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Table Charm changes lives! Change yours today!


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Great business opportunity towards your financial freedom. Body tonics, Glamour make up, Style fragrances and Crockery.
Contact : Tholakele +263 77 230 8069

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Table Charm changes lives! Change yours today!

  1. 1. Table CharmProduct Catalogue September 2015
  2. 2. DINNERWARE 2 | Table Charm Black Leopard Unique and distinctive Inspired by Africa BL02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm BL04 (6) Soup/Dessert Bowl 17cm BL06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm BL10 (6) Coffee Mug BL22 Tea/Coffee Pot BL24 Sugar & Creamer Table Charm’s dinnerware designs are exclusive and of the highest quality. They have the Table Charm back-stamp on each item as a guarantee of exclusivity and quality. Our beautiful designs add an element of excitement to your dining experience! BL02 BL06 BL04 BL22 BL10 BL24
  3. 3. Some of Table Charm’s Dinnerware Ranges have beautiful gold or silver elements to their design for that classic, beautiful look. These specific items should not be used in the microwave or dishwasher. Wash gently by hand with warm, soapy water. GP02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm GP04 (6) Soup/Dessert Bowl 17cm GP06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm GP08 (6) Teacup Saucer GP10 (6) Coffee Mug GP12 Salad Bowl 23cm GP14 Large Serving Platter 30cm GP16 2Lt Serving Dish/Lid GP18 Gravy Boat with Saucer GP20 Salt Pepper GP22 Tea/Coffee Pot GP24 Sugar Creamer GP40 7pc Decanter Set 3 | Table Charm DINNERWARE Golden Pearl Glamorous and stylish Deserves pride of place at every smart occasion GP12 GP14 GP18 GP06 GP02 GP04 GP22 GP24 GP08 GP20 GP10 GP16 GP40 (Set includes a Decanter + 6 wine glasses)
  4. 4. DINNERWARE 4 | Table Charm ZB02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm ZB04 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 20cm ZB06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm ZB08 (6) Teacup Saucer ZB10 (6) Coffee Mugs Zebra Showcased by a magical African Shimmer ZB02 ZB10 ZB08 ZB04 ZB06
  5. 5. 5 | Table Charm DINNERWARE Presidential  Classic and elegant A real show-piece, fit for royalty PR02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm PR04 (6) Soup/Dessert Bowl 17cm PR06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm PR08 (6) Teacup Saucer PR10 (6) Coffee Mug PR12 Salad Bowl 23cm PR14 Oval Platter 35cm PR16 2Lt Serving Dish/Lid PR18 Gravy Boat with Saucer PR20 Salt Pepper PR22 Tea / Coffee Pot PR24 Sugar Creamer PR12 PR18 PR06 PR02 PR04 PR16 PR14 PR24 PR08 PR10 PR20 PR22 “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same” - Nelson Mandela
  6. 6. DINNERWARE 6 | Table Charm GW02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm GW04 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 17cm GW06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm GW08 (6) Teacup Saucer GW10 (6) Coffee Mug GW12 Salad Bowl 25cm GW14 Large Serving Platter 37cm GW16 2Lt Serving Dish / Lid GW18 Gravy Boat with Saucer GW20 Salt Pepper GW22 Tea / Coffee Pot GW24 Sugar Creamer Golden Wave Elegant and sophisticated The ultimate in fine dining GW14 GW18 GW24 GW06 GW22 GW16 GW10 GW04 GW08 GW12 GW20
  7. 7. 7 | Table Charm DINNERWARE Silver FlareNkosi Chic, modern A striking black and silver effect SF02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm SF04 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 17cm SF06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm SF08 (6) Teacup Saucer SF10 (6) Coffee Mug SF12 Salad Bowl 23cm SF14 Square Serving Platter 30cm SF16 2Lt Serving Dish / Lid SF18 Gravy Boat with Saucer SF20 Salt Pepper SF22 Tea / Coffee Pot SF24 Sugar Creamer NK02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm NK04 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 20cm NK06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm NK10 (6) Coffee Mug Stylish and trendy The queen of smart dining SF14 SF16 SF18 SF12 SF04 SF02SF06 SF20 SF24 SF08 SF10 SF22
