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ConclusionWhen Worlds CollideOverall, workers see The Rise of Social Media for Professional & Personal Use

ConclusionWhen Worlds CollideOverall, workers see social media as something personal.In some cases, they feel it is an entitlement or a personal right.Many are using their networks to make career decisions, andmore and more are using it to search for jobs.Most workers agree that current and environment than EMEA and, particularly,potential employers shouldn’t have the the Americas. In APAC, social media hasright to get too close. Employees can see a high degree of acceptance, but workerspotential pitfalls ahead if their two worlds have a distinct distaste for employer access.intermingle. Indeed, in some jurisdictions Equally important, a significant shareit is not permissible to use this personal, of people acknowledge the negativeprivate content for employment purposes. productivity that flows from social media inIt is also clear that geographic location has the workplace, something that highlightsa significant bearing on the manner in which the unprecedented challenge for employerssocial media is adopted as part of workplace and employees in reconciling the publicculture. The APAC region is a vastly different and private worlds of social media.Kelly Global Workforce Index™ 24