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Continuous Deployment to the Cloud using Spinnaker


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In our quest to get to production faster, we've tackled culture, architecture and infrastructure: organizing ourselves in cross-functional DevOps teams, embracing microservice architectures, and deploying to the various clouds out there. Along the way we’ve learned some best practices about how to deploy software at velocity — things like automated releases, immutable infrastructure, gradual rollouts and fast rollbacks.

Back in 2014, Netflix started building Spinnaker, an open-source multi-cloud continuous delivery platform that embodied these core principles of safe, frequent and reliable releases. In June Spinnaker 1.0 was released, with core contributions from Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Pivotal to name a few.

Built on Spring Boot, its architecture is surprisingly familiar. During this session we'll give you a tour of how Spinnaker works, how we are using it at our clients, as well as what it could do for your continuous delivery pipeline.

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Continuous Deployment to the Cloud using Spinnaker

  1. 1. Continuous Deployment to the Cloud using Spinnaker
  2. 2. Moving to CLOUD Infrastructure
  4. 4. ADOPTING MICROSERVIC E Architectures
  5. 5. Lessons Learned
  6. 6. Deployment Frequency Exploded
  7. 7. Cloud Deployments are Complex Change Change Change Change SVC 1 SVC 2 SVC 3 Provider A Zone X Provider B Zone Y Provider C Zone Z
  8. 8. Easy Rollbacks are Important
  9. 9. Deploy during the Right Timeframes
  10. 10. CD Principles
  11. 11. Immutable Infrastructure • We want the process of building, testing, deploying and validating to be as deterministic as possible • We want repeatability and predictability across environments • Through baking/building images
  12. 12. Deployment Strategies
  13. 13. Automation
  14. 14. Operational Integration DEPLOY OPERATE
  15. 15. Enter Spinnaker
  16. 16. Container Engine App Engine Compute Engine
  17. 17. Internal Structure
  18. 18. Orca Front50 Spring Boot at its core Gate Clouddriver Rosc o Fiat Deck Echo Igor Halyard
  19. 19. Useful Features
  20. 20. Halyard • Configuration & deployment lifecycle management tool • Install, upgrade, configure, validate your Spinnaker installation • Works with Bill of Materials (BOM)
  21. 21. Planning
  22. 22. Planning
  23. 23. Chaos Monkey
  24. 24. Canary Analysis
  25. 25. Difference with Terraform / CloudFormation Spinnaker’s strengths lay in its ability to orchestrate deployment workflows with infrastructure. Terraform [& CloudFormation] shine at the management of cloud primitives. -- Brandon Leach, Lookout
  26. 26. Coming up • Canary strategy • Rolling blue green strategy • Declarative CD – config as code • Operational monitoring for Spinnaker