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Brochure Mobile World Congress 2013

Reportage au coeur du Mobile World Congress 2013 Barcelone : découvrez mes reportages, mes interviews, mes photos et vidéos de l'évènement de l'année mobile 2013.

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Brochure Mobile World Congress 2013

  1. 1. An event of Download the Event AppOfficial Media Partners
  2. 2. The mobile ecosystem is expanding at lightning • More than 1,500 of the industry’s leading speed, with endless innovation and new applications suppliers of mobile devices, services andof mobile technology. From contactless payments technologies will be part of the most excitingand augmented reality to embedded devices and and anticipated exhibition of the year (page 53)connected cities – mobile technology is changing • App Planet will bring together more thanthe landscape. The impact mobile will have on the 12,000 application developers to be energised,world is limitless. educated and challenged (page 34)Even the landscape of Mobile World Congress will • The world’s largest consumer brands will join look different than it has in the past. While the us for mPowered Brands, where we accelerateMobile World Capital Barcelona remains our host, marketers’ knowledge of mobile as a marketingthe event is relocating to a state-of-the-art new medium (page 38)facility, Fira Gran Via. More information on oureven-larger new venue is available on page 4. • We’ll recognise the industry’s greatest achievements, new technologies, innovativeWhether you’ve attended ‘MWC’ for years or are devices and ideas through the 18th Annualjoining us for the very first time, Mobile World Global Mobile Awards (page 49)Congress 2013 will showcase the industry’s news,leadership and excitement better than any event During the four-day event, more than 70,000 seniorbefore. mobile professionals will network and exchange ideas – some of which may further change theAt Mobile World Congress 2013: landscape of mobile. We invite you to join us in• CEOs of the world’s most influential companies Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2013 as will share their visions of the mobile landscape together we explore the New Mobile Horizon. while inspiring attendees in our thought- leadership Conference (page 9)
  3. 3. Fira Gran Via, Our New Venue 4The NFC Experience at MWC 6Conference Agenda at a Glance 8Conference Programme 9MWC App 31Featured Programmes 32 n App Planet 34 n mPowered Brands 38 n Partner Events 42 n Forum Series 45Ministerial Programme 48Global Mobile Awards 49GSMA Seminars 50Congress Enhancements 51Networking Gardens 52Exhibition 53Exhibitor & Sponsor Opportunities 56Mobile World Congress Sponsors & Partners 57Featured Programmes Sponsors & Partners 59Social Media at Mobile World Congress 63My MWC 64Mobile World Live 65Choose Your Pass 66Registration Information 68Airfare & Accommodation 70City Information 71 MWC 2012 Highlights To see more video highlights, visit
  4. 4. Fira Gran Via, Our New Venue Introducing our New, Larger Venue Layout for MWC 2013 and Beyond Fira Gran Via is comprised of eight exhibition halls under a single We are pleased to introduce you to Fira Gran Via, the exciting, new roof. The layout begins with Hall 1, located at the South Entrance, home of Mobile World Congress. Located just down the road from and continues to Hall 8 and the North Entrance. In the heart of Fira our old location, Fira Gran Via is a large state-of-the-art event space Gran Via lies Congress Square (shown in black on the map below), which will allow the show to grow and expand. which is sure to be a great meeting and gathering point. Halls 1 through 7 are single-level spaces. But thanks to a dual-level walkway connecting the halls, complete with moving sidewalks, escalators and elevators, there’s plenty of space for our 70,000 attendees to move along quickly. The only dual-level hall is Hall 8, which will host App Planet, mPowered Brands, and Exhibition space (Hall 8.1), and theatre events such as our Forum Series, App Developer Conferences (ADCs), mPowered Brands Theatres, and Partner Events, as well as our Ministerial Programme (Hall 8.0). Halls 1, 2 and 3 contain Hospitality Suite and Meeting Room space. The physical address of Fira Gran Via is: Halls 3, 5, 6, 7, 8.1, and Congress Square will contain Exhibition Av. Joan Carles I, 64 stands. Hall 4 will hold our Conference programme. 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona Size Fira Gran Via – Hall Map Last but not least, our new home is larger and will give Mobile World Congress the opportunity to continue to grow and expand in the years to come. Fira Gran Via boasts 240,000 square metres of space under one roof, meaning Fira Gran Via is both 100% larger than our previous location, and will be unaffected by February’s changing weather. Take The Tour! Visit • Virtual Fly-Thru – Take a walk through Fira Gran Via to become comfortable with our new surroundings • ‘Where Is It?’ Feature – Get to know where standard event features can be found • Transportation and Logistics – Learn the transportation options for the new venue • Travel Times – Estimated travel times from hall to hall so you can plan your schedule4 Register today at
  5. 5. Welcome to Fira Gran Via! Our new home will make MWC better than ever before.Venue Venue more centrally located between the airport,Fira Gran Via is twice port areas and citythe size of Montjuïc,giving us the capacity Fira Fira Montjuïc Gran Via Natural lighting reducesfor more exhibition,more C-Level attendees electricity use by 30%and more networking 240,000than ever before 120,000 18,000 solar panels make it a greener venue square metres square metresExhibition Fira Montjuïc Fira Gran Via For Exhibitors:The exhibition area in Stand services routedFira Gran Via is 34% through floor forlarger than Montjuïc less cablingand all halls are connectedfor easier access Fewer pillars and height 70,000 94,000 restrictions for stands square metres of square metres of More loading bays and exhibition space exhibition space routes for easier build upConference Networking Wi-FiA centrally located Conference 8 new themed outdoor networking 270 additional hotspots that areVillage for all sessions, conference areas give more space for business more evenly spaced throughoutlunch and lots of networking space development and deal making the venue +21% conference auditorium seating• Main auditorium has an additional 350 • A more centrally located VIP Networking +233% seats for the always popular keynotes Lounge with more amenities higher peak concurrencyDining Media Village Other BenefitsMore food outlets for shorter lines Centrally located Media Village with 20 bus routes dedicatedand faster services; restaurants 30% more working stations for press for MWC attendeesinside each hall and analyst reporting on the event Larger taxi ranks to +30% shorten waits 49 Moving sidewalks to food outlets speed commute• Wider range of food options including • 140% more seats in press briefing More convenient multiple international choices, and meeting rooms VIP Drop-Off Point vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, and others • More and better amenities• Onsite kitchens for fresher and Better accommodations for hotter food attendees with disabilities Get the latest information at 5
