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Private Amazon gift card exploit 2019 LEAKED


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Method to get unlimited Amazon gift cards for free - LEAKED

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Private Amazon gift card exploit 2019 LEAKED

  1. 1. Amazon Gift Card Generator 2019 Thank you for purchasing this ebook . I will teach you my method to get unlimited amazon gift cards for free . Personally , I made around 7000$ worth of gift cards with this method and I’m still using it . Step 1 Go​ ​to the link below using your ​MOBILE PHONE ​(it won’t work from a PC) and complete the human verification . I tried to bypass it and it doesn’t work ... so you need to do it, but trust me, it’s worth it :) The link is : ​ Step 2 After you finish the verification you’ll be redirected to the generator . Now simply choose the value of your desired gift card and wait while it’s generated .
  2. 2. Step 3 After the generator does its job it will give you the gift card code . It will look something like this : That’s it !! You can repeat this method as many times as you want to get unlimited gift cards . This is a very simple method and if you use it you can make way more than the 100$ you paid for this ebook . The only annoying part is the verification step , but still , one gift card for a couple minutes of work is a pretty good deal if you ask me :) Please don’t share this method with anyone else . We don’t want Amazon finding out about this and then try to take the site down . Just keep quiet and enjoy your money ;) Good luck !!