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Drugs & the Dark Net


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Presentation given at Bray Drugs Awareness Conference 2014

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Drugs & the Dark Net

  1. 1. Tim Bingham Researcher emerging drug trends and on-line drug market places. 26th November 2014 Bray Drugs Awareness Conference DRUGS & THE DARK NET
  2. 2. The ‘Deep Web’ is a secure and confidential communication lines by encryption of computer IP addresses using Tor anonymising software or web proxy to the Tor network ( ). There is a shift toward widespread global availability of all drugs which is evident in the recent online presence of drug marketplaces
  3. 3. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE DRUGS AND THE HIDDEN WEB • • 2009 The drug store A Figment Of Your Imagination Binary Blue Stars Open Vendor Data Base Tor Browser launched 2002 Feb 2011 Silk Road
  4. 4. The launch of Silk Road as a competing public drug site was a challenge to the viability of OVDB, and particularly as Silk Road received significant publicity and attention. Traffic to the site ‘soared’ and ‘demand for the virtual currency drove up the value of one bitcoin to more than $30’ within weeks of the article’s publication Norris & Moses (2011)
  5. 5. Silk Road Vendors Advertising Page
  6. 6. OCTOBER 2013
  7. 7. NOVEMBER 2013
  8. 8. WHERE ARE WE NOW 2014
  9. 9. A DECENTRALISED MARKETPLACE one owns the network 2. platform for people to manage their own trade online 3. No Commission and No Fees
  10. 10. HARM REDUCTION Users and sellers alike can have the freedom to be open and express themselves in ways that are impossible in real life’. Provided a space where people could discuss drug safety, optimal dosing and harm reduction. It creates a community of individuals sharing their experiences and knowledge on harm reduction information in a non-judgemental environment where people felt safe to discuss drug related issues due to the anonymity of Tor. Matt Gleeson Stonetreeaus
  11. 11. •Relationships between vendors and consumers are based on cyber levels of trust and professionalism, and supported by ‘stealth modes’, user feedback and resolution modes. •‘The advantage of Silkroad is your reputation is open to all. If you mess someone around its reflected in your feedback and ratings’. (Silk Road Vendor)
  12. 12. •Vendors on the market places able to offer higher quality products than those generally available on the street. •Online drug distribution removes many of the middlemen involved in conventional drug supply chains •Posted directly from producers to consumers. •Customer feedback plays a crucial role in regulating online drug markets
  13. 13. •These market places also have the benefit of reducing the presence of visible, open air drug markets and reducing the risk of violence as the drugs are sourced with anonymity with greater levels of accountability when purchased. •There are new opportunities for drug services to interact with individuals who are accessing these sites because as I observed they are often isolated from mainstream drug services
  14. 14. THANK YOU •Tim Bingham •Email •086 389 3530 •Twitter @binghaminfo