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Social credit good seed slides3

social credits, time bank, volunteering, social enterprise

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Social credit good seed slides3

  1. 1. Social  Credits   Volunteering  for  Doing  Good  
  2. 2. Our  Goals  and  Objec4ves   VOLUNTEER   Events   management   system  for   Chari>es     TIMEBANK   A  community   4mebank  to   offer  P2P   volunteering    REWARDS   STORE   Using  Social   Credits  as  a   discount   coupon  for   purchases     CREDIT   SYSTEM   A  social   currency  with   its  own   wallet  
  3. 3. Why  Volunteer  ?  
  4. 4. Hong  Kong  Chari4es   Hong  Kong  has  over  7000  registered  chari3es  
  5. 5. Issues  with  volunteering    ORGANISERS     CHARITIES  /NGOS    VOLUNTEERS   volunteering   Smaller  Chari4es  –  smaller  volunteer   pool     Where  and  How  to  find   volunteer  events  ?     Events   How  to  organise  and  promote   events  ?   What  are  the  logis4cs  and   training   Post  Event   How  effec4ve  was  event  ?   Impact  feedback  and  volunteer   feedback  ?   Feedback  of  events  ?   Fund-­‐raising   How  to  capture  the  payment  and   ensure  security     What  do  donors  get  other   than  a  flag  ?  
  6. 6. Social  Credits   A  website  and  app  for  volunteering  events  
  7. 7. Social  Credits    -­‐  Full  services   VOLUNTEERIG   Events   management   system  for   Chari>es     AWARDS   A  social   currency  with   its  own  wallet   TIMEBANK   A  community   4mebank  to   offer  P2P   volunteering    REWARDS   STORE   Using  Social   Credits  as  a   discount   coupon  for   purchases    
  8. 8. Social  Credits     GAMIFICATION  of  volunteering   Leader  Boards  Achievements  and  Awards   Social  Credits  stores   wealth  and  measures   status     Hoarding  of  Credits  ?  
  9. 9. •  Organize  &  Promote  Events   •  Recruit  Volunteers   •  Feedback  and  Ra4ng   Organizing  Events   FOR  CHARITIES   •  Find  and  signup  events   •  Logis4cs  and  training   •  Earn  Social  Credits   FOR  VOLUNTEERS  
  10. 10. •  Buy  goods  for  discount   •  Save  social  credits  in  wallet   REWARDS   FOR  INIVIDUALS   •  Offer  goods  and  services   •  New  customer  segment   •  Acquire  Social  Credits     •  Show  CSR   FOR  CORPORATES   Social   Credit   System  
  11. 11. •  Volunteer  hours  for  Credits   •  Request  Volunteering  Back   for  credits   TimeBanking   FOR  INIVIDUALS   •  Peer  to  Peer  Community  Help   •  Benefits  of  building   community   FOR  COMMMUNITIES   Social   Credit   System  
  12. 12. Social  Impact   IMPACT on COMMUNITY TIMEBANKING   CHARITIES   VOLUNTEERS  Volunteers  help   chari4es   Chari4es  impact   community  via   voluntary  work     Volunteers  are   rewarded  with   Social  Credits   Corporates   provide  goods  for   volunteers  to  buy   INDIVIDUALS   Individuals  provide  direct  p2p   volunteering   Individuals  are  rewarded  with  4me  bank  Social  Credits   Individuals   can  also  seek   work  help   under  P2P   volunteering  
  13. 13. Case-­‐study  –  Crossroads  Founda4on   •  A  large  volunteer  (full  4me  and   part-­‐4me)  NGO  based  in  Hong   Kong  -­‐  Gold  Coast     •  Sor4ng  HK  dona4on  of  2nd  hand   goods  for  foreign  countries   •  70  full  4me  and  300  part-­‐4me   volunteers   •  Issues  –  Funding  for  volunteers   •  Dona4ons  for  projects   SOLUTION  :    A  volunteering  app  would  fit  in  with   Crossroads  stratergy  of  engaging  community   volunteers.  Also  Social  Credits  assist  the  living  costs  of   70  full  4me  volunteers]    
  14. 14. Paul  Chua  -­‐  Mentor  and  Advisor   蔡和平   TVB  Producer     Entrepreneur     Social  Enterprise        
  15. 15. Financials   capex costs HKD formation of NGO company 20,000 software costs to complete platform 50,000 marketing costs to launch service 30,000 total costs 100,000 monthly costs HKD 12 month CEO 25,000 300,000 1 admin staff 15,000 180,000 1 marketing staff - volunteer 18,000 216,000 1 marketing staff - charities 18,000 216,000 1 marketing staff - corporates 18,000 216,000 IT costs 15,000 180,000 office rental plus utilities 20,000 240,000 marketing costs 30,000 360,000 Total Costs 159,000 1,908,000 Income projections monthly income 12 month HKD forecast web promotion of events 30,000 360,000 sale of goods and services 0 transaction fee on sales (10%) 50,000 600,000 donations through chairty gate 0 donation gateway fee (3%) 30,000 360,000 trading volume of social credits 0 trading transaction fee (2%) 20,000 240,000 corporate sponsor 1 20,000 240,000 corporate sponsor 2 20,000 240,000 TOTAL INCOME 170,000 2,040,000
  16. 16. LAUNCH  PLAN   TIME   BETA   LAUNCH   MARKET   SEGMENT     DONATION   BASED  SOCIAL   CREDITS   Month  18   PEER  TO  PEER   TIMEBANK   Month  15   REDEMPTION   COUON  SALES   Month   12     CORPOATE   SPONSORS     Month   9   CHARITIES   Month  6   VOLUNTEERS    month  3  
  17. 17. Our  Team      Tony,  Founder  &  CEO      Ricky,  Marke4ng  -­‐  volunteers      Mandy,  Marke4ng  -­‐  chari4es      Man  Kit  –  marke4ng  -­‐  corporates        Joe,  IT  and  Admin  
  18. 18. Thank  You   Volunteering  for  Doing  Good