  6. 6. The NFC Experience at MWC The NFC Experience Be sure to opt in to your NFC Badge This year, Mobile World Congress will offer a truly interactive when you Register for MWC! experience for exhibitors, vendors, and attendees to participate in an environment where information and transactions are exchanged through mobile using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The Starting Point: the NFC Badge While the new NFC Experience will provide many benefits to attendees, one of the most convenient will be to allow you to use your NFC-enabled device to gain simpler access to the event using our NFC Badge. If you have an NFC-capable handset, and opt-in during registration to use the NFC Badge, you can take advantage Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile phones have a of dedicated NFC Badge lanes at Fira Gran Via entrances. As an huge potential to make our lives easier by letting us, with a simple added bonus, you won’t need to show Photo ID every time you touch, enable secure access to new transaction and payment enter the venue – just the one time you activate your NFC Badge. services across a range of sectors and industries. NFC technology Get your NFC Badge by opting in to the NFC Experience during has been in existence for a few years now and it is thought that registration, then downloading the NFC Badge App. If adoption will increase noticeably in the next couple of years. you’ve already registered and didn’t opt in, you can amend The NFC Experience at the GSMA Mobile World Congress will your registration at any time. Full details on how to opt-in, create an opportunity for you try out some of these services get the app, and activate your NFC Badge can be found at first-hand. As part of this initiative, the GSMA will showcase an integrated range of mobile NFC services throughout the venue and city of Barcelona. NFC touch points will be abundant throughout Do You Have a Compatible Handset? the exhibition floor, rewarding you when you ‘tap’ with instant access to information about the event, the city as well as a variety To take advantage of the NFC Experience at this year’s Mobile of offers and downloads. World Congress you will need an NFC compatible handset. At you can find a current list of NFC-enabled handsets available in the market today. For more information, and to enquire about upgrading to one of these, please contact your local mobile network operator. Note: the NFC Badge app is compatible with supported NFC- capable Android 4.0 and Windows Phone 8 devices. NFC Challenge The GSMA will be holding an NFC Challenge during MWC. The competition is open to MWC 2013 exhibitors in the NFC industry with commercialised NFC-related apps, products, services and/or solutions. Submissions will be secretly evaluated by a team of judges Learn more about the NFC Experience at at the submitting exhibitor’s stand during the first two days of Congress. There will be prizes for the winner of the NFC Challenge and their company and the winning submission will be featured in the Mobile World Daily. Don’t delay! The entry deadline is 18 February. Learn more at Register today at
  7. 7. Get involved in the NFC Experience • Tour the city of Barcelona with NFC. The city of Barcelona, in collaboration with Mobile World Capital Barcelona, is providingAs a GSMA Mobile World Congress attendee with an NFC-enabled NFC information points to enhance your enjoyment of thehandset you will be able to take advantage of NFC technology at city. NFC touch points will be available at the airport, selectedlocations throughout the Gran Fira venue and city of Barcelona. restaurants, in taxi cabs, and central tourist locations, such as:These include information points, discount vouchers, and payment Museo Picasso, Gaudi’s Pedrera and more. By tapping NFC tags,capabilities. The variety of locations and incentives offered by you will receive discount offers or VIP experiences, informationthe NFC Experience will provide you with a real life experience of downloads, and access to mobile applications.Mobile NFC. Sony Xperia™ T – the official handset for• The experience starts when you arrive at Barcelona airport. Tap on the NFC Experience smart posters at the Barcelona Airport the NFC Experience and you’ll receive a virtual welcome pack. The GSMA has partnered with Sony to provide the official handset• Visit the heart of the NFC Experience at the NFC Centre for the NFC Experience at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013. in Congress Square to speak to our NFC experts and NFC Selected delegates will be offered the opportunity to receive a free Experience partners. View live demonstrations showcasing how Sony Xperia™ T handset to enable them to enjoy the full NFC the technology works and the opportunity to collect information Experience. and vouchers and take part in many special offers. The handset will come preloaded with a mobile wallet containing• Walk the NFC Interactive Zones - NFC Interactive Zones will be applications including payment with €15 to spend, vouchers that can located throughout Fira Gran Via. By tapping on the NFC-enabled be redeemed with NFC throughout Barcelona and the venue, and tags on the smart posters, you can use your NFC-enabled handset the official Mobile World Congress application including the NFC to access exhibitor directories, venue and agenda information, Badge special offers and much more.• Tap and pay at NFC-enabled payment terminals at Fira Gran Official Sponsors Via. If you have payment services enabled on your NFC-enabled handset, you can purchase food and drinks from NFC-enabled point-of-sale (POS terminals throughout the venue. Just look for the Contactless Payment Symbol at the POS Terminals. Supporting Sponsor Payment Partner Payment Partners Tap your NFC-enabled handset to this poster to access valuable information Network: MWC2013_FREE_WIFI Password: mwc2013wifiLook for these NFC Smart Posters while on site. Get the latest information at 7
