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contents Section 1: Section 2: The Rise of Social Media for Professional & Personal Use

contents Section 1: Section 2: Section 3: 4 Introduction 7 Introduction 15 Introduction 5 Personal Use of Social Media 8 Productivity Impact of Social 16 Current Employer Rights at Work (by Generation) Media (by Generation) (by Generation) 6 Personal Use of Social Media 9 Productivity Impact of Social 17 Current Employer Rights (by Region) at Work (by Region) Media (by Region) 18 Prospective Employer 10 Mixing Personal and Professional Rights (by Region) Connections (by Generation) 19 Inclination to Search for Jobs via 11 Mixing Personal and Professional Social Media (by Generation) Connections (by Region) 20 Inclination to Search for Jobs 12 Sharing Opinions About Work on via Social Media (by Region) Social Media (by Generation) 21 Inclination to Search for Jobs via 13 Sharing Opinions About Work Social Media (by Industry) on Social Media (by Region) 22 Using Social Network for Career/ 14 Banning Social Media Usage at Employment Decisions (by Region) Work (by Region and Generation) 23 Importance of Employer’s Presence on Social Media (by Region) 24 ConclusionThe Kelly Global Workforce Index 2012The 2012 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) This second installment of the 2012 KGWI The views of respondents demonstrate the sheer of the workplace, with an emphasis on thebrings together the findings from almost 170,000 findings demonstrates the enormous challenges scale of the task faced by business executives in three main workforce generations—Gen Y (agerespondents from 30 countries. It shows the results and opportunities being thrust on the adopting optimum social media strategies, and in 19-30), Gen X (age 31-48) and Baby Boomersof diverse forces impacting the contemporary world of work as a result of the proliferation reconciling tensions over issues such as privacy, (age 49-66). The survey captures theworkplace, including generational and geographic of social media—Internet forums, blogs, monitoring, and use of social media in recruitment. views of workers across the Americas,diversity, technology, employee empowerment, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and hundreds As in previous years, the 2012 KGWI has a APAC and EMEA regions.and the widespread use of social media. of niche sites that unite users. special focus on the generational perspectiveKelly Global Workforce Index™ 3