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home contents summary 01 US U.S. Employment Restructuring Report Q2 2013

01 US Labor
market trends
02 US regional
labor trends
03 most heavily
impacted sectors
04 US labor
market outlook
05 major
US job layoffs
about this
02US regional
7 | Employment Restructuring Report | united states edition Q2 2013
➔ Across the major
census regions of the US,
the largest number of
layoffs was in the South,
with approximately 105,000
positions disappearing. It is
noticeable that among the four
major regions, the South has
experienced a slower rate of
improvement than elsewhere.
While there is a degree of
volatility in the quarterly
results, there has been a
pattern of steadily improving
conditions in the Northeast,
Midwest and West.
Only the Northeast
experienced a decline
in layoff claims over the
course of the year.