  8. 8. Conference Agendaat a Glance 09:15 - 11:00 11:30 - 13:00 14:00 - 15:30 16:00 - 17:30 18:00 - 18:45 Building the Ecosystem for Growing Pains: The Pros & Cons NFC Services of M&A, JVs & PartnershipsMonday 25 February Apps: Apps: Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break Keynote 1: Start-ups, Innovation & Industry Evolving Ecosystems Keynote 2: Building a Successful Business Perspective – Mobile World Vertical Evaluating the Business Case Big Data: Live Keynote Mobile Operator Disruption Strategies for Mobile Cloud Services Big Questions, Big Value? Business Transformation: Business Transformation: Reshaping Mobile in Reshaping the Operator the Digital Revolution 09:00 - 10:30 11:00 - 12:30 14:00 - 15:30 16:00 - 17:30 18:00 - 18:45 Smaller but Smarter: Making a Whose Network? Emerging Success of Small Cell Networks Network Business ModelsTuesday 26 February Marketing: Marketing: How Not to Brands Go Mobile Build a Mobile Campaign Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break Keynote 3: Keynote 4: Mobile Identity: Connecting the Regional Focus: Mobile World Future of Opportunities & Challenges Next Billions to Sub-Saharan Africa Live Keynote Communications for Service Providers the Internet Mobile Entertainment: Future of the City: Smarter The Rise of the Digital Cities, Smarter Living Global Event 14:30 – 16:30 Global Mobile Awards Ceremony 09:00 - 10:30 11:00 - 12:30 14:00 - 15:30 16:00 - 17:30 18:00 - 18:45 Health: Achieving Scale Health: Innovating for through Partnerships Global HealthWednesday 27 February High-Growth Mobile Back to the Future: Tech Investment: Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break Mobile Innovation 2023 Keynote 5: From Start-Ups to IPOs Keynote 6: Mobile World Operating in QoE: Enriching Mobile in Media Learning from Live Keynote the Cloud the User Experience, Consumer Behaviour Enriching the Operator? Future of the Enterprise: Retail Therapy: Can Mobility Transform Enhancing the Shopping the Business? Experience through Mobile 09:30 - 11:00 11:30 - 13:00 14:30 - 16:00 Technology Evolution: Network Technology Evolution:Thursday 28 February Operations for Optimal Service Delivery Revolution in Network Architecture Networking Break Networking Break Mobile Money: Mobile Money: Enabling Mobile Navigating the Mobile Wallets Landscape Money Services in Emerging Markets Keynote 7: Mobile as a Platform for Innovation Future of the Home: Devices: Battle for the Consumer MWC Round-up and a Look to the Future Connected Living: Connected Living: Business Models in Service Delivery The Automotive Sector Moves Up a Gear Admission to the conference programme and keynotes is included in Silver, Gold and Platinum Passes. Conference agenda as of 5 February. Agenda subject to change; the most up-to-date information is available on www.mobileworldcongress.com8 Register today at
  9. 9. Conference ProgrammeKeynote 1: Industry Perspective – Mobile Networking BreakOperator Strategies 11:00 – 11:3009:15 – 11:00In the opening keynote of the 2013 Mobile World Congress, Keynote 2: Vertical Disruptionthe CEOs from some of the world’s largest and most important 11:30 – 13:00operators discuss the challenges and opportunities the future holdsfor the mobile industry. As more and more verticals and business sectors adopt mobile technology, the Connected Lifestyle seems ever closer to beingMODERATOR: realised. What can we learn from the success stories and setbacksAnne Bouverot alike? Join CEOs from across the value chain as they share their Director GeneralGSMA thoughts and experiences of the transformative power and disruptive nature of mobile.KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Franco Bernabè MODERATOR: Chairman GSMA Rajeev Chand Chairman & CEO MD & Head of Research Telecom Italia Group Rutberg Wireless KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Randall Stephenson Chairman & CEO Nancy Brown AT&T CEO American Heart Association Xi Guohua Chairman Stephen Girsky China Mobile Vice-Chairman GM César Alierta Executive Chairman & CEO Kaoru Kato Telefónica President & CEO NTT DOCOMO Vittorio Colao Chief Executive Dr Paul Jacobs Vodafone Chairman & CEO Qualcomm Please note the Opening Conference Keynote on Monday will begin at the earlier time of 09:15. Be sure to allow plenty of time to collect your pass, access the venue, and reach the Hall 4 Conference Village. Registration opens at 07:00. Get the latest information at 9
  10. 10. Conference Programme The uniquely accessible nature of app design, development and Networking Break delivery makes it one of the most democratic businesses to get into. 13:00 – 14:00 But low barriers to entry guarantee only that players in the apps space have a chance at success – by no means does even popularity Building the Ecosystem for NFC Services assure profitability. So what’s next in mobile apps? And how does a good idea 14:00 – 15:30 become a good business? From idea to execution, from funding NFC services are continuing to be rolled-out by mobile operators, to marketing, hear from the people who have been there and are payment providers and handset manufacturers across the world. doing that in mobile apps. However, NFC has yet to reach its market potential. According to MODERATOR: Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Device Strategies, 48.7 million NFC- Ewan MacLeod, Mobile Industry Review enabled handsets were sold in 2011 and this is predicted to grow to 506.9 million units by 2016. As customer awareness of NFC SPEAKERS INCLUDE: increases, this will encourage a greater use of NFC services such as • David Kim, Animoca accessing information and more advanced services requiring larger • Anshu Dua, comiXology infrastructure investments such as mobile payments. • Sanjay Vakil, TripAdvisor This session will explore how to build the NFC ecosystem and successfully address consumer needs to drive the continued service adoption, particularly in light of competing technologies. Specific Evaluating the Business Case for Mobile focus areas will include educating service providers and consumers Cloud Services to support NFC and how to achieve alignment on industry standards, specifications and key processes. 14:00 – 15:30 The mobile cloud has long offered the potential to provide MODERATOR: mobile operators and other service providers with access to new Pierre Combelles, GSMA revenue streams. For consumers, mobile cloud services have largely SPEAKERS INCLUDE: focused on providing storage and back-up services. Whether • Ryan Hughes, Isis service providers provision the network for these services, develop • François-Xavier Godron, Orange cloud apps or deliver and optimise cloud content for consumers, • Ali Salci, Turkcell mobile cloud has yet to reach its potential and moreover, provide • Bill Gajda, Visa significant revenue streams across the value chain. This session will ask if there is really a business case for providing Apps: Start-Ups, Innovation & Building a consumer-focused mobile cloud services beyond back-up and storage and if so, what are these services. This session will also Successful Business discuss whether players can monetise consumer-focused cloud 14:00 – 15:30 services successfully. Apps have sped through an accelerated evolutionary cycle over the MODERATOR: last 5 years, from experimental through useful to, in many cases, Bengt Nordström, Northstream essential parts of our everyday life. This popularity has also changed SPEAKERS INCLUDE: the business landscape in many ways, opening up opportunities • Malcolm Nicholas, IBM for everyone from bedroom entrepreneurs with the spark of an • Paul-François Fournier, Orange idea to established players employing apps to support their existing • Chan Kin Hung, StarHub businesses. • Laura Yecies, SugarSync, Inc.10 Register today at
