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Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business


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“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion”

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Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business

  1. 1. Age Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business BUYER PERSONAS 101:
  2. 2. 2 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. Introduction In his landmark book How To Win Friends And Influence People, published in 1936, Dale Carnegie used fishing as a metaphor for persuading people to take the action you want them to. He mentioned that he loved strawberries and cream, but that fish prefer worms. He didn’t try to catch fish with strawberries and cream, he didn’t call the fish stupid because they preferred worms, he simply used worms when he went fishing. When you and I are trying to “catch” customers, if we are going to be successful, we won’t try to lure them with what we want, we’ll attract them with the “bait” they want, that they find appealing. What appeals to us in this situation is irrelevant. Accurately developed customer personas will help you “lure” more prospects into buying your product, if you use them properly in your marketing. By tailoring your message specifically to the persona, you can powerfully use one of the most effective copywriting techniques available – writing to “an audience of one”. Indeed, you need to target your copy and content, including the words on your vitally important landing pages, to a specific persona. When you market specifically to a well-defined persona, instead of a large, nebulous crowd, you can dramatically increase your sales and your ROI. In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can leverage the power of customer personas to increase your conversion rates.
  3. 3. 3 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. Chapter 1: What is Customer Persona Chapter 2: How do I Create Personas Chapter 3: The Competitive Persona Chapter 4: The Spontaneous Persona Chapter 5: The Methodical Persona Chapter 6: The Humanist Persona Final Chapter: So Where do I Begin? 04 06 09 14 20 24 28 Chapters
  5. 5. 5 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. What is a Customer Persona The customer persona has been described as “the ideal profile of a potential buyer or user”. or also you can find it as the “fictional representation of the qualities of your ideal clients” This definition includes basic information like demographics and job title, but it goes deeper than a simple customer profile by including wants, needs and business goals. Buyer personas paint a more complete portrait of ideal clients. However, it’s easier to recognize the importance of buyer personas than it is to actually put them into practice. Quality buyer personas can guide your content marketing efforts in the right direction. But too generic personas can result in lackluster content that doesn’t give website visitors a compelling reason to convert.
  6. 6. HOW DO I CREATE PERSONAS? Chapter 2
  7. 7. 7 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. Well it’s complex and time consuming. Said so, is a one time job that will give you an edge over your competitors. The secret is to identify the BEHAVIORAL variables and link them to goals and motivations. Having this is a cheat guide to succeed in our business These are the 3 steps to build them: Research First of all you need to make your own research, where you have to identify the main roles, try to arranged an interview with you stakeholders, do some surveys. You need to get all the information to build a Persona. Modeling Now it’s time to analyze all this information, you need to get some conclusions. You’re suppose to be able to identify behaviors, goals, personalities. You should be close to create the Personas behind your visits. Implement You made the research, you analyzed that information, now it’s time to get in action! You have to implement everything you got before. Design your main scenarios,attached Persona’s goals with the business’s goals. Identify what elements needs each persona to achieve their goals. More clear, now you have everything you need to create your Persuasion strategy: How to seduce each persona. So this is how you create Personas: RESEARCH DATA + ANALYSIS + HUMAN PRESENTATION But... How do I Create Personas?
