommended for those keen for a turnaround in just three weeks. This sounds unconvincing to the logic-obsessed folks who grow up with the traditional thought that a satisfactory result is possible with long-term preparation alone. OPUS has proved this contention wrong every year since its inception with a brilliantly-structured crash course that does not crash your big dreams of entering the hallowed portals of a law college of your choice in the country today.
  5. 5. Basic Reminders If you wish to meticulously prepare for your exam, you should spend five to six hours every day because it is enough to crack CLAT in one month. When you put in extraordinary efforts while preparing for your examination, you have the ability to score higher marks in the CLAT exam. If you are new to CLAT, you should gain proper guidance from those who are well versed in this field. A mentor like OPUS is what you should reach out to first.
  6. 6. Basic Reminders Avoid dependence on online sites that urge you to lessen your physical efforts to hire the right coach. Effective guides are available online from reputed institutes like OPUS so you can clear your doubts at any time. By hiring law experts, you acquire an outstanding skill that helps you to crack the CLAT exam.
  7. 7. CLAT Crash Course 2017 Law aspirants looking forward to cracking CLAT without preparing for months and years have a silver lining to bank on. OPUS gives them a window to strategize their preparation, by helping them to achieve success in the CLAT exam. As said earlier, OPUS is a leading CLAT coaching centre to design a crash course which helps CLAT hopefuls to strategize and execute a proper plan of preparation. With each batch just three weeks long, it addresses the key challenge of making the cut in a remarkably short period of time.
  8. 8. CLAT Crash Course Features 50+ hours of intensive training covering all the areas for CLAT / AILET / SET / LSAT and other law entrances Super power packed sessions 6 hours a day 4 – 5 days a week Mentor Books / Class Handouts / Workshops / Online Resources / 30+ Mocks
  9. 9. CLAT Crash Course Descriptions The OPUS CLAT CRASH course is a power-packed agenda for a student who wishes to crack the CLAT with a month-long preparation time. This is useful for students who want a thorough super fast review of all the concepts of the CLAT. CLAT Crash Course focuses on building concepts in the first two weeks and getting you test ready in the last week. You will be taken through all the concepts tested over the course of the month with 4–5 hour long session every day. The OPUS CLAT crash course starts after the board examination so you get the entire month of April to prepare for the prestigious law entrance test.
  10. 10. CLAT Crash Course Key Features Classes scheduled for 6 days a week – 5 hours a day 12 Mentor Books along with class handouts plus other courseware 5 Advanced Workshops to make you the ultimate test taker 10000 + topic wise questions with detailed explanatory answers uploaded onto your student zone account Unlimited backups and helpline session which the students are free to attend at their own convenience 30+ Online Proctored Mocks, Review sessions Past Year CLAT papers and reviewing strategies to ace the CLAT and other law entrances
  11. 11. CLAT Crash Course Target Audience This course is intended for those interested in learning to master the CLAT, AILET, SET and other law entrances.
  12. 12. Crack CLAT 2017 in 3 Weeks Law entrance exams may not appear to be as competitive as engineering or medical entrance exams, but the candidates who opt for CLAT tend to be focused and intent on getting admitted to their dream law campus. Do not take this exam lightly and if you have not been preparing for it right after the class XII board exams, some pointers that will help you score better in each section of CLAT 2017.
  13. 13. 1. English Including Comprehension The English section of CLAT 2017 will test aptitude in comprehension passages and grammar. In the comprehension section, you will be questioned on your understanding of the passage and its central theme, meanings of words used in the passage. The grammar section will carry questions on rectification of incorrect sentences, filling in blanks with suitable words. If you had started preparing for CLAT after the board exams, you are not likely to have much time for vocabulary. Focus on what problems you face in the English section while taking CLAT mock tests. Identify your grey areas and improve them in the last three weeks. You can look at the high- frequency words (coaching institute provides such lists) if you do wish to increase word power.
  14. 14. 2. General Knowledge / Current Affairs The GK section of CLAT 2017 will test your knowledge of current affairs. This is one of the highly scoring sections of CLAT. Be prepared for this section. Reading the newspapers regularly, keeping a tab on vital matters highlighted by the media in the last year would have been sufficient preparation to handle this section. If you have not been doing so, follow some last-minute tips to ramp up your score in this section. Aside from rummaging through yearbooks, do not miss news of any of the awards and games. CLAT is a law entrance exam so you should be updated about recent happenings in the legal arena. -
  15. 15. 3. Mathematics Revisit your elementary mathematics formulae and concepts. Maths taught till class 10 to crack the Mathematics section of CLAT 2017.
  16. 16. 4. Logical Reasoning The logical reasoning section of CLAT 2017 will assess your ability to identify patterns, logical links and rectify illogical arguments. The kind of questions asked will be from a wide array of logical reasoning questions like syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies. There are two types of questions in this section – logical, both verbal/critical and analytical. Analytical questions need tremendous practice before you can be comfortable. The logical questions are not difficult to tackle if you have the basic logical sense. With a little bit of practice, it can be improved a lot.
  17. 17. 5. Legal Aptitude For the legal aptitude section of CLAT 2017, take note that you will not be tested on any prior knowledge of law or legal concepts. If a technical or legal term appears in the question, that term will be explained in the question itself. The questions will be designed to test your ‘legal aptitude’. If you are good at logical reasoning, you will perform well here. Try getting your hands on the previous years’ question papers. Questions get repeated from this section quite often with little or no changes.
  18. 18. Things to Keep in Mind There is negative marking in CLAT. You must, therefore, be careful in the choice of questions. Since there are no specific time limits for any section, you can follow any order while attempting. However, it is better to start with the GK section. It carries questions which you would either know or be unaware of. You can get over with this section in no time and rest assured of at least 30-40 marks if your GK preparation has been good. Completing a section in the first 15-20 minutes will give a psychological advantage. It will boost your confidence as you proceed to the next section which should either be English or Logical Reasoning. The English section will have antonyms, synonyms, and fill in the blanks. These can be tackled within a few minutes. Mathematics and Legal Reasoning sections should be kept for the end as they can be quite time-consuming.
  19. 19. Best of luck! OPUS +91 988 335 5550 +91 (033) 4003 4556 4A Elgin Road, Kolkata - 700026 (Sony Centre / Next to Bhawanipur College) 2nd Floor / Kolkata – West Bengal, India.