  11. 11. Business Transformation: right approach can be the key to a renewed growth period for a company, repositioning its assets in order to better compete in theReshaping Mobile in the Digital Revolution future. On the other hand, mistakes can be made and long-termDeveloped in conjunction with repercussions can be very damaging. It’s a difficult decision but one that eventually needs to be made. Mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures, commercial agreements,14:00 – 15:30 strategic collaboration and so forth…there are many ways byThe killer services behind the last 20 years of mobile industry growth which a company can decide to develop its long term strategy andare today facing serious competition from the digital revolution, this session will discuss the latest and hottest trends and activitiesforcing operators to rethink their role and product portfolio. involving mobile operators, software companies, OEMs, contentEquivalent pressures and knock-on effects are already affecting the providers, Internet players and more.big players throughout the ecosystem while opening the doors for MODERATOR:companies with new ideas and ways of doing things. Monte Hong, AccentureWhat are the best bets for key players in the ecosystem, andwhat does it take to rethink your business for the next 10 years of SPEAKERS INCLUDE:growth? Find out here. • Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, Dropbox • Daniel Ritz, EtisalatMODERATOR: • Olaf Swantee, Everything EverywhereRob Rich, TM Forum • Vaughan Smith, Facebook • Injong Rhee, SamsungSPEAKERS INCLUDE: • Stephen Shurrock, Telefónica Digital• Dana Porter, Amdocs• Arun Bhikshesvaran, Ericsson• Dan Rose, Facebook Video Highlight• Li Sanqi, Huawei• Frank Boulben, RIM• Martin Creaner, TM Forum Networking Break 15:30 – 16:00Growing Pains: The Pros & Cons of M&A,JVs & Partnerships Sunil Mittal, Chairman & MD, Bharti Airtel,16:00 – 17:30 speaking at MWC 2012As the mobile ecosystem evolves, the lines dividing competitorsfrom partners blur as players from different parts of the value chainseek better positioning in this ever-changing competitive landscape.In a global marketplace, assessing the best strategic approachto partnerships is very challenging due to the complexity andvariety of aspects that need to be taken into account: economicupside, intellectual property protection, business synergies,corporate culture, geographies and, last but not least, their relativecompetitive position to one another. On one hand, finding the Get the latest information at 11
  12. 12. Conference Programme Apps: Evolving Ecosystems Big Data: Big Questions, Big Value? 16:00 – 17:30 16:00 – 17:30 How is the apps ecosystem changing as apps move further into the We’ve all heard plenty of hyperbole about the ‘tsunami’ of mainstream? It’s still too early to claim that the disruption started data generated daily in modern life. But this isn’t just hype, it’s by the proliferation of apps and smartphones has peaked, but the a phenomenon: 90% of all the data that exists today has been ecosystem around the app industry has clearly moved into a new created in the last two years, according to IBM figures. Audio, developmental phase. video, smart metres, connected cars, social media updates … the list of data-generators goes on and on, and is expanding daily. Old rivalries are being reconsidered as mobile operators reassess their strategies in the face of OTT competition; developers look to What can we actually achieve with all this data? The power of the big guys to support them in realising revenue from their start- modern processors and smart analytical tools has put many billions ups; handset makers and infrastructure vendors focus on how to of dollars of potential value into the mobile ecosystem, but this is maximise the effectiveness of their technology in an apps-based not just a technical question for the guys in business analytics. It is world; and regulators, governments and a whole host of industry one that will affect how whole organisations, whether traditionally segments adjacent to mobile seek to produce and manage apps data-driven or not, comprehend and deliver internal processes and that aim not so much to disrupt the status quo, but to better it. external services. Experts from across the board will discuss the current state of But this enormous potential is inevitably qualified by a number the apps industry, and consider how the roles and responsibilities of challenges. Privacy and security concerns never fail to make within it are adapting as the apps market evolves. headlines, the need for partnerships and some agreed standards on network APIs and reporting, and a shortage of qualified personnel MODERATOR: all may slow down big-data development in the mobile ecosystem. Caroline Lewko, Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) This session will consider the tangible opportunities in mobile big SPEAKERS INCLUDE: data and ask how we can make the most of them. • Sam Ramji, Apigee • Carlton Hill, AT&T MODERATOR: • Oke Okaro, Bloomberg L.P. Steven Spittaels, McKinsey • Mauro Del Rio, Buongiorno SPEAKERS INCLUDE: • Jay Sullivan, Mozilla • Ian Ferguson, ARM • Jose Valles, Telefónica • Khalifa Al Shamsi, Etisalat • Lynda Smith, Twilio • Linus Bengtsson, Flowminder • Paul Bloom, IBM • Jung Hee Song, KT • Yael Garten, LinkedIn • Pablo Mlikota, Syniverse12 Register today at
  13. 13. Business Transformation: Networking BreakReshaping the Operator 17:30 – 18:00Developed in conjunction with Mobile World Live Keynote16:00 – 17:30 18:00 – 18:45The rules have changed for the mobile industry in the past fiveyears, and today demand a radical rethink of operations to enablenew services. While voice and SMS continue to be the main revenuesource for many operators, these revenues are increasingly at riskor declining. Positioning themselves as providers of coverage andcapacity poses problems for operators as profits don’t rise in linewith costs; but historically they have struggled to compete againstagile players in other service ecosystems. Reshaping the businessshould be a constant challenge to mobile operators these days.Carrying out change while making the most of existing business isa difficult balancing act; in this session pioneering C-level speakersdiscuss their visions, pain points and surprises leading theircompanies through genuine business transformation.MODERATOR:Tony Poulos, TM ForumSPEAKERS INCLUDE:• Ernest Cu, Globe• Hans-Holger Albrecht, Millicom Group• Mats Granryd, Tele2• David Thodey, Telstra Get the latest information at 13
