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home contents summary 01 US U.S. Employment Restructuring Report Q2 2013

01 US Labor
market trends
02 US regional
labor trends
03 most heavily
impacted sectors
04 US labor
market outlook
05 major
US job layoffs
about this
14 | Employment Restructuring Report | united states edition Q2 2013
Barclays, NY 275 Banking, Finance and Insurance February
Bentley World Packaging 97 Manufacturing January
Best Buy 400 Retail February
BHP Billiton, Navajo Mine 100 Mining, Resources and Energy January
Bibb County School, GA 50 Education February
Bi-Lo, Mauldin, SC 130 Retail March
BioFuel Energy 40 Mining, Resources and Energy February
Blackbaud Inc 150 Technology January
BlackRock Inc 300 Banking, Finance and Insurance March
Blockbuster Video Stores 3,000 Media, Arts and Entertainment January
Bloomfield Public Schools, NJ 98 Education March
Boca Raton Bridge Hotel 96 Recreation and Tourism March
Boeing 2,000 Aviation March
Boeing, El Paso 160 Aviation January
Boston Scientific 1,000 Health and Medical January
Bowling Green State University 100 Education January
Brillion Iron Works 60 Manufacturing March
Brookstone, Inc 75 Retail January
BuzzMedia 50 Media, Arts and Entertainment February
Caesars Windsor 38 Recreation and Tourism March
California Redwood Company 45 Manufacturing January
Campbell Soup Co. Sacramento 290 Manufacturing January
Caradigm 40 Health and Medical March
Cardinal Health Inc. 180 Health and Medical January
Cargill Lansing Salt Mine, NY 130 Mining, Resources and Energy March
Caterpillar Inc. S. Milwaukee 300 Manufacturing March
Catholic Archdiocese Chicago 70 Community February
Cemex, West Palm Beach, FL 79 Construction January
Chase Home Mortgage, Florence 550 Banking, Finance and Insurance March
Cincinnati Public School District Ohio 70 Education March
Cirque du Soleil 400 Media, Arts and Entertainment January
Organization Total (approx) Industry Month