  8. 8. DINNERWARE 8 | Table Charm KA02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm KA04 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 17cm KA06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm KA08 (6) Teacup Saucer KA10 (6) Coffee Mug KA12 Large Salad Bowl 26cm KA16 Large Serving Platter 31cm KA18 2pc Casserole Set / Lids KA20 Gravy Boat with Saucer KA22 Salt Pepper KA30 Tea / Coffee Pot KA32 Sugar Creamer Kariba A versatile stoneware range Anytime, anywhere KA18 KA04 KA02 KA20 KA16 KA12 KA32 KA10 KA06 KA08 KA22 KA30
  9. 9. 9 | Table Charm DINNERWARE Sabi A traditional stoneware range Reminiscent of the heart of Africa SB02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm SB04 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 17cm SB06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm SB08 (6) Teacup Saucer SB10 (6) Coffee Mug SB12 Large Salad Bowl 26cm SB16 Large Serving Platter 31cm SB18 2pc Casserole Set / Lids SB20 Gravy Boat with Saucer SB22 Salt Pepper SB30 Tea / Coffee Pot SB32 Sugar Creamer SB18 SB22 SB20 SB06 SB16 SB02 SB08 SB12 SB30 SB10 SB04 SB32
  10. 10. DINNERWARE Simply dining Generations Funky and vibrant The art of casual dining GN02 (6) Dinner Plate 27cm GN04 (6) Bread Plate 19cm GN06 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 19cm GN08 (6) Coffee Mug White Perfect Everyday dining WD02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm WD04 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 15cm WD06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm WD10 (6) Coffee Mug WD20 Salt Pepper 10 | Table Charm WD02 WD10 WD06 WD04 WD20 GN02 GN06 GN04 GN08 Each set of 6 items comes in assorted colours: White, blue, lime green, yellow, orange, red
  11. 11. DINNERWARE Simply dining Zodiac DominoHypnotic design Captures the imagination ZD02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm ZD04 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 17cm ZD06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm ZD10 (6) Coffee Mug Domino effect You’ll be back for more DM02 (6) Dinner Plate 26cm DM04 (6) Soup / Dessert Bowl 17cm DM06 (6) Bread Plate 19cm DM10 (6) Coffee Mug 11 | Table Charm ZD02 ZD04 ZD06 ZD10 DM06 DM04 DM10 DM02
  12. 12. 12 | Table Charm Kingston Pots Cast Iron Cookware KP02 16cm KP04 20cm KP06 24cm KP08 26cm KP10 24cm Engineered from top quality 18/10 Stainless Steel with thick aluminium encapsulated bases and strong cool-touch bakelite handles. Do not clean with abrasive materials. BC02 3Lt Casserole / Lid Oil-coated for easy cleaning and to prevent rust. To clean, soak in warm soapy water, dry thoroughly and re-coat with oil after every use. BC04 4Lt Casserole / Lid COOKWARE 12 | Table Charm
  13. 13. COOKWARE Rosanna Ceramic Cookware Use in the oven or microwave – not on top of the stove.Rosanna Black RW04 2Lt Casserole / Lid RW18 3Lt Oval Roaster / Lid RW20 Giant Casserole / Lid RW02 3Lt Casserole / Lid RW16 (6) Steak Plates RB08 Small Roaster RB20 Giant Casserole / Lid RB18 3Lt Oval Roaster / Lid RB16 (6) Steak Plates RB06 Lasagne DishRB10 5Lt Bowl / Lid RB02 3Lt Casserole / Lid RB04 2Lt Casserole / Lid Rosanna White 13 | Table Charm
  14. 14. 14 | Table Charm CUTLERY KITCHEN UTENSILS Cutlery Kitchen UtensilsCK35 6pc Regent Stainless Steel Utensil Set* SN02 (6) Sonata Gold Dinner Knives SN04 (6) Sonata Gold Dinner Forks SN06 (6) Sonata Gold Dessert Spoons SN08 (6) Sonata Gold Teaspoons TR02 (6) Trendy Dinner Knives TR04 (6) Trendy Dinner Forks TR06 (6) Trendy Dessert Spoons TR08 (6) Trendy Teaspoons Trendy Cutlery Sonata Gold Cutlery CK05 6pc Atlas Utility Knives CK10 2pc Atlas Utility Carving Set *Utensil wall rack not included Sonata Gold pattern detail
  15. 15. COFFEE CORNER Coffee Corner A selection of coffee mugs – for every occasion CM86 (3) Matrix Coffee Mugs CM55 (6) Mosaic Coffee Mugs CM105 (6) Dalmation Coffee Mugs 15 | Table Charm
  16. 16. 16 | Table Charm COFFEE CORNER Coffee Corner CM70 (3) Hollywood Coffee Mugs SU02 (4) Sunset Coffee Mugs CM80 (3) Milano Coffee Mugs CM85 (4) The Wild Coffee Mugs CM50 (4) Sunrise Coffee Mugs TS14 11pc Black Brazilian Tea/Coffee Set TS24 Black Coffee Plunger 1Lt
  17. 17. 17 | Table Charm COFFEE CORNER Coffee Corner CM100 (4) Toronto Coffee Mugs CM95 (6) Neon Coffee Mugs CM90 (4) Rainbow Diamond Coffee Mugs …and for those who like a a lot of coffee!
