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SHARING OPINIONS ABOUT WORK ON The Rise of Social Media for Professional & Personal Use

SHARING OPINIONS ABOUT WORK ON SOCIAL MEDIA (BY region)Å The blurring of this line betweenwork and personal life is highlighted Do you believeviews acceptable Region) opinions about your work with friends and colleagues on social media? (% Yes by region) Exchanging it is on work (by to shareby the finding that almost one-quarter 40%(24%) feel it is acceptable to shareopinions about work with friendsand colleagues on social media.It is apparent that the APAC region 30%has a consistently more tolerant andliberal approach to social media andthe manner in which it is used. More All countriesthan one-third (36%) in the APAC 20%region believe it is acceptable to shareopinions about work with friends andcolleagues on social media. This rateof approval is more than twice the level 10%in the Americas, and approximatelyone-third higher than in EMEA. 0% AMERICAS EMEA APAC Regional differences may be attributed in part to the generational composition of the survey samples, with the APAC region having a larger proportion of Gen Y respondents.Kelly Global Workforce Index™ 13