  8. 8. 8 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. EY! I don’t have all that time! OK, that was awesome! But… I either not have the time, the resources, or the need! of such a detail or complex work. Am I still eligible to work with this cool technique? Of course! We still have a lot to do. Depending on your needs, there are 2 approaches we can use. Let’s see each one of them. 1. Goal Oriented “Personas” The goal oriented personas is a very easy framework. Modeling is based on the task that the user performs. Ask yourself: What users come to do to my website? Don’t try to change user´s visit intent. Use it at your favor, help him to achieve it and be smart in how to seduce him. At least you’ll have a chance: Not doing will lead to an certain exit. 2. Bryan Eisenberg’s model: The 4 Buying Personas There are some typical personas that you can always find, so you can work on it without doing the specific work we said before. Bryan Eisenberg, made this model where he explains that understanding the Four Personas is crucial to keeping prospects on your website and converting them to sales. Let’s see in the following chapters the characteristics of each of them and what you can do to convert them. We will talk about: A - Competitive B - Spontaneous C - Methodical D - Humanistic
  10. 10. 10 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. As the name implies, the competitive persona is well…competitive! He wants things done his way. He craves a feeling of control. He wants a “leg up”. He wants an advantage over his competitors. So it’s very important that you show him how your product or service can give this advantage to him, if it can. Typically, the competitive persona is looking for ways to improve his skills and abilities. By all means, tell him exactly how you can help him do that. Tell him specifically how he will benefit when he invests in your offering. Of course, you want to tell all of your readers how they will benefit from doing business with you,regardless of which persona they fit into, but this talk of benefits will resonate especially well with the competitive persona. When you are marketing to this persona, avoid copy and content that focuses on you and your company (with an exception we’ll discuss in a moment). Focus your message on him. Work extra hard in your marketing efforts to make competitive types feel important. Are You Qualified? The competitive persona sees himself as being highly competent and wants to do business with qualified vendors. He requires a high degree of convincing before he’ll buy from you. He demands proof that you are qualified to give him what he wants. So you’ll want to show him as much proof as you can that you are indeed qualified. Use reams of testimonials in your marketing – not vague ones, but detailed, very specific testimonials with numbers and statistics about how your product has The Competitive Persona
  11. 11. 11 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. performed for others. And (here’s the exception from a moment ago) although you still want your message to focus primarily on him and how you can help him, you need to spend some time talking about yourself and your qualifications and why he would want to choose you over another vendor. “Members of this group want the best option. Explain to him the ways your product is the best.” The competitive persona tends to have a high website bounce rate. He likes to get to the point and typically won’t respond to messaging that is long and drawn out. Make your copy and content aimed at this group brief and succinct. “Give Me The Bottom Line!” When they buy, they tend to be in a hurry and want to get quickly to the bottom line, not just in terms of the price, but also how your product will help him accomplish his goals. Competitive persona types hate inefficient processes, so make your online buying procedure as quick and streamlined as possible for them. “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion” Dale Carnegie Members of this group are usually quick decision makers and tend to be more logical in their decision making process than the spontaneous or humanistic personality types. But remember this: even though many competitive types would probably not admit to it, their buying decisions are influenced by emotion. People, including those who tend to be more logical, make buying decisions based on emotion, to one degree or another. “The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions” Donald Caine
  12. 12. 12 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. So, in your marketing messages to the competitive persona, weave in the emotions that will resonate with him, that will make him anxious to take action. What are some of the emotional motivators this personality type feel when making a buying decision? I think we can all agree they crave a feeling of importance. And this feeling is loaded with emotion. They are goal-oriented and relish a feeling of accomplishment. Their emotional motivators include pride, longing and fear. Think about it; if he’s competitive and goal-oriented, and he’s looking to you to help him reach his goals and get ahead of his competitors, he fears (on some level) losing. He’ll feel a sense of pride when he accomplishes his challenging goal. And he’ll feel longing for what he wants but doesn’t yet have. So target him with copy that will address his fears and then ease them by showing how you can help him win. Talk in glowing terms about the pride he will feel after he invests in your product, and it helps him reach his goal. And tell him how your product can help him get things he wants. The competitive personality type likes and welcomes challenges, so feel free to issue a challenge to him in your messaging. One of the most successful sales letters in marketing history was deployed by American Express to sell readers on applying for Card membership. It began by issuing a challenge: Dear Mr. Smith, Quite frankly, the American Express Card is not for everyone. And not everyone who applies for Card membership is approved… This challenge worked as a marketing tactic. American Express used this letter from 1976- 1988. It’s believed – based on projections of the amount of charges made to AMEX cards that readers of the letter signed up for – to be responsible for over $1 billion of revenue. Don’t be afraid to issue a challenge to the competitive personality type. It just might help your marketing campaign be very successful. Even though he probably sees himself as being logical, you can use strong emotions in your copy to motivate him to buy your product.