  18. 18. GLASSWARE Glass Storage Sugar Spice and all things nice! GS02 Fiesta Storage Jar GS25 Radiant Glass Jar Lid GS20 3pc Empire Storage Jar Set GS40 3pc Carousel Storage Set GS35 3pc Trident Storage Set GS03 3pc Small Cannister Set (Sugar, Tea, Coffee) GS04 3pc Cannister Set (Sugar, Tea, Coffee) 18 | Table Charm
  19. 19. 19 | Table Charm GLASSWARE Glass Storage GS30 3pc Celebration Storage Set (Sugar, Tea, Coffee) GS45 X-Large 2Lt Luster Storage Jar GS50 Large 1.9Lt Luster Storage Jar GS55 Medium 1.8Lt Luster Storage Jar GS65 3pc Diamond Storage Set WW15 3pc Sugar Spice Jar Set (with tray and spoons) GS60 Small 1.4Lt Luster Storage Jar
  20. 20. Glass Servers Celebrate healthy living in style! SE24 5pc Glass Bowl Set with plastic lids 9cm – 17cm SE28 Prestige Glass Bowl and Lid 25cm SE15 (6) Apple Design Dessert Bowls 12.5cm SE16 Apple Design Salad Bowl 22.5cm GLASSWARE 20 | Table Charm
  21. 21. GLASSWARE 22.5cm 19.5cm 17cm 15cm 12.5cm SE45 Cosmic Large Serving Bowl 25cm SE50 (6) Cosmic Dessert Bowls 12cm Diamond Bowl Set Elegance in glass Those special dinners Cosmic Bowl Set Summer delights Perfect for the pool 21 | Table Charm WW10 5pc Diamond Bowl Set
  22. 22. GLASSWARE 22 | Table Charm CG26 (6) Crystalite Dinner Plate 26cm CG20 Crystalite Giant Serving Bowl 30cm Crystalite Bowl Set Fruity Fiesta Lunch-time treats CG24 Crystalite Large Serving Bowl 25cm 22 | Table Charm CG22 (6) Crystalite Dessert Bowl 12cm CG10 (6) Crystalite Footed Ice Cream Bowl
  23. 23. 23 | Table Charm GLASSWARE CG07 Crystalite Decanter CG04 Crystalite Glass Ice Bucket and Tongs CG28 (6) Crystalite Coffee Mug Crystalite Glass Crystal magic Glasses to delight CG14 (6) Crystalite Champagne Glass CG12 (6) Crystalite Wine Glass CG05 Crystalite Jug CG15 (2) Crystalite Giant Beer Mug CG01 (6) Crystalite Tumbler CG03 (6) Crystalite Extra Large Tumbler 23 | Table Charm
  24. 24. 24 | Table Charm Hot summer days and nights Keep cool in style Glass Water Sets GLASSWARE WS10 7pc Dome Water Set This 7pc set includes a 1.5 Lt Jug with lid and 6 tumblers WS32 Olympic Jug 1.8Lt WS35 (6) Olympic Tumblers CC07 Capri Glass Jug with white lid 1.5Lt CC03 (6) Capri Hi-Ball Tumblers CC02 (6) Capri Tumblers
  25. 25. 25 | Table Charm GLASSWARE Glass Jugs and Tumblers 25 | Table Charm A glass for every occasion Sip your summer drink in gracious elegance WS40 Zebra Jug with Lid TT16 (6) Zebra Tumblers TT42 (6) Illusions Tumblers TT43 (6) Cascade Tumblers
  26. 26. 26 | Table Charm GLASSWARE TT08 (6) Gold Band Tumbler TT40 (6) Victory Beer Mug Glasses Stylish and chic Glasses for everywhen TT03 (6) Aspen Tumbler TT32 (6) Dallas Hi-Ball Tumbler TT10 (6) Elegance Hi-Ball Tumbler 26 | Table Charm
  27. 27. 27 | Table Charm GLASSWARE TT24 (6) Claudia Tumbler TT38 (6) Legacy Tumbler Tumblers Gleaming elegance Delightful choices TT48 (6) Galaxy Frosted Tumbler TT49 (6) Tiara Tumbler 27 | Table Charm
  28. 28. Ritzy trays to serve your guests Set the tone for elegant entertaining Trays Cutting Boards ACCESSORIES 28 | Table Charm AS05 Fruit Basket Glass Cutting Board AS07 Zebra Glass Cutting Board AS06 Bread Design Glass Cutting Board AS26 Espresso Melamine Tray AS24 Zebra Melamine Tray AS31 Rose Design Melamine Tray AS20 Medium Melamine Tray AS25 Small Espresso Tray AS29 Candy Melamine Tray AS27 Spring Melamine Tray AS45 Dynasty Silver Tray
  29. 29. ACCESSORIES Your guests are late? No problem, the food is still warm Food Warmers AS34 3pc Food Warmer Set AS36 11Lt Food Warmer Keep food warm for longer in three easy steps: Pre-heat your Food Warmer by pouring boiling hot water into it to warm the aluminium for extra heat retention. Make sure that your food is very hot before you place it into your Food Warmer. Keep sealed until you are ready to enjoy your meal. Dishwasher safe – Do not use in the oven, microwave or on the stove. 1 2 3 29 | Table Charm
