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Business Model - EasyTaxi

The business model canvas of a Brazilian startup that uses apps as a system to book taxi's rides.

You can see more details in my blog:
(in portugueses)

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Business Model - EasyTaxi

  1. 1. 31 ago - 2012Key Key Value Customer CustomerPartners Activities Proposition Relationships Segments Accelerator Taxi drivers acquisition Platform development Customer service Non-cooperatived taxi and maintenance drivers A new way of getting customers in a Marketing Angel Inverstor (Alex cheaper and easier way Self-service app andTabor - Peixe Urbano’s CTO) Taxi monitoring affiliated taxis More than 150 Mobile providers Key Channels People with Resources An easy and safe way smartphones that to call a taxi anywhere uses taxis frequently Rio’s City Hall Base of Taxi drivers Lent smartphones and affiliated app Platform More than Reputation Site and app 3000 Cost Revenue Structure Steams R$ 70 for monthly R$ 2 per taxi ride Marketing Legal Support subscription Smartphones and Human mobile plans Servers Free Resources