  13. 13. 13 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. Remember what we said earlier about “fishing” with the right “bait”. You need to tailor your message to the persona you are trying to reach. The competitive persona is no exception to this rule. When you are trying to reach this type, you need to market specifically to him regardless of which marketing tools you use; this includes your landing pages. The copywriting and content marketing rules you would follow when trying to convert the competitive persona from a reader to a customer need to be followed here. What Can I do to Convert Them With my Landing Pages? This type wants to make a quick decision and doesn’t require a lot of information to help him make it. Choose a landing page template that is uncluttered. Avoid any irrelevant or unnecessary graphics or images. Keep your landing page content brief and on point. Talk about how you will help him solve a problem, reach a goal, improve his performance at his job, etc. Show him why you are the best option for his needs and why he should choose you over other vendors. You have to use triggers like “new”, ”exclusive”, “just arrived”. Also works using rankings, third experts reviews, use comparative data like 30% faster. And remember this: even though he tends to be more logical than some other personality types, he’s still human. His buying decisions are influenced by his emotions. His emotional motivators include fear, pride and longing.
  15. 15. 15 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. As you might have guessed by the name, the spontaneous persona tends to make buying decisions quickly, on the “spur of the moment” and tends to make these decisions while being strongly influenced by various emotions. As we discussed in the previous chapter, people, regardless of which of the four persona categories they fall into, make buying decisions to one degree or another based on emotion. But the spontaneous persona is highly driven by it, much more so than the competitive or methodical personas. The emotional triggers that drive him include frustration, embarrassment, hope, excitement and validation (a feeling of importance). Write copy that addresses the specific emotions he’s feeling – the ones related to the problem he’s facing, the problem your product can solve for him. This will make him more likely to buy from you. When a spontaneous type sees something he wants, he wants it now! He doesn’t want to take a long time to deliberate or weigh his options. Not only does he buy based heavily on emotion, he is often influenced by outside factors and other people. He is easily persuaded by thought leaders, cultural icons and celebrities, maybe the latest popular Hollywood actor. He could be easily influenced by someone he admires who acts as a spokesman for the product in question. This is especially true if this “hero” has used the product to overcome the same problem he’s facing and is tired of dealing with. He is also influenced by “word of mouth” marketing. He can be “pre-sold” or “unsold” by his friends or social networks. The Spontaneous Persona
  16. 16. 16 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. Strategies for Marketing to the Spontaneous Persona Remember that the spontaneous persona is trying very hard, maybe to the point of desperation to solve a problem or reach a cherished goal, a goal or problem that he was probably struggling with long before he heard of your product. And keep in mind that he buys largely based on his emotions. He buys so quickly because he wants to see a solution to his problem or progress toward his dream as soon as possible. If your product can indeed help him get the quick results he wants, tell him this. And reinforce in your copy how enjoyable it will be to see results soon, not “someday”. Because the spontaneous persona is so easily influenced by his friends and social networks, you will want to have a strong social media presence for your product. “You can use social media to share success stories about your current customers enjoying the benefits of your product, especially video testimonials with a strong emotional hook.” The spontaneous buyer doesn’t want to have to make an in-depth decision. So don’t offer him a lot of choices. Make his buying decision as quick and simple as possible. A Powerful But Often Overlooked Marketing Tool When marketing to him, use the very powerful, but often ignored, marketing tool that is storytelling. Yes, storytelling! People, not just spontaneous types, pay attention to stories. It’s almost like we are mentally “hardwired” to respond to them. Stories, especially emotional ones into which the reader can easily project himself are