  30. 30. Sky Supa-Storage Stylish Durable Perfect for all your storage needs PLASTIC STORAGE Supreme Supa-Storage SP05 0.8Lt Square • High grade, strong hygienic plastic • Extremely durable – resists cracking and warping • Unique vacuum function with airtight valve airtight seal • Strong locking mechanism – making it airtight and watertight • Raised feet – even air circulation when heating or cooling • Unique Vacuum Pump extracts air from the container reducing your foods exposure to air so it stays fresher for longer SP30 1.2Lt Lunchbox SK30 1.2Lt Lunchbox SK50 4.7Lt Rectangular SK05 0.8Lt Square SK10 1.5Lt Square SK99 Vacuum Pump 30 | Table Charm
  31. 31. SALES AIDS - Great ways to grow your Table Charm business 31 | Table Charm Grow your business quickly by buying these bigger kits: STEP 1 - Join Table Charm Purchase a Fast Start Pack. This contains everything you need to get your Table Charm business off to a fast start and to start earning extra money. SA05 Fast Start Pack STEP 2 - Start Selling Start selling Table Charm products to everyone you know! Purchase a Fast Start Sample Kit - you can also buy other single items to build up a bigger Kit. So you can show people the great quality of our exclusive products. SA10 Fast Start Sample Kit SA30 Table Charm Starter Pack SA35 Sample Kit SA27 (2) A5 Table Charm / Style Catalogues SA40 (20) Table Charm Recruiting Flyers SA50 Consultant Information Booklet SA55 Customer Book SA45 Table Charm Diary 2016 SA70 Cap SA72 Beanie SA75 - 80 Collar Shirt SA82 - 86 Rain Jacket SA90 - 94 Polar Fleece SA115 Table Cloth SA120 Umbrella SA125 (3) Pens SA135 Ruler SA130 4 Colour Pen Lanyard SA140 Calculator SA150 Executive Bag SA155 Key Holder SA160 (30) Balloons SA165 Thermal Flask SA170 Thermal Mug SA180 Coffee Mug SA181 Cares Initiative Mug SA185 Water Bottle SA190 Plate Stand SA195 Notebook SA175 (6) Promotion Tumblers SA145 Kit Bag SA110 Shopping Bag Table Charm Product Catalogue September 2015 Table Charm Product Catalogue September 2015 SA220 Blue Plastic Fast Start Pack Folder
  32. 32. STYLE SALES AIDS Large Style Fragrances Sample Kit Small Style Fragrances Sample Kit Purchase a Sample Kit as this is the best way to assist your Customers to select the Fragrances they like. Kit Includes: SA310 SA300 • 36 x 5ml Samples (Full Range) • (50) Test Strips • Coffee Beans • (20) Style Recruiting Flyers • (10) Table Charm Recruiting Flyers • Sample Bag Kit Includes: • 5 x Popular Ladies 5ml Samples • 5 x Popular Men’s 5ml Samples • (50) Test Strips • Coffee Beans Great ways to promote your sales of the Style Range! SA405 Button Badge SA480 Coffee Mug SA408 Badge SA485 Water Bottle SA420 Umbrella SA330 Test Strips SA460 (30) Balloons SA410 Shopping bag SA430 4-Colour Pen Lanyard SA415 Table Cloth SA495 Gift Bag SA372 Beanie SA325 (20) Recruiting Flyers SA375-380 Collar Shirt SA370 Cap SA390 - 394 Style Polar Fleece Jacket (Available in S, M, L, XL XXL) SA496 Organza bag (Assorted colours) 25 | Style
  33. 33. Manuka Manuka Tissue Oil Manuka Tissue Oil is filled with a variety of essential oils including the revolutionary new Manuka Oil, to ensure your skin feels instantly hydrated, soft and beautiful for hours. Spoil your skin by making it part of your daily skincare routine. Manuka Petroleum Jelly with Manuka Oil gently protects your skin, assists with reducing moisture loss and forms an anti-bacterial barrier on your skin. Use Manuka Petroleum Jelly daily to soften and refresh your skin. ZH60 125ml Manuka Petroleum Jelly Manuka Oil is enriched with the following oils to ensure that your skin gets the daily pampering it deserves: • Manuka Oil • Sweet Almond Oil • Vitamin E Oil • Chamomile Oil • Rosemary Oil • Calendula Oil • Lavender Oil Manuka Tissue Oil assists with effective treatment of: • Scars • Stretch marks • Blemishes • Uneven skin tone • Eczema • Cracked skin • Sunburn It instantly hydrates your skin and promotes skin elasticity. ZH50 60ml Manuka Tissue Oil Daily pampering for your skin Great for the whole family! ZONKE HEALING 24 | Style
