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How To Build A Social Media Policy by SAP

Getting your or your client's social media policy can be daunting. Follow these pragmatic steps to get you started. Clear, concise counsel will help you address policy setup, governance, business objectives, and what to do when crisis hits.
Given at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas for GSMI on Feb 5th, 2013.

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How To Build A Social Media Policy by SAP

  1. How To Build Your Social Media PolicySet Your Workforce On The Best PathSMMS – Las Vegas, Feb 2013Todd Wilms – Sr. Director, Social Media
  2. Twitter: @toddmwilmsBlog: www.toddwilms.comForbes Blog: (search Todd Wilms)
  3. SAP Today SAP Community and Social Media Performance 4M 16.5M 700K 6.2M 1.5B Fans Video Views “SAP” Mentions Clicks Impressions “SAP has quietly built a B2B social media juggernaut...” –Drew Neisser, Fast Company “SAP is a community superstar and one of the highest-scoring brands ...” – Comblu, State of Online Branded Communities, Nov 2012#SMSsummit @toddmwilms
  4. SAP: Story of Growth 3M Members 1M Members Rebrand: SCN Launch 1M Community: Forum SAP Posts Developer Network “Handle” explosion Core Team Established First Policy Regulation Self-Regulated and Clean-up Established Presence 2003 2005 2007 2009 2012#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 4
  5. Agenda:1. Know what to do2. . . . Then do it3. When it doesn‟t work
  6. Know What To Do: Culture Know Your Culture:Are We Talkers, Or Listeners?Are We Shy, Or Bombastic?Are We About Finding Fault, Or Finding Solutions?Are We Centrally Controlled, or Diverse?#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 6
  7. Know What To Do: Business ObjectivesWhere are you today?Where are you going tomorrow? Operations Sales and Service and Marketing Support#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 7
  8. Are you spending time getting your brand on Second Life?#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 8
  9. How about Friendster? notes#SMSsummit @toddmwilms
  10. Know What To Do: Set ExpectationsCreate A Sandbox For Your Employees Tone Acceptable  Personable Conflict With Business  Approachable Business Objectives   Speak Above Your  Branded Bash Competitors Level Build Awareness of Address issues Knowledgeably Value Products  Rude  Combative    Individual Brand Unacceptable#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 10
  11. Then Do It: Stakeholders and CommunicationsWho Gets ConsultedCommunications: Centrally, Visibly Located Shareable Public or Private (Hint: Encourage Public) Where To Go For Help/Escalate#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 11
  12. Agenda:1. Know what to do2. . . . Then do it3. When it doesn‟t work
  13. “To err is human . . .To really „f-up‟ takes a corporation.”- Anonymous
  14. No jokes – Just real lifeIf a tweet falls in the This move is “out of The Un-apologywoods … fashion”One of the world’s largest oil “Theres no one who wants During violent protests in Egyptcompanies (this time not BP), this over more than I do. I early in the year, fashiondidn‟t see the need for a would like my life back” – BP’s designer Kenneth ColeTwitter account – so Tony Hayward personally tweeted . . .Greenpeace created one forthem. "Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heardFor 6 weeks they broadcast to our new spring collection isthe world how this company was available online."destroying the planet from the“companies own” twitter handle.Friends don‟t let friends drink and tweet . . . “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f**king drive,” the official Chrysler Twitter account tweeted in March. Oops! An employee of the companys social-media agency had got confused about which account he was logged into and while drinking one Friday night …#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 14
  15. FedEx – Which is more fun to watch?#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 15
  16. Impact of FedEx Response:FedEx Stock Price: Nov 2011 – Mar 2012 Coverage slows to a Dec 21: Formal crawl YouTube Apology Dec 19th: Video hits YouTube#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 16
  17. Rules for Crisis Social Communications Tone Direction1. Be Humbled 5. Take Action2. Be Real 6. Learn from Mistakes3. Be Honest 7. Steps to Ensure . . .4. Be Direct/Smart 8. Where to go for . . .#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 17
  18. Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment Blog or Twitter PostDiscover Has someone discovered a blog post about SAP? Is it a positive post? N Y “TROLLS”Evaluate Is this site dedicated to bashing & degrading others? CONCUR N Y MONITOR ONLY A factual well cited “RAGER” Y Avoid responding / monitor for relevant info response, which Is this post a rant, rage, joke, ridicule may agree or or satirical? N disagree w/post, yet is not negative FIX THE FACTS N “MISGUIDED” Y Respond w/factual info directlyLET POST Are there erroneous facts in the post? (see blog response considerations below)STAND NNo response Y “UNHAPPY CUSTOMER” RESTORATION Y Rectify the situation, respond and act upon Is the post a result of a negative a reasonable solution. experience from stakeholder(s) See blog response considerations below.Respond N FINAL EVALUATION SHARE SUCCESS LET POST Proactively share your Base response on present circumstances, influence and N STAND Y story & mission w/blog No response prominence. Will you respond? Y Y SOURCING INFLUENCE TIMELINESS TONEConsiderations TRANSPARENCY Cite your sources Focus on the most Take time to create Respond in a tone Disclose your SAP by including links, influential blogs a good response – that reflects highly Affiliation video, images, related to SAP 24 hours maximum on SAP other references 18
  19. Proactive1. Listen2. Understand Social Influence3. Build Communities4. Humanize Your Brand
  20. “A best defense is a great offense.”- Carl Von Clausewitz
  21. Listen “Take the megaphone away from your mouth; put it to your ear” -SAP CMO Jonathan Becher#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 21
  22. Understand Social Influence#SMSsummit @toddmwilms
  23. Build Communities A little levity in the presentation#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 23
  24. Humanize Your Brand#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 24
  25. Our customers produce more than 72% of the world‟s beer.#SMSsummit @toddmwilms
  26. Our customers produce more than 70% of the world‟s chocolate.#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 26
  27. Our customers produce more than 86% of the world‟s athletic footwear.#SMSsummit @toddmwilms 27
  28. Our customersproduce more than60% of the world‟s toysand games
  29. 63% of the world‟s transaction revenue touches a SAP system.#SMSsummit @toddmwilms
  30. Twitter: @toddmwilmsBlog: www.toddwilms.comForbes Blog: (search Todd Wilms)
  31. Thank You