  17. 17. 17 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. a very powerful way to sell products. So use them when marketing to the spontaneous persona. Benefits are powerful in copywriting. But take it a step further. Don’t just give him a list of the benefits of the product. “Paint a vivid “word picture” in which the spontaneous type can see himself enjoying the lifestyle or pleasant emotions these benefits make possible.” Here’s an example that will help illustrate this point. It’s often been said as a marketing axiom; “People don’t buy the drill, they buy the hole in the wall”. True. But on a deeper level, they are buying the sense of pride they will feel when they put a picture of their beloved family on the hook that they have put into that hole. Make sense? Keep this in mind when selling to emotional, spontaneous types. They don’t care about your “drill”. They care somewhat about the benefit that is the “hole”. But they care deeply and passionately about the feeling they will experience when they look at the picture of their family your “drill” let them hang on the wall. Since the spontaneous buyer is in such a hurry to start using your product, here’s something for you to keep in mind if you are selling a physical product that he won’t take possession of right away: • Don’t make him wait a long time to get your product in his hands after he purchases it. • If there is any assembly or product setup required, make it as simple, quick and self- explanatory as possible. • Also, offer first-rate customer support after the purchase. • You want his positive emotions that led him to buy your product to continue after he buys it. This will make him glad he bought from you and will make him more likely to buy again in the future.
  18. 18. 18 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. A Caution About Marketing to the Spontaneous Personality Type When someone is spontaneous and very emotional by nature and is in “buying mode”, he is vulnerable. And he can easily fall prey to unscrupulous marketers trying to take advantage of him. Your spontaneous prospects have a problem they’re hoping your product can solve, or a goal they hope you can help them accomplish. If you market to them effectively, chances are they will buy. But be very careful to only offer very high quality products from which they can benefit in a big way. Go for the win-win. Seek to only be involved in transactions where you and the customer gain. Immediately after the sale, reinforce to the spontaneous persona (this is a good idea for you to follow with all of your buyers) the benefits he’ll gain from his decision. Send him a thank you email telling him this, and laying the groundwork for future sales. Keep in mind that when someone buys spontaneously, he is more likely to have “buyer’s remorse” afterwards. Offer him an ironclad, money-back guarantee if he is unhappy with his purchase for any reason. What Can I do to Convert Them With my Landing Pages? As we discussed earlier, the spontaneous persona buys quickly and under a strong emotional influence. Unlike the competitive persona, he doesn’t require a lot of product details and specifications as “proof”. So although you want to use your landing page copy to reinforce any decision he’s already made to buy your product, you don’t have to include a lot of “logic”. You can use more of your landing page space to fire up and maintain the emotions that will possibly lead him to buy.
  19. 19. 19 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. And since he is in a hurry, your landing page message doesn’t need to be as long and detailed as it would need to be with a methodical (more logical, cautious and slow in making decisions) persona. Use trigger words like : “Now”, “Limited offer”. Try with scarcity and urgency strategies, use videos with product in action. You always need to know what is trendy. It’s not often that you need so much landing page copy that it becomes a multipage letter, but with the spontaneous persona – who is in a hurry to buy – try not to have any part of your copy below the fold.