  34. 34. 34 | Style Razor Bump Smoother Smoothes bumps caused by shaving, relieves skin irritation, heals rashes and moisturizes dry skin. With African Potato extract and intense moisturisers to smoothe and soften skin naturally. African Potato Hair Food With African Potato extract and intense moisturising oils: carrot, olive, avocado and Argan. Super nourishing formula for all hair types. Repairs and protects damaged hair, relieves dry and itchy scalp, restores and strengthens hair, assists healthy new hair growth. for him and her African Potato Natural healing for the whole family Razor Bump Smoother ZH40 50ml Razor Bump Smoother ZH30 125ml Hair Food ZONKE HEALING 23 | Style
  35. 35. African Potato CreamAfrican Potato Cream ZH10 125ml African Potato Cream Double Strength Inkomfe Nature’s Healer The African Potato Plant is 100% natural and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties similar to Cortisone, but without any of the side effects. ZH20 125ml Cura Skin Gel Assists with: Arthritis, aching joints and muscle injuries, fibrositis, shingles, gout, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, skin rashes and other skin conditions, sunburn, insect bites and cracked heels. ZONKE HEALING For smoother, healthier skin Cura Skin Gel is made from Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil, one of nature’s best healing aids. Assists with: Skin blemishes, pimples and acne, eczema, psoriasis, shingles and cold sores, burns, sunburn, scarring, pain and swelling, insect bites, ringworm and piles. Cura Skin GelCura Skin Gel 22 | Style
  36. 36. ZONKE HEALING IMMUNE SYSTEM 6 MALE 9 SKIN 12 KIDNEY AND BLADDER 7 MUSCLES AND JOINTS 10 SOOTHING (DIGESTIVE) 13 LUNGS (RESPIRATORY) 8 NERVE AND BRAIN 11 SUPER TONIC 14 Ailments that may affect the Immune System: Auto-immune disorders – Lupus, Aids, Viral bacterial infections, STD’s, Colds Flu, Allergies, Shingles, Cancer. Ailments that may affect the Male Reproductive System: Low libido, Low sperm count, Prostatitis, Low testosterone. Ailments that may affect the Integumentary System: Eczema, Psoriasis, Rash, Vitiligo, Fungal infections, Thrush, Skin Blemishes, Warts, Skin growths. Ailments that may affect the Urinary System: Lower backache, Swollen ankles, Kidney bladder infections, Urinary tract infections (UTI), Kidney stones, Water retention. Ailments that may affect the Musculo- skeletal System: All types of Arthritis, Gout, Headaches, Shin splints, Joint pain, Osteoporosis, Shingles, Stroke. Ailments that may affect the Digestive System: Indigestion, Bloating, Flatulence, IBS, Colitis, Stomach Ulcers, Hernia, Diarrhoea, Reflux, Crohn’s disease, Heart Burn. Ailments that may affect the Respiratory System: Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Emphysema, Mucous in the lungs. Ailments that may affect the Nervous System: Stress, Insomnia, Depression, Shock, Trauma, Headaches, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Shingles. Ailments that may affect the overall health of the body: Chronic fatigue, Excessive weight gain weight loss, Depression, Diabetes, Pituitary Gland Disorders, ME, MS, Auto immune disorders, Adrenal burnout, Stress. 21 | Style
  37. 37. Body Tonics Systems of the body Bring the body back into balance ZONKE HEALING The revolutionary Body Tonics Range has been especially formulated to improve and support every system of the body. If anything is out of balance, you will most likely feel the effects on your health. Body Tonics bring your body back into balance. Each Body Tonic is completely natural and contains a combination of herbs that nourish, strengthen and repair that particular system. Body Tonics therefore assist with a wide range of ailments and are perfect for the whole family to use. Each Body Tonic has three main functions: 1. Specific Herbs – These stimulate the organs of that system to function at its best and promote biological/ physical well-being in that area. 2. Flower Essences – These support emotional well-being and ease emotional stress which is the root of most ailments. 