  14. 14. Conference Programme Keynote 3: Connecting the Next Billions to Keynote 4: Future of Communications the Internet 11:00 – 12:30 09:00 – 10:30 As Internet-based services continue to put pressure on operator With less than a third of the world’s population connected to the margins, the mobile industry is reaching an important crossroads. Internet, mobile technology will be instrumental in bringing the CEOs from both sides of the debate will take to the stage to share next few billion people online. From the networks and devices their vision on how the industry will need to evolve in the face of to the services themselves, find out how the online landscape this fundamental shift in consumer behaviour. will evolve as the internet community continues to grow over the MODERATOR: coming years. Michael O’Hara CMO MODERATOR: GSMA Guy Zibi Head of Consulting KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Pyramid Research René Obermann CEO KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Deutsche Telekom Sunil Mittal Chairman & MD Bharti Airtel Hans Vestberg President & CEO Ericsson Dr Nasser Marafih Group CEO QTel Suk-Chae Lee CEO KT Corporation Gary Kovacs CEO Mozilla Talmon Marco Founder & CEO Viber Stephen Elop President & CEO Nokia Networking Break 10:30 – 11:0014 Register today at
  15. 15. Marketing: Brands Go Mobile Networking Break 12:30 – 14:00 14:00 – 15:30 The profound shift in the way consumers interact with their phonesSmaller but Smarter: Making a Success of has meant that big brands must now begin to engage more fullySmall Cell Networks with mobile. For a significant and growing proportion of people, engaging in shopping, social media, gaming, on-demand video14:00 – 15:30 and many other consumer activities via a mobile device is the newDepending on who you listen to, the adoption rate for small cells normal.– from indoor femtocells to microcells – ranges from the very fast But big brands have had a tough choice in the last few yearsto the astronomical. What is the reality behind the hype? There when it comes to mobile. The rapid adoption of the technologyare first-movers with some very impressive activity. However, while – especially of smartphones and tablets – coupled with the diversethere is undoubtedly progress in many areas to solve issues such as ecosystem of developers and users has made it difficult to pinpointWi-Fi integration, interference management, backhaul and inter- how to invest in this diffuse and quick moving medium. A brand’sRAT handoff there is still a long way to go before the technology reputation is key to its survival, and mobile has had to prove that itis mature. is a robust enough channel to shoulder that responsibility.One thing looks certain, however; to gain the most advantage from But brands are now moving out of the experimental stage withsmall cell deployments, both commercial and technical, moving mobile advertising and marketing, and taking more confident stepsintelligence away from the core network will be key. In this session to embrace the medium as fundamental to their communicationswe will gain some valuable insight into how small cell technologies strategy. In this session, hear from some of the world’s top brandsand capabilities are developing and the new business cases that about how they went mobile.they create for operators. MODERATOR:MODERATOR: Anna Bager, IABCaroline Gabriel, Maravedis Rethink SPEAKERS INCLUDE:SPEAKERS INCLUDE: • Lisa West, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)• Mike Schabel, Alcatel-Lucent • Maïte Oonk, KLM• Michael Flanagan, Arieso • B. Bonin Bough, Mondelêz International• Shayan Sanyal, Bluwan • Keith Weed, Unilever• Simon Brown, ip.access • Catherine Ulrich, Weight Watchers• Sadayuki Abeta, NTT DOCOMO• Manish Singh, Radisys• Geun Hwangbo, SK Telecom• Il-Hyun Sohn, SK Telesys• Mike Gallagher, Spidercloud• Chris Gilbert, Ubiquisys• J.R. Wilson, WBA Get the latest information at 15
  16. 16. Conference Programme Mobile Identity: Opportunities & Future of the City: Challenges for Service Providers Smarter Cities, Smarter Living 14:00 – 15:30 14:00 – 15:30 The adoption of consumer-focused mobile services, particularly Making a city smart, efficient and sustainable is a formidable task, those utilising the cloud, is increasing rapidly. The proliferation but one that many public- and private-sector bodies the world over of user data presents significant opportunities and challenges for agree will be a crucial evolution in the way we live. By 2030, the service providers in managing transactions securely and protecting UN forecasts there will be over 5 billion people living in the world’s users’ identity, and mobile operators are well-positioned to play a cities. This will include not only mega cities well beyond what critical role in this scenario. currently exists, but also many more smaller urban centres that will have to grow quickly to keep up with demand. This growth will However, opportunities for the development of mobile identity draw heavily on rapidly depleting resources, so new ways will have services extend beyond the mobile operator to other service to be found to make the resources we have go further. providers such as SIM card manufacturers, security software and data storage companies. Furthermore, the adoption of services can Mobile networks will be key to delivering some of the digital services be catalysed through partnerships with governments and other that will help citizens live healthier, safer and more sustainable public sector organisations. lives in these future cities. A ubiquitous communications structure capable of real-time analytics and response will help with everything This session aims to explore the opportunities and challenges from mass transit efficiency to saving money on household for service providers in driving the development and adoption of bills. Mobile can help not only with environmental and financial mobile identity services. concerns, but also with social issues, such as political engagement MODERATOR: and social mobility. Dave Birch, Consult Hyperion In this session, hear from the experts at the forefront of this SPEAKERS INCLUDE: transformation about mobile’s contribution to the future of the city. • Sabine McIntosh, Citi MODERATOR: • Patrick Fischer, Fischer Consultancy Mark Newman, Informa Telecoms & Media • Douglas Daberius, Nokia Siemens Networks SPEAKERS INCLUDE: • Josh Williams, Facebook • Michael Halbherr, Nokia • Barbara Flügge, Sybase, a SAP Company • Christian Kuhn, Sybase, a SAP Company • Erik Brenneis, Vodafone16 Register today at
