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INCLINATION TO SEARCH FOR JOBS The Rise of Social Media for Professional & Personal Use

INCLINATION TO SEARCH FOR JOBS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA (BY GENERATION)Å More individuals are now utilizing Preference forbe more inclined toMedia (by generation) social media than traditional methods Would you Job Search on Social search for jobs viavarious social media platforms (e.g., newspaper advertisements, online job boards, or recruitment companies)? (% Yes by generation)as part of their job search.Overall, more than one-quarter (30%) aremore inclined to search for jobs via socialmedia rather than through traditionalmethods such as newspapers, online GEN Y GEN X BABY BOOMERSjob boards and recruitment firms.The younger generations, Gen Y (32%)and Gen X (30%), are more likelyto do so, as compared to the oldergenerations (Baby Boomers 26%). 32% 30% 26%Kelly Global Workforce Index™ 19