3. PHB Formula – The PH balancing formula maintains the alkaline balance of the body which helps prevent disease. Up to four Body Tonics can be used together at any one time. Once you have chosen the Body Tonics that your body needs, it is important to use them on a daily basis. Once the desired effect has been achieved or you have used it for three months, the dosage can be reduced to 10 drops in water twice daily. DETOX FEMALE 4 BLOOD CIRCULATION Ailments that may affect the Circulatory System: Varicose Veins, Leg Ulcers, Anaemia, Cold hands feet, Pins needles, Neuropathy (damaged nerves), Blood thickness or thinness (Viscosity), Weak Blood, Cholesterol, Clots, Haemorrhoids. 1 HEART 5 EAR, NOSE AND THROAT 32 Ailments that may be affected or caused by a poor functioning Excretory System: Constipation, Headaches, Worms Parasites Toxins in the body, Rash, Fatigue, Weight gain, Bloating, Food cravings, Insomnia. Ailments that may affect the Female Reproductive System: Infertility, PMS, Hot flushes, Menopause, Low libido, Cysts, Irregular periods, low FSH levels. Ailments that may affect the Ear, Nose Throat: Allergies, Sinusitis, Itching eyes, Hayfever, Ringing in the ears/Tinnitus, Dry cough, Wet cough. Ailments that may affect the Cardiovascular System: High blood pressure, Heart fibrillations, Palpitations, Heart attack, Cholesterol, Stroke, Atherosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis. 20 | Style
  38. 38. Be- jewelled! SJ55 Lazare Necklace Necklace 42cm SJ44 Victoria Aqua Necklace Earring Set Set includes: Necklace 42cm, Earrings 4.5cm SJ50 Ascendis Necklace Necklace 42cm SJ40 Victoria Silver Necklace and Earring Set Set includes: Necklace 42cm, Earrings 4.5cm SJ42 Victoria Gold Necklace Earring Set Set includes: Necklace 42cm, Earrings 4.5cm ACCESSORIES 19 | Style
  39. 39. Be dazzling! Add the glam factor to your life with our exclusive STYLE JEWELLERY. Whether you prefer modern and chic or classic and elegant, there is a style just for you! SJ15 Contessa Necklace Earring Set Set includes: Necklace 45cm, Earrings 4cm SJ10 Pandora Necklace Necklace 56cm SJ35 Mystique Necklace and Earring Set Set includes: Necklace 45cm, Earrings 4cm SJ20 Celebrity Necklace Earring Set Set includes: Necklace 50cm, Pendant 6cm, Earrings 4.5cm SJ15 ACCESSORIES 18 | Style
  40. 40. SH10 Vogue Handbag Snake-skin embossed faux leather with soft gold trim and lining. Size: 35cm wide x 24cm high x 16cm deep SH60 Cameo Handbag Faux leather Tote bag with smart gold trim and lining. Size: 33cm wide x 28c high x 12cm deep. SH70 Valentino Handbag Elegant faux leather with classy gold trim and lining. Size: 38cm wide x 31cm high x 10cm deep. …but wait, there’s more! for that Continental feeling ACCESSORIES 17 | Style
  41. 41. SH50 Madison Handbag Black faux leather with stylish gold trim and lining. Size: 33cm wide x 23cm high x 13.5cm deep Complement any outfit with our fashion handbags Imported exclusively by STYLE for you! SH80 Diva Handbag (Mint Green) Soft faux leather with modern silver trim and lining. Size: 31cm wide x 23cm high x 12cm deep SH85 Diva Handbag (Classic White) Soft faux leather with modern silver trim and lining. Size: 31cm wide x 23cm high x 12cm deep The STYLE Handbag The DIVA Bags collection ACCESSORIES 16 | Style
  42. 42. COLOUR Tone it brightLiquid Foundations Pressed Powders Blushers Vibrant Berry or pretty Rose tones to give you a radiant healthy glow. Apply after foundation to give your skin a smooth finish. Eliminates shine and covers imperfections with a refined matte finish designed for all skin types. Match your natural skin tone for a radiant and flawless complexion. Applies evenly for medium to full coverage – long lasting. Specially formulated for sensitive skin. PP01 Almond PP02 AmberPP03 Bronze BU01 Berry Blush BU02 Rose Blush FN01 Caramel FN02 Burnt Honey FN03 Almond FN04 Chestnut FN05 Mocha FN06 Dark Cocoa FN07 Bronze FACE 15 | Style
