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Accelerating business through digitalization - Tieto eBook


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Includes quotes from Kimmo Alkio, Taneli Tikka, Katarina Segerståhl, Satu Kiiskinen, Ahmad Qureshi and Mahesh Desai among others.

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Accelerating business through digitalization - Tieto eBook

  1. 1. Accelerating business through digitalization Highlights from Tieto eBook
  2. 2. I think that a company cannot build its future and its strategy based only on the current situation, but growth is achieved by looking further into the future. I genuinely think that a way of working that embraces both the current business, and also bold new innovations, is the only way we can succeed. The traditional way of thinking does not take a company far, and does not let innovativeness flourish. Kimmo Alkio, President and CEO, Tieto About Digitalization
  3. 3. Right now, one of the biggest wave of innovation is digitalization of our world. All things are going digital, and not just things - entire ecosystems, our way of thinking, our point of view and how we approach the whole topic in general. Taneli Tikka, Head of Industrial Internet, Tieto About Digitalization
  4. 4. We have defined the three biggest aspects of change during digitalization. It is often seen as technology driven, and of course it is, as new technologies pop-up all the time and revolutionise our behaviours. However, it is more than ever also a human-related change, as individuals define how we make business and how organisations are led. Satu Kiiskinen, Head of Consulting and Integration Unit, Tieto About Digitalization
  5. 5. Digitalization is changing our everyday lives, and businesses need to not just adapt, but fundamentally change. Buying patterns are evolving, rapid mobile adoption makes a seamless and consistent multichannel customer service a must, and individual product customisation and shorter lead times are required. Jani Hyppönen, Head of Marketing, Consulting and System Integration Unit, Tieto About Digitalization
  6. 6. We are moving in a direction in which all companies will soon be more or less digital companies. This means that companies won’t have only one service launch or release per year. They will have several, and many companies will have hundreds in which new features and functionalities are released on a continuous basis to fulfill new customer needs and requirements. Erik Johannisson, Head of Marketing, Managed Services, Tieto About Digitalization
  7. 7. The business models that worked before are undergoing a huge change. Industries are looking for alternative business models and new ways to work and serve their customers. Customer behaviour and needs are changing so quickly that companies are having a hard time keeping up with the pace. Mikko Leinonen, Head of Customer Experience Management, Tieto Interactions between technology and behaviour
  8. 8. What are the characteristics of digitalization?
  9. 9. The key is modularity in design and agility in execution. We need to build systems and process that are modular and dynamic enough to keep up with this change. The age of building up large and complex IT systems is over. Manish Kumar, Head Offering Management & Customer Enablement Consulting, Tieto Agile
  10. 10. As everything becomes more and more digitalized, we must consider the privacy and security issues that arise from confidential information being shared within and across companies and even ecosystems. A combination of technology and responsible corporate policies can keep data secure and productivity high. Katarina Segerståhl, Head of Strategic Design, Tieto Connected
  11. 11. It is becoming more and more common for organisations to openly share the challenges they have and ask for external input. For solutions to be relevant to your existing and potential customers, you have to get out of the meeting rooms and embrace the world outside. All industries are now facing challenges connected with the digitalization of reality. Ksenia Avetisova, Lead Consultant, Customer Experience Management, Tieto Co-creative
  12. 12. Instead of choosing a partner with isolated innovation inside the company, look for a partner with a large ecosystem.This will create synergetic value. Partners such as these will help you create a joint vision, develop skills to cooperate with each other and gain mutual trust—and provide you with more robust value than any company can alone. With the right partner, you will experience a journey into a world where value is created. Niraj Sood, Business Development, Tieto Co-creative
  13. 13. Successful change requires bold, long-term thinking, considered and controlled risks, a common strategic intent and the ability to push the boundaries of your comfort zone – all of which can be quite scary. Kim Lindgren, CIO, Tieto Focused
  14. 14. In order to succeed in the future, we need new ideas, inspiration and creativity. Mikko Leinonen, Head of Customer Experience Management, Tieto Innovative
  15. 15. I believe that in the future instead of buying startups, companies should think about collaborating in ecosystems and, in many cases, growing their own businesses, through corporate innovations. Ahmad Qureshi, Head of Technology and Foresight, Tieto Innovative
  16. 16. The discussion about big data has mainly focused on how to manage large amounts of data in a correct way. Now the focus has shifted towards the best way to manage and analyse big data so that it can be of direct use and benefit to commercial enterprises, and in this way it becomes smart data. Jerker Rustan, Head of Global Retail, Logistics and Services, Tieto Insight driven
  17. 17. Rapidly widening industrial internet is what enables you to take the leap to a new level of industrial services that will have an effect on your bottom line and help you survive. The same applies to production—you can have a real-time view on your own production and avoid unplanned production interruptions with predictive maintenance. Jaakko Tapanainen, Head of Manufacturing, Tieto Insight driven
  18. 18. What are the key benefits of digitalization?
  19. 19. We are entering an era in which the commercial stakeholders’ focus is also in making people’s lives easier, more enjoyable and in providing more personalised service. The customer’s voice will require businesses and corporations to act responsibly as data holders and to design the best possible sharing experience. Katarina Segerståhl, Head of Strategic Design, Tieto Superior Customer Experiences
  20. 20. Show a desire to understand your customers, ask the right questions, prove that you are genuinely interested in listening and recommend options that meet your customers’ real needs. Are you only interested in your own products and services or are you also interested in the people who will use them? Teija Kuustonen, Head of Customer Experience Development, Tieto Superior Customer Experiences
  21. 21. To be able to grasp digitalization, today’s business execs need to modernize their entire applications and infrastructure landscape. They need to change the way they think. And if they don’t, they will just die. And that’s the big problem. If you want to survive, you need to modernize. And if you modernize, you will be able to master digitalization, and you will be one of the leaders. The question is, do you want to lead or die? Mahesh Desai, Head of the Large Deals Team, Tieto Operational Benefits
  22. 22. Public sector organisations need to ensure efficient and swift delivery of their projects. Services and people also need to collaborate across institutions and bureaus. With a public sector cloud, we have shown improved productivity in areas such as application development. Efficiency is also very much linked to cost savings and freeing up capital that can be reinvested into innovation and improvement projects. Jouni Laine, Business Development Director, Tieto Operational Benefits
  23. 23. From the executive point of view, the most important incentives for digitalization include improving the customer’s experience, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. All of these are direct business benefits. Kia Haring, Head of Global Communications, Tieto Operational Benefits
  24. 24. Remember: thanks to smartphones and internet access, customers now almost always have high-quality product information at their fingertips. If they can get it from you rather than your competition, so much the better. Tuukka Karjalainen, Solution Manager, eCommerce, Tieto New Opportunities
  25. 25. Continue the dialogue with us! I challenge all businesses and societies to get the most from the benefits of digitalization and take a bold step towards new growth opportunities. Kimmo Alkio, President and CEO, Tieto
  26. 26. Download Accelerating business through digitalization Tieto eBook at
  27. 27. Changing perspectives