  17. 17. Networking Break Keynote Highlight 15:30 – 16:00Whose Network?Emerging Network Business Models16:00 – 17:30The days when a mobile operator owned ‘a mobile network’ are long gone. However, the advent of LTE and all-IP cores, small cellnetworks and Wi-Fi integration are taking a re-imagination ofnetwork business models to a new level. Technical considerations,cost and planning regulations are driving the increased adoption of Dr. Paul Jacobs of Qualcommmultiple business models for network deployment and operation during his MWC 2012 Keynotesuch as network sharing, wholesaling and outsourcing.This session examines the implications of these trends forestablished and new-entrant ‘mobile’ network providers – itself an increasingly blurry concept. What are the business opportunities,and what does this shift mean for concepts of customer ownership,data ownership, regulation and service delivery?MODERATOR:Emin Gürdenli, AzenbySPEAKERS INCLUDE:• Gabrielle Gauthey, Alcatel-Lucent• Nicolas Ott, Arqiva• Magnus Mandersson, Ericsson• Evan Kaplan, iPass• Eduardo Duato, Orange Spain Get the latest information at 17
  18. 18. Conference Programme Marketing: Regional Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa How Not to Build a Mobile Campaign 16:00 – 17:30 16:00 – 17:30 Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the fastest-growing regions globally The reality of mobile advertising and marketing has not always lived for mobile penetration, usage and revenues. While the world has up to its promise, but the reality is finally gaining ground on the been rocked by economic crises, the region’s mobile ecosystem has hype. As a new screen, mobile was always going to take time to be seen continued subscription growth and now accounts for over accepted and understood, and to become a mature and respected 454m connections, according to Wireless Intelligence, making it medium for marketers. But the industry is rapidly becoming more one of the world’s largest pools of mobile subscribers. It has taken sophisticated in its understanding of how best to use mobile, a significant role in applying mobile to verticals such as education, so what can we say about the future of mobile advertising and healthcare and finance, buoyed by the innovation of home-grown marketing in light of the way it’s been done in the past? entrepreneurs. They say we learn from our mistakes. In this session, mobile- Nevertheless, there are significant challenges for Sub-Saharan marketing experts will do the next best thing and help you learn Africa as a region, such as maintaining operator profitability and from others. revenues as mobile penetration spreads to less affluent customers; and ensuring regulation keeps pace with the potential of the MODERATOR: region. The solutions it finds have the potential to teach the mobile Paul Palmieri, Millennial Media industry across the rest of the planet. SPEAKERS INCLUDE: MODERATOR: • Victor Malachard, Adfonic Bradley Shaw, Africa Telecoms • Stephen Upstone, LoopMe Media • Brian Wong, Kiip SPEAKERS INCLUDE: • Dave Gwozdz, Mocean Mobile (a division of Mojiva, Inc.) • Manoj Kohli, Bharti Airtel • Stéphanie Hospital, Orange Digital Audience and Advertising • Lars Linden, Ericsson • Mike Zarrilli, The Weather Channel Companies • Her Excellency Mrs Omobola Johnson, Federal Ministry of Communication Technology, Nigeria • Nic Rudnick, Liquid Networks • Sifiso Dabengwa, MTN Group • George Ferreira, Samsung Africa18 Register today at
  19. 19. Mobile Entertainment: Networking BreakThe Rise of the Digital Global Event 17:30 – 18:0016:00 – 17:30 Mobile World Live KeynoteNo-one could predict the part that mobile played in the consumptionand delivery of content during the London 2012 Olympic Games. 18:00 – 18:45When London was named the host city in 2005, there was concernthat mobile networks might not be able to support the influx ofvisitors and content at the event. Seven years later, a combinationof sophisticated mobile content and the seamless delivery of livecoverage across multiple devices made London 2012 a powerfulexample of the impact of mobile content delivery.Looking towards future large-scale events, like 2014 FIFA WorldCup, what lessons can be taken from this positive example of themarriage of mobile and live content? How did the mobile industry meet customer’s needs and what planning was involved? Hear from the people that made it happen at London 2012 and those hopingto improve the mobile experience at future large scale events.MODERATOR:Justin Springham, GSMASPEAKERS INCLUDE:• Alex Balfour, Alex Balfour Consulting• Ian Brown, Axell Wireless• Phil Fearnley, BBC• Rikard Steiber, Google• Derek McManus, O2 Get the latest information at 19
  20. 20. Conference Programme Keynote 5: Operating in the Cloud Networking Break 09:00 – 10:30 10:30 – 11:00 With revenues from traditional services set to fall over the coming years, the long term outlook for mobile operators appears Keynote 6: Mobile in Media challenging. The growing importance of cloud computing seems 11:00 – 12:30 to present operators with an important opportunity and they seem ideally poised to take a central position within this emerging The advent of the Internet has already had dramatic and far- ecosystem. reaching consequences for traditional media. A second round of disruption is under way as consumers rely more and more on their How can operators leverage their network assets to ensure mobile phones and other devices as a new access point for content, they remain as relevant as possible in this rapidly evolving and news and entertainment. How will the media and advertising competitive IT revolution? What kind of services will prove most landscapes shift in response, and what can the mobile industry commercially successful and how will these fare in an already learn from industries that have already had their models tested by competitive marketplace, famed for its disruptive nature and rapid digitalisation and the Internet? pace of innovation. KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: MODERATOR: Paul Gunning Tom Wheeler CEO, Tribal DBB Worldwide & MD Group Chief Digital Officer Core Capital Partners DDB KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Drew Houston Susan Whiting Founder & CEO Vice Chair DropBox Nielsen Kevin Johnson CEO Juniper Networks Video Highlight Kevin Johnson, CEO, Juniper Networks, speaking at MWC 201220 Register today at
