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Mobile Trends 2014 for Travel and Tourism


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An overview of the trends in mobile for 2014, and how they influence travel and tourism.

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Mobile Trends 2014 for Travel and Tourism

  1. 1. Mobile trends 2014 for travel & tourism Tine Thygesen @tahitahi &
  2. 2. Everplaces Global travel community, most authentic design & foodie travel tips TripTale
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  3. 3. 52% consumers used mobile device to book travel. Laptop 48%. Mobile Marketer, March13
  4. 4. 1. Planning 17% of global web traffic comes from mobile Mashable, August 2013
  5. 5. 1. Planning A lot of planning, inspiration and booking starts on mobile
  6. 6. But mobile isn’t as hard as it looks
  7. 7. There are goals... Engage Interact and communicate to turn interest into bookings Service core info, loyalty, assist as to get shares Awareness campaigns and push to get eyeballs and there are channels... Own pages web apps Social profiles Facebook, Google Plus Travel site profiles TripAdvisor Others’ pages, apps Maps Google, Apple Print Publications, brochures Tourism Centers In person, interactive Mobile is “just” another channel. So it’s not a product to push in itself, it’s a service rendered
  8. 8. loyalty awarenessMobile web ‣ Awareness, make sure the 20% that access your info via mobile can read it Loyalty Awareness Mobile apps ‣ Offline! ‣ Best for in-destination vs
  9. 9. Mobile is great for creating fans 52% use apps in-destination ‣ 94% research things to do ‣ 75% search for restaurants ‣ 80% for maps and directions Loyalty ‣ Reward core customers ‣ Encourage sharing
  10. 10. Trends: How will mobile impact travel
  11. 11. 1: On-the-go becomes bigger, most of these late bookings will be made on mobile For hotels already 65% of late bookings are via mobile, for flights 15%. Las Vegas already gets 30% of all bookings from mobile. Biggest days are Fri-Sat, so it’s weekend trips People will travel less prepared, with shorter notice. Their discovery, planning and booking moves to mobile.
  12. 12. 2: Your most important job becomes to provide internet Unbiased validation, reviews, user generated content, word of mouth and social becomes even more important. Therefore, it must be possible to share everywhere, instantly!
  13. 13. maps 3: Maps become a communication platform Because people want contextual information they navigate and research via the maps Google and Apple maps becomes place to find opening hours, links and prices Social geo networks like Yelp, Foursquare, Everplaces become more used to filter info Exact location inside buildings now possible Commerce moves to maps
  14. 14. 4: Service and problems are helped immediately, on location via mobile Inform as the problem happens, cancellations, delays, waiting times Rebooking and in trouble assistance directly in app Advanced notifications, contextual and geo; like happy hour, event notifications, deals Improved service due to mobile, like at Starbucks
  15. 15. 5: Payments become easy, and we pay for different things Pay with mobile is now almost ready for mainstream Order food and drink without waiting for the waitress Mobile purchase to jump the queue at attractions, cinemas, etc. Check-in on mobile, all is ready as you get there Less margin on hotel and attractions so up-sell becomes important; tours, rental, spa, practical, restaurant Premium on time: book hotel only during day, late checkout
  16. 16. 6: More authentic and detailed communication Advertising must be served together with UGC to provide trusted information, people no longer trust unqualified statements You won’t only book room type, but also floor plan, position at hotel, see pictures of all details
  17. 17. 1) New paradigm: DMOs become more content curators than content creators 2) More flexible IT systems and providers Here are some hacks... Short cuts to an effective digital presence
  18. 18. Technology should not be a burden, but a help! Choose IT suppliers who are flexible. It’s now common with several tech providers. Optimal scenario is for systems to be integrated, so everything is automatic. Bring dynamic info into your site: - Feeds into apps and website from streams, Instagram, Twitter. Now possible to get admin power to delete undesirable images. - Embeds of content and ratings from external content providers. Should be automatically updated.
  19. 19. App pulls in automatic feed from an Instagram hashtag. New: It’s now possible to build a filter function so you can delete undesirable images.
  20. 20. Optimize content already made, spread it. - Widgets: Send into partner websites Make your content collections available making widgets they can embed. Great to spread the word and for partners to take responsibility. - Widgets: Turn into interactive displays Rather than investing in expensive on-destination solutions, use iPads and projectors to showcase maps and information. Can be done by partners too. - Integration: Send directly into apps. Like Everplaces integration with TellUs/ New Mind so apps talk directly to database All the above can be combined with blogs to make quick and dirty campaign landing pages.
  21. 21. showcase: EP into wordpress blog instagram into german app widget onto wall DAC Interactive display, controllable by a mouse
  22. 22. Widget shows content from Everplaces on blogger’s own WordPress blog Could also be on a website, and display places by image.
  23. 23. Be mobile on others’ pages and apps - Other people’s apps: Be included in event apps, supply content to partner apps (ferries, campsites, hotels), and NTOs. When should you make own apps? ‣ Info that only you would share ‣ Core local information, not out there ‣ Brand control - Location based networks: Key priority this year is Apple and Google Maps. Other sources that are often fed to multiple sites are Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, TomTom
  24. 24. By Tine Thygesen, @tahitahi Thank you! Considering an app for your business? Contact for great help! &