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In this, we are going to explain the updated Bluehost reviews 2021,
As we all know, Bluehost is one of the high-quality hosting providers for
multiple websites and businesses. Moreover, it is one of the well-reputed hosting providers for WordPress.

Besides, it has an official recommendation by WordPress. Are you worried about your site’s speed and performance? But with Bluehost, you don’t need to worry about your site’s performance..

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  1. 1. 1/14 admin Bluehost Reviews [2021] – Complete Guide Based on User Reviews 91 / 100 In this we are going to explain the updated Bluehost reviews 2021, As we all know, Bluehost is one of the high-quality hosting providers for multiple websites and businesses. Moreover, it is one of the well-reputed hosting providers for WordPress. Besides, it has an official recommendation by WordPress. Are you worried about your site’s speed and performance? But with Bluehost, you don’t need to worry about your site’s performance. Because it offers top quality hosting services for all the small- and large-scale sites. So, it helps to handle the high audience and high traffic without any challenge. Moreover, if you require any kind of support then their customer’s support can provide 24/7 services. No wonder It is one of the best hosts, especially for small scale sites. To know more about Bluehost, in this article, we will provide the complete Bluehost reviews 2021 including plans and features. on the top of all services, Bluehost offers the free domain and SSL for the security of the small as well as large sites.
  2. 2. 2/14 Bluehost reviews 2021 Contents [hide] 1 Bluehost reviews 2021 1.1 1- Bluehost introduction: 1.2 Features and Pricing 1.4 3- Performance/ Uptime: 99.99% 1.5 4- Loading speed/405ms 1.6 5- Server’s performance: 1.8 7- WordPress Features: 1.9 8- WooCommerce plans: Undoubtedly, Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting providers companies. Especially for WordPress sites. Besides, it offers unique and specific features for WooCommerce. Bluehost offers multiple services and plans for all individual sites and large organizations. So, a beginner can easily perform his tasks through their 24/7 customer services. Therefore, to know more about this host, see all the following plans and reviews from expert’s points of view. So, you