  21. 21. Back to the Future: Networking Break 12:30 – 14:00 Mobile Innovation 2023 14:00 – 15:30Health: Achieving Scale through Visit the future of mobile communications at the next-generationPartnerships mobile innovation session in Mobile World Congress 2013.14:00 – 15:30 This demo-heavy session will attempt to predict the mobile future through pitch presentations from young, inventive start-ups andHow can mobile reach its potential to improve both the outcomes keynote speeches from established industry innovators.and the economics of global health? One way is through cross-industry partnerships that will allow mHealth solutions a scale Delegates will be invited to vote on the innovation that will makethat would be out of reach to the mobile and health industries in the most impact to the future of communications and socialisolation. interaction in 10 years’ time as 6 companies pitch their concept in a battle for recognition by our panel of industry investors and to gainThere are hundreds of live and pilot mHealth deployments currently the lead in our audience vote.underway across many and diverse territories, but many of theseprojects, both commercial and pilot, will remain short term or small Join us as we go back to the future in this year’s Mobile Innovationscale and will fold once initial funding is exhausted. To reach scale, session.mHealth systems must in many cases be designed to integrate with MODERATOR:existing health systems. This is not something the mobile industry Paul Lee, Deloitte Researchcan achieve alone, despite operators’ expertise and experience indelivering end-to-end services to their customers, and will require SPEAKERS INCLUDE:strong working partnerships between mobile network operators, • Patrick Ostiguy, Accedianhealth applications and health IT providers. • Iain McCready, Cortexica • Dídac Lee, Inspirit & Barcelona FC Board MemberSpeakers in this session will showcase examples of mHealth projects • Peggy Johnson, Qualcommthat have gone beyond the small scale and pilot stages. They will • Gianluca D’agostino, Neomobileseek to identify best practice in making mHealth sustainable, and • Promod Haque, Norwest Venture Partnerswill discuss the progress and challenges in partnering for mHealth. • Jon Lindén, Procera NetworksMODERATOR: • Carlos Domingo, Telefónica DigitalDavid Wood, AccentureSPEAKERS INCLUDE:• Pamela Goldberg, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative• Kirsten Gagnaire, MAMA - Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action• Oscar Gómez, Telefónica Digital• Chris Mulley, ZTE Get the latest information at 21
  22. 22. Conference Programme Learning from Consumer Behaviour Future of the Enterprise: Can Mobility Transform the Business? 14:00 – 15:30 Around the world, mobile experiences are redefining how 14:00 – 15:30 consumers act and what they want from their telecoms provision. Businesses are increasingly seeing the value of mobility as an Some of these general trends are fairly clear, such as better data enabler of business transformation to drive greater efficiency, speeds leading on average to more data consumption. However, agility and customer engagement within their organisations. At looking in more detail at the evolving behaviour and implicit or one end, larger enterprises are accepting that mobility is a source of explicit demands of different customer groups holds the key to competitive advantage and it is often being embraced as part of an improving customer revenues, loyalty and profitability – if only the enterprise mobility strategy. At the other end, smaller enterprises information can be acted upon effectively, which typically involves are often choosing mobile as a growing, critical channel through collaboration across business units. which to go to market with their services. This session will provide valuable data and analysis of how customer This session will examine how enterprises of all sizes and from a activities and desires are changing, followed by the opportunity to variety of industries are embracing mobility to achieve tangible learn from the challenges and triumphs of companies using their business benefits. It will also explore whether bring your own customer insight to develop winning propositions. device (BYOD) is an enabler or a hindrance in this endeavour. MODERATOR: MODERATOR: Simon Burckhardt, Route30 Nick McQuire, IDC SPEAKERS INCLUDE: SPEAKERS INCLUDE: • Aldo de Jong, Claro Partners • John Marshall, AirWatch • Liz Miller, CMO Council • Jim Somers, Antenna Software • Jeremy Copp, comScore • Tarun Nimmagadda, Mutual Mobile • Igor Sarenac, Convergys • Nick Brown, SAP • Caroline Noublanche, Doro • José Luis Gamo, Telefónica Multinational Solutions • Pat McCarthy, Ericsson • Miguel Carrero, HP • Naveen Tewari, InMobi • Bob Burgoyne, TNS22 Register today at
  23. 23. High-Growth Mobile Tech Investment: Networking Break 15:30 – 16:00 From Start-Ups to IPOs 16:00 – 17:30Health: Innovating for Global Health Despite the global economic issues, or perhaps as a consequence of16:00 – 17:30 them, the mobile technology industry has been a rising star in the investment community. Capital is abundant and the marketplaceBringing together the traditionally fast-moving mobile industry for venture capital and private equity firms is a very competitiveand the traditionally slow-moving health field was always going one, even showing signs of provide a fertile ground for innovation. The frontier betweenmobile and health is peppered with opportunities to make a But unlike capital, good opportunities are not abundant andmassive difference to the lives of many people very quickly. finding the right companies to invest is what dictates successful. As investors look for the next home run in terms of returns, theyBut innovating for health is not necessarily an easy way to make also need to understand that this is a very risky business, wherea living. The diversity of the mobile and health industries means mortality rate is very high. In this context, the role of incubatorsthat, whilst there are many opportunities, there are also many and accelerators is critical in order to identify and seed early stagechallenges. Regulation, privacy concerns, questions surrounding start-ups, providing business guidance, vision and getting themfunding and revenue models – both industries still have much to ‘pitch-ready’, in an inversion of the regular ‘entrepreneur seeking address to capitalise on the exciting new ideas emerging from the funding’ story.intersection of mobile and health.Speakers in this session will take a look at what’s new and what’s On the other side of the spectrum, big companies need to seekcoming through in mobile health. Innovators will showcase the funding via M&A, IPOs or other financing tools in order to expandfuture of health, from new uses for standard mobile tech to new and realise their strategies, as keeping the competitive edge in andevices with the potential to revolutionise the field, and will ask innovation-centric industry is very expensive. This session will bringwhat makes an enabling environment for mobile health innovation. together key players in this value chain to discuss the current state of mind in the investment community when it comes to mobileMODERATOR: tech start-ups, from venture capital, private equity, accelerators,Dan Shey, ABI Research entrepreneurs and large corporations.SPEAKERS INCLUDE: MODERATOR:• Ben Chodor, Happtique Laureen Cook, IFC• Marcus Sigurdsson, McCann Health• Benjamin Sarda, Orange Healthcare SPEAKERS INCLUDE:• Rick Valencia, Qualcomm Life • Sean Park, Anthemis Group• Arjen Swank, Text To Change • John Malloy, Blue Run Ventures • Timothy Lee, Sequoia Capital • Jon Bradford, Springboard • Tracy Isacke, Telefónica Digital Get the latest information at 23