  20. 20. THE METODICAL PERSONA Chapter 5
  21. 21. 21 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. As you might have already guessed, the methodical persona goes about the process of buying very carefully and deliberately. Each of the four personas can be categorized on whether they tend to be emotional or logical and fast or slow in their buying habits. The methodical persona can be classified as both slow and logical in his buying decisions. In order to reach him, you need to keep this in mind and market accordingly. In other words, don’t rush him through the buying process. He wants to take his time and consider his decision from a number of different angles. Give him plenty of marketing content to read, and don’t be afraid to make it wordy and lengthy. Make your marketing copy and content very detailed. Include lots of specifications and facts about your product. Also, show him proof that your marketing claims are true. He’s skeptical by nature. If your content only makes stupendous claims that you can’t back up, he won’t buy from you. Proof, Proof And More Proof! We can’t emphasize this point enough. You need to show the methodical persona proof that your claims are true. Avoid marketing “fluff” like cute slogans; focus on facts instead. Include plenty of visual proof like charts and graphs in your content. And when you talk about benefits, focus on specifics. In your benefit statements, give him numerical examples of how your product will benefit him. The Methodical Persona
  22. 22. 22 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. Don’t say “It will save you money”. Say “It will save you $2,543 per year”. Likewise, when you are showing him testimonials from your current very happy clients, offer testimonials with numbers and other specific, believable details. For example, show testimonials like this: “The XYZ premium deluxe model reduced our manufacturing costs by 27.43% last year” Bob Claymore, Division Manufacturing Manager, Acme Corporation, San Antonio, TX DO NOT try to win over the methodical persona (or any of your prospects for that matter) with testimonials like this: “It was awesome!” Bob C. Do you notice the big, big difference between these two examples? Put yourself in the shoes of the methodical personality type for a moment. Which of these two testimonials would you be much more likely to respond to? The methodical persona is arguably the most difficult type to persuade and convert, and he doesn’t want to be rushed. Like we mentioned earlier, give him plenty of detailed, fact-rich content to read. Let him take his time reading it and making his decision. Don’t rush him. Don’t place your calls to action too early in your content. Something to Remember Even though the methodical persona can be generally classified as “slow and logical” in his decision making habits, he’s still human. He has emotions. And these emotions affect his buying decisions, although probably not as much as they would if he were of the spontaneous or humanistic persona.
  23. 23. 23 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. So what are the dominant emotional motivators felt by the methodical persona type? This list includes security, trust and control. He wants to be confident he is making the right decision, and is often fearful of making a wrong one. He wants to be convinced he’s dealing with competent professionals with high quality products and services that will live up to claims made about them. He wants to feel like he’s directing the buying process, not being pushed by marketers and salespeople anxious to rack up another commission. What Can I do to Convert Them With my Landing Pages? The methodical persona craves a lot of detailed content when he is making his buying decisions. He is an ideal candidate for a multi-stage content campaign that includes case studies, white papers, email marketing and webinars. And a most effective tool for marketers to use to help persuade prospects to sign up for content, as well as a great tool to capture leads, including the methodical persona, is the landing page. But remember to keep your landing pages consistent in tone and feel with the rest of your marketing pieces. The methodical persona likes order and precision. He hates chaos and disorganization. So you should follow the follow tips: • Keep your landing page design simple and uncluttered. • Don’t include any graphics not directly related to your message. • Offer plenty of facts and proof on your landing pages as you attempt to convert him at the critical moment of truth. • Include relevant, fact-filled, specific testimonials. Video testimonials are a powerful tool to use as marketing proof. • Use comparison tools and detailed facts sheets . The most data the better • Include expert reviews and don´t try to trick them, they’ll read any small letter of your promos.
