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03most heavily impacted sectors 9 U.S. Employment Restructuring Report Q2 2013

9 | Employment Restructuring Report | united states edition Q2 2013
01 US Labor
market trends
02 US regional
labor trends
03 most heavily
impacted sectors
04 US labor
market outlook
05 major
US job layoffs
about this
➔ The manufacturing
sector experienced
a particularly strong
performance in the March
quarter, with the number
of layoff claims falling
from around 161,000 to
slightly over 100,000
This is a very buoyant result,
but at the same time, the
manufacturing sector is
delivering some mixed
messages. In contrast to the
jobs data, two recent sets of
purchasing-manager’s data
suggest a noticeable softening
toward the end of the quarter.
There were also significant
declines in unemployment
claims in construction,
accommodation and food
services, and transportation
and warehousing.
Job openings changed
little over the course of
the year across most
industries and regions.
Over the year, openings
were higher in construction,
government, leisure and
hospitality, and trade,
transportation and utilities.
Openings were lower in
education and health services,
professional business services,
and manufacturing.
Across the economy, private
sector job openings stood
at 3.45 million at the end
of March, a figure virtually
unchanged from a year earlier.