  43. 43. COLOUR Complete your transformation to Glamour Goddess by painting your nails with one of Style Glamour’s stunning Nail Varnishes - available in 14 vivid colours! Long lasting and chip resistant. NE08 Hot Pink NE09 Ruby Lava NE10 Fiery Red NE11 Lilac Rose NE12 Grape Wine NE13 Vintage NE01 Glass Blue NE02 Green Glow NE03 Fresh Pink NE04 Very Berry NE05 Pale Blush NE06 Spicy Orange NE07 Citrus Flame FASHION Finger NE14 Candy Coral 14 | Style
  44. 44. Glamour- EYESDefine your eyes with the intense glorious colours of Style Glamour Eye Shadow trios in shimmering colours, finely milled for a soft texture and easy blending and application This product contains no preservatives and is perfect for sensitive eyes. ES01 Golden Shine ES03 MoondustES02 Purple Haze COLOUR 13 | Style
  45. 45. COLOUR EYES Enchanting MS01 Mascara Black EL01 Eyeliner Pencil Black Create show-stopping eyes with Style Glamour Eyeliner - soft and easy to apply. To complete your look, apply Style Glamour lengthening and conditioning Mascara for dramatic definition. Eyeliner No pulling or tugging on your eye lids and suitable for sensitive eyes. Comes with a sharpener in the cap. Mascara Lengthens and conditions the lashes, is long-lasting and gentle for sensitive eyes. 12 | Style
  46. 46. COLOUR LIPS Luscious LS02 Cayenne Pepper LS01 Spiced Nude LS05 Burnt Flame LS04 Style Red LS08 Diva Pink LS07 Party Pink LS11 Burnt Brown LS10 Red Velvet LS03 Orange Crush LS06 Pink Flamingo LS09 Deep Plum LS12 Deep Mahogany For that perfect pout, add a burst of brilliant colour to your lips with Style Glamour Lipsticks - ultra-moisturised for velvety soft lips. Available in 12 vibrant high fashion colours and infused with Vitamin E to condition and moisturise lips, lips look and feel beautifully moisturised/velvety soft supple, and give you perfect, full coverage. 11 | Style
  47. 47. SHINE Lustrous STYLE GLAMOUR is a gorgeous new range of top quality colour cosmetics brought to you exclusively by Table Charm. This Range is the newest addition to our STYLE Range of products. These colour cosmetics are manufactured using the finest top quality ingredients. They are designed to give good coverage and great colour payout. They can be used on sensitive skin or eyes and have no preservatives. STYLE GLAMOUR – Dazzling, vibrant gorgeous colours to enhance and perfect every facet of your exquisite beauty. LOOK BEAUTIFUL … FEEL BEAUTIFUL … BE BEAUTIFUL! LG04 Diva LG01 Orange Thrill LG03 Natural LG02 Heat LG05 Ruby Ripe COLOUR Style Glamour Lipglosses
  48. 48. Tsar Inspired byInspired by FRAGRANCE TZ20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant TZ05 30ml TZ08 50ml Eau de Toilette Intense TZ15 250ml Hair Body Wash 30ml Fragrances FM05 212 FM20 Armani Black Code FM25 Black XS FM28 Bvlgari FM39 D G Light Blue For Him FM40 D G The One For Him FL42 Diesel Plus FM45 Dunhill Desire FM48 Ferrari Black FM50 Jean Paul Gaultier FM52 Invictus FM55 Kouros Inspired by:Inspired by: Woody/Fougère A classic mysterious blend of exotic herbs and aromatic sweet spices resting on a strong leathery base 09 | Style
  49. 49. FRAGRANCE Woody Invigorating crisp top notes of apple blended with a sweet spicy touch of cinnamon and cloves resounding in earthy cedar and sandalwood Woody Invigorating crisp top notes of apple blended with a sweet spicy touch of cinnamon and cloves resounding in earthy cedar and sandalwood Boss OriginalBoss Original Inspired byInspired by BS20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant BS05 30ml BS08 50ml Eau de Toilette Intense BS15 250ml Hair Body Wash BS10 250ml Body Lotion 08 | Style
  50. 50. Woody Rich beguiling notes of aromatic herbs and spices with engaging fruity accords leading to a masculine leather base. Woody Rich beguiling notes of aromatic herbs and spices with engaging fruity accords leading to a masculine leather base. 1 Million Inspired by FRAGRANCE WM20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant DeodorantWM05 30ml WM08 50ml Eau de Toilette Intense WM15 250ml Hair Body Wash WM10 250ml Body Lotion 07 | Style