  24. 24. Conference Programme QoE: Enriching the User Experience, Speakers will include representatives from across the mobile ecosystem and retailers from different high growth verticals who Enriching the Operator? will provide an overview on the opportunities and challenges in the 16:00 – 17:30 retail space and showcasing the latest mobile innovations. The mobile user’s overall Quality of Experience has never been MODERATOR: more important to operators or as tricky to measure and manage. David Gosen, Nielsen Network-oriented measures of QoS are being superseded by SPEAKERS INCLUDE: more holistic ways of understanding the user’s expectations and • Danielle Lee, AT&T experience interacting with the operator and its services. • Ambarish Mitra, Blippar Throwing more bandwidth at users is no longer an option: unless • Marcelo Claure, Brightstar Corporation operators improve the whole user experience other players will • Steve Yankovich, eBay Mobile continue to pressure operators. • David Katz, Groupon • Ercan Kilic, GS-1 This session will provide practical ideas and coordinated approaches • Benjamin Burghardt, METRO Group allowing operators to measure, improve and profit from users’ QoE • Sandra Alzetta, Visa Europe throughout the customer lifecycle. MODERATOR: Vladimir Dimitroff, Prism Consulting Networking Break SPEAKERS INCLUDE: 17:30 – 18:00 • Andy Holcombe, Comverse • Poppy Crum, Dolby Laboratories Mobile World Live Keynote • David Edmondson, eRecycling Corps • Philippe Leon, HP 18:00 – 18:45 • Khalid Attia, Huawei • Noah Chancellor, STC • Cayetano Carbajo, Telefónica • David Ffoulkes-Jones, WDS Retail Therapy: Enhancing the Shopping Experience through Mobile 16:00 – 17:30 This session will examine the latest uses of mobile technology in the retail environment. From customer engagement on-device and online to driving footfall and innovation in-store, mobile is revolutionising the retail experience. Over 90 minutes the true impact of mobile will be tracked through its entire lifecycle supported by case study presentations and live demonstrations.24 Register today at
  25. 25. Keynote 7: Networking BreakMobile as a Platform for Innovation 11:00 – 11:3009:30 – 11:00 Technology Evolution: Network OperationsMobile technology has proven itself to be a remarkable platformfor innovation, with smartphones now the dominant computing for Optimal Service Deliveryplatform. In the final keynote of the 2013 Mobile World Congress, Developed in conjunction withpioneers of the new digital revolution will share their insights andexperiences on what it takes to become a successful innovator inthe mobile space.KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Axel Dauchez 11:30 – 13:00 CEO Deezer Providing a superior customer experience will be one of the main objectives for operators in coming years. They will need to enhance the end-to-end quality of service provided by their networks Dennis Crowley while increasing network capacity. This goes hand in hand with Founder & CEO optimised, converged operations to improve the cost base, service Foursquare time-to-market and overall flexibility. This session will give insights into how to measure end-to-end QoS Marc Dillon (Quality of Service) and to identify the main parameters impacting CEO customer experience. Furthermore, industry leaders will introduce Jolla the latest methods to operate future networks efficiently and will present initiatives to define requirements for unified operations standards. MODERATOR: Video Highlight Claude Achcar, Actel Consulting SPEAKERS INCLUDE: • Rati Thanawala, Alcatel-Lucent • Pawel Lopata, Comarch • Craig Farrell, IBM • Jae Woan Byun, NGMN • Mark Cummings, Orchestral Networks • Jinsung Choi, SKT • Joachim Horn, Tele2 • Juan Manuel Caro, Telefónica Dennis Crowley, Foursquare, Speaking at MWC 2012 Get the latest information at 25
  26. 26. Conference Programme Future of the Home: Battle for the Consumer 11:30 – 13:00 Serving ‘the connected home’ is seen by many as a great opportunity to expand their share of consumers’ wallets. Sectors as diverse as entertainment, fixed and mobile telecoms, utilities, healthcare, consumer electronics and home automation all have their sights set on delivering a better experience in the home. Moreover, each sector has the opportunity to secure share of wallet at others’ expense, creating a potential battle. However, many companies and industries are only approaching a piece of the puzzle, expanding their influence into multi-screen entertainment, Mobile Money: for example, or heat and lighting controls. Navigating the Mobile Wallets Landscape To date, the one thing that unifies them all is the potential to use tablets or smartphones to access and control objects or services 11:30 – 13:00 remotely. Big questions remain, however: does anybody have the Mobile wallets, which enable payments and other transactions, are vision and influence to deliver a truly comprehensive ‘connected one of the most frequently talked-about technologies of the mobile home’ offering? And, if so, where is the mobile opportunity in all age. Banks, credit card companies, mobile operators, payment this? Find out in this session. providers, retailers and technology vendors are rolling out mobile MODERATOR: wallet solutions en masse, but despite their apparent popularity, Janice Hughes, Redshift Strategy Consulting consumer adoption of mobile wallets remains low. While more information would seem the obvious solution to drive usage SPEAKERS INCLUDE: of mobile wallets, in this fast-changing market, consumers are • Kevin Petersen, AT&T looking for quick, intuitive services without the need for education. • Raffaele de Peppe, DLNA If mobile wallets are to become more pervasive, communicating • Mark Curtis, Fjord the value proposition to consumers is key – the providers that offer • Patrice Slupowski, Orange the strongest value propositions will be the likely winners in this • Bart Vercammen, Technicolor market. • Weijun Lee, ZTE USA This session aims to provide an overview of the mobile wallets landscape and the critical success factors. It will also consider how to drive consumer usage, or indeed whether mobile wallets are presenting a solution to a problem whose time has not yet come. MODERATOR: Eden Zoller, Ovum SPEAKERS INCLUDE: • Marco Quatorze, America Movil • Naveed Sultan, Citi Transaction Services • Peter Hazlehurst, Google Wallet • Ed McLaughlin, MasterCard • Hill Ferguson, PayPal • Emre Sayin, Turkcell26 Register today at