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5000 home10 | Employment RestructurinG E.U. Employment Restructuring Report Europe Q3 2012

5000 home10 | Employment RestructurinG report | European union edition Q3 2012 contents 0 summary Manufacturing Financial services Transport /storage Information/communicationUtilities Retail Construction administration & defence Public Administration Education Mining /social work servicesOther services Health Professional Hotels/restaurants 01 EU Labour market trends 02 EU member state labour trends 03 most heavily impacted sectors 04 reasons total reported european job losses by sector (Q2 2012) for announced job losses 05 european labour market 30,000 outlook 27,143 06 major job layoffs 25,000 announced in europe 07 major job creations 20,000 announced in europe about this 15,000 report 11,973 10,063 9,555 10,000 6,548 5,000 2,727 2,275 1,943 1,635 1,289 400 183 160 100 70 0 Manufacturing Transport /storage Financial services Retail Information/ communication Construction Utilities Public administration & defence Administration Education Mining Health/social work Professional services Hotels/restaurants Other services Source: European Restructuring Monitor (ERM), European Monitoring Centre on Change The contraction in manufacturing reflects the wider global picture, with China’s manufacturing output easing, and US manufacturing at a standstill.

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