  51. 51. Woody/Fougère A classic mysterious blend of exotic herbs and aromatic sweet spices resting on a strong leathery base FragrancesFragrances for him Inspired by Inspired byInspired by Aramis Bleu de ChanelBleu de Chanel Woody Cool confidence with sparkling notes of citrus, pepper and peppermint revealing a warm cedar heart and woody base. BD05 30ml Eau de Toilette Intense BD15 250ml Hair Body Wash BD20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant AC05 30ml Eau de Toilette Intense AC15 250ml Hair Body Wash AC20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant FRAGRANCE 06 | Style
  52. 52. Floral Beautiful and timeless, a signature fragrance with refined floral accords gracefully blended with orange and lily on a bed of sweet honey Floral Beautiful and timeless, a signature fragrance with refined floral accords gracefully blended with orange and lily on a bed of sweet honey Inspired byInspired by Red DoorRed Door FRAGRANCE RD05 30ml RD08 50ml Eau de Parfum Intense RD10 250ml Hand Body Lotion RD15 250ml Body Wash RD20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 05 | Style
  53. 53. FRAGRANCE HP10 250ml Hand Body LotionHP15 250ml Body Wash 30ml Fragrances HP05 - 30ml HP08 - 50ml Eau de Parfum Intense Inspired byInspired byOriental Intoxicating and mysterious, this captivating exotic potion of bitter almond and jasmine softens into a seductive base of moss and vanilla Oriental Intoxicating and mysterious, this captivating exotic potion of bitter almond and jasmine softens into a seductive base of moss and vanilla Poison Hypnotic Poison Hypnotic HP20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant FL05 212 VIP FL10 Angel FL12 Aromatics-Elixir FL20 Be Delicious FL25 Beautiful FL28 Chanel Allure FL35 Coco Mademoiselle FL40 D G Light Blue For Her FL41 DG The One For Her FL42 Fantasy - Britney Spears FL43 Gucci Guilty FL45 Gucci Rush FL55 Issey Miyake FL60 J’Adore FL70 Narciso Rodriguez FL75 Opium FL78 Pacific Paradise FL82 Pure Poison Inspired by:Inspired by: 90ml Fragranced Body Sprays RD18 Inspired by Red Door HP18 Inspired by Hypnotic Poison LM18 Inspired by Lady Million 04 | Style
  54. 54. LM05 30ml LM08 50ml Eau de Parfum Intense LM10 250ml Hand Body Lotion LM15 250ml Body Wash FRAGRANCE Floral Dare to be noticed with this rich luxurious blend of orange blossom, raspberry and neroli surrendering to a gorgeous base of gardenia and honey. Floral Dare to be noticed with this rich luxurious blend of orange blossom, raspberry and neroli surrendering to a gorgeous base of gardenia and honey. Inspired byInspired by Lady MillionLady Million LM20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 03 | Style
  55. 55. Fragrances FRAGRANCE for her STYLE FRAGRANCES are inspired by the most popular international designer brands. Only the finest top quality fragrance oils are used in STYLE FRAGRANCES. These oils are highly concentrated so they are long lasting. STYLE FRAGRANCES are beautifully packaged and sealed for your protection. They are perfect as gifts for all occasions. The STYLE FRAGRANCES Range also includes beautifully fragranced Bodycare items to use with your favourite fragrance to give your fragrance long lasting impact. CN05 30ml Eau de Parfum Intense CN10 250ml Hand Body Lotion CN15 250ml Body Wash PL05 30ml Eau de Parfum Intense PL10 250ml Hand Body Lotion PL15 250ml Body Wash Inspired byInspired by PleasuresPleasures Inspired byInspired by Chanel No. 5Chanel No. 5 CN20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant PL20 50ml Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Soft romantic whispers of rose, lily and jasmine flirt with fresh citrus yielding to a sweet powdery musk. Number one seller in the world - an indefinable floral bouquet, with a rose jasmine heart. 02 | Style
  56. 56. PRODUCT CATALOGUE September 2015 STYLEACCESSORIES Page 2 - 9 Page 10 - 15 Page 16 - 19 Page 20 - 21 African Potato Page 22 - 23 Page 24