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Right to Desire. What about Pedophilia?

Conference of the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology, Oslo 2011.

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Right to Desire. What about Pedophilia?

  1. 1. Right toDESIREWhat aboutpedophilia? Tommi Paalanen Philosopher Specialist in sexual ethics Chair, Sexpo Foundation FINLAND
  2. 2. SEXUAL RIGHTS sexual freedom autonomy pleasure (WAS)
  3. 3. SEXUAL RIGHTS express sexuality freely enjoy sexuality (IPPF)
  4. 4. SEXUAL RIGHTS pursue satisfying, safe and pleasurable sexual life (WHO)
  5. 5. SEXUAL RIGHTS full enjoyment of freedom of opinion and expression (Yogyakarta principles)
  6. 6. DILEMMAEvery person is entitled to sexual rightsA person with pedophilic desires is a personHow should we promote sexual rights in thiscase?
  8. 8. EU DIRECTIVE PROPOSAL 2010Child pornography (iii) any material that visually depicts any person appearing to be a child -- (iv) realistic images of a child -- regardless of the actual existence of such child –child = under 18 years
  9. 9. LupeFuentes20 years
  10. 10. ”Hue”computergraphicsby K.Jun
  11. 11. TIGHTENING UPExpanding the scope of child pornmore convictionscollecting political goodwillNo proof of effectiveness in preventionResearch and therapy experiences suggestthe opposite!
  12. 12. CHALLENGES: criminologyUse of pornography exploded in westerncountries  no increase in sex crimes (Diamond 2009-2010)Child pornography legal in Chech, Denmarkand Japan for a period of timesex crimes against children decrease (Jozifkova, Weiss, Diamond 2010)
  13. 13. CHALLENGES: forensic psychiatry Internet child porn offenders and actual child molesters have usually different paths to the crimes Use of child pornography doesn’t predict actual sex crimes, antisocial behavior does (Fedoroff/IALMH 2011) IALMH = International Academy for Law and Mental Health
  14. 14. CHALLENGES: preventive therapy Permission and acceptance are the basic elements of sexual counselling (PLISSIT-model) Sexual preferences cannot be erased, controlling them requires positive ways of realisation (Nissinen/Sexpo Foundation) Child pornography can be a substitute for actualising pedophilic fantasies (Jozifkova 2010; Neutze/IALMH 2011)
  15. 15. CONCLUSIONSProposed EU-directive seeks to criminalisefantasies  draconian and confusing  violates sexual rights  hampers crime preventionSofter approach could work better  preventive therapy instead ofpunishment  seeking help made easier  frees resources
  16. 16. QUESTIONSCan non-harmful realisation methods(i.e. fictional child porn) be tools for crimeprevention?Should we loosen up child porn legislation ifit helps in crime prevention?
  17. 17. THANK YOU!