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home contents summary 01 US U.S. Employment Restructuring Report Q2 2013

01 US Labor
market trends
02 US regional
labor trends
03 most heavily
impacted sectors
04 US labor
market outlook
05 major
US job layoffs
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US job
JAN to MAR 2013
13 | Employment Restructuring Report | united states edition Q2 2013
3M Company 300 Manufacturing January
A.M. Castle & Co 180 Wholesale January
Abbott Vascular 450 Manufacturing February
Acciona West Branch Iowa 40 Manufacturing March
Acme Bus Corp 165 Transport and Logistics March
Activision 30 Media, Arts and Entertainment February
Activision Publishing 30 Media, Arts and Entertainment February
Acxiom Corp 50 Technology February
Advance Publications Inc 60 Media, Arts and Entertainment January
Affinion Group Holdings, Franklin 50 Business Services February
Affymax Inc 230 Health and Medical March
Akron General Health System 132 Health and Medical February
Albemarle Health 39 Health and Medical March
Alon Refinery, CA 62 Mining, Resources and Energy January
Alpha Natural Resources 1,200 Mining, Resources and Energy January
Alstom 80 Manufacturing March
American Esoteric Labs 65 Health and Medical January
American Express AMEX 5,400 Banking, Finance and Insurance January
Amgen Inc 157 Health and Medical January
Anchorage School District 200 Education February
Archer & Greiner 42 Law March
AstraZeneca 2,300 Health and Medical March
AT&T Call Center, Greensboro ,NC 66 Telecommunications January
Athenahealth Inc 36 Health and Medical January
ATK 150 Aerospace and Defense March
Atmel Corp 140 Technology January
Austin Packaging Company 125 Manufacturing March
Awrey Bakeries 200 Manufacturing February
BAE Systems 300 Aerospace and Defense January
Bank of America, Rancho Cordova 57 Banking, Finance and Insurance March
Bank of America, Simi Valley 51 Banking, Finance and Insurance January
Organization Total (approx) Industry Month