  24. 24. THE HUMANISTIC PERSONA Chapter 6
  25. 25. 25 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. Each of the four personas can be classified based on whether they tend to make buying decisions quickly or slowly and whether they tend to be more logical vs. more emotional in their buying decisions. The humanistic personality type tends to make slow, drawn-out buying decisions influenced more by emotion than by logic. You will want to adjust your marketing approach and map out your content and copywriting strategy accordingly. Humanistic types don’t view buying from a strictly transactional perspective. They highly value relationships with the vendors they buy from. They love being included as part of a community of like-minded product enthusiasts. You can help lay the groundwork for marketing to them successfully by setting up and nurturing an online community – whether through social media, an online discussion forum, or both – and inviting them to be part of it. Marketing to the Humanistic Persona All of your prospects, regardless of which persona category they fit into, are human. And humans are emotional. Their emotions affect their buying decisions, even if they fall into the more logic-oriented (methodical and competitive) persona categories. Humanistic types tend to be very much driven by emotion as they make their buying decisions. One of the main emotional drivers for many, perhaps all people, is validation.This is especially true with the humanistic personality type. He longs to feel valued; he responds positively to marketers who show that they value having him as a customer. A very effective way to show the humanistic The Humanistic Persona
  26. 26. 26 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. type that you value him is to offer a special discount or other buying incentive. When the humanistic persona is reading your marketing materials, he’s asking himself certain questions, even if he’s only asking them subconsciously. These questions include 1. “How will buying and using this product make me feel?” 2. “Can I trust the people in this company?” 3. “Who else uses this company’s products?” If you will answer these questions and others like them in your marketing content to his satisfaction, you can strongly influence the humanistic persona and make him much more likely to buy from you. Let’s address these three questions and consider some content strategies you can use that will resonate with the humanistic persona: 1. “How will buying and using this product make me feel?” Stories are a very powerful, effective content marketing and copywriting tool that many marketers ignore or outright dismiss as being “old fashioned” or “unsophisticated”. Don’t make this mistake! To answer this question and powerfully persuade the humanistic persona, offer him stories about your product and how it helped others like him overcome a nagging problem. Make your stories more emotional than logical in tone and feel. Write stories in which he can see himself as the hero. Make it easy for him to see himself enjoying the same kind of end result your very satisfied customers have enjoyed. Tell him about the benefits he’ll enjoy, but take it a step further. “Paint” a vivid, emotion- drenched “word picture” that allows him, in his mind, to easily place himself into the story. If possible, make it a story that shows him enjoying the lifestyle your product enables. This is much more powerful than just making a bullet point list of benefits, don’t you agree?
  27. 27. 27 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. 2. “Can I trust the people in this company?” Your prospect will ask himself this question. Prove to him that the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” This is very important to the humanistic persona. Here are a couple of content ideas that can help you answer this question and show him that he can trust you: Produce case studies that show your product has solved the problem he’s facing for other customers of yours. Remember to include emotional stories that will give him a strong indication about how he can expect to feel after he invests in and begins to use your product. Offer him testimonials from your current, very satisfied customers. Make these testimonials rich with factual details and specific numbers to back up your claims. And like you will do with your case studies and other marketing content aimed at the humanistic persona, show how investing in and using your product made your current customers feel. 3. “Who else uses this company’s products?” This question can be answered by your case studies and testimonials. And since the humanistic persona values relationships and the human touch, use a tool that may make your testimonials even stronger. What tool is that? Video. As powerful as solid written testimonials are, video testimonials may be even stronger. 52% of consumers say that video makes them more confident about buying a product. Because of this, and because the humanistic persona desires the human touch in his buying activities, it stands to reason that video testimonials will resonate strongly with him. Extra Tip Use Trigger words as: “trendy”, “popular”, “satisfied”. Show them “what others purchased”, allow them to mark products as favorite and wish lists.Ask for feedback: Will love to help. Make stories, show them your values and important facts like: “Our first shop”, “Why our logo”, etc.
  28. 28. SO... WHERE DO I BEGIN? Final Chapter
  29. 29. 29 Buyer Personas 101: Identifying the Perfect Customer for your Business 2015. All Rights Reserved. So Where do I Begin? As you’ve learned you need to create your own Website Personas, but we know that the most difficult thing is always starting. Let’s sum up and write down the most important steps you need to take. Well let’s begin doing some interviews with your customer and your prospects, you can meet with your service team to get involve with your customers like. This is a must! You need to know your customer, what he or she wants. Also you can start an online survey to find out what people is coming to do to your Website. Once you’ve done that, you should know by now really well your customers, and be able to identify the main roles accessing to your website. So now ask yourself: Am I optimized for each one of them? And if you don’t have time to do all this work, now that you know the most typical kind of Personas, you can apply the 4 buying personalities model to your landing pages. Remember always check and see if you are impacting all personalities. Now you have all you need to start using Personas into your Landing Pages, making the correct content for each one of them will make a change in your conversion rate. You’re ready to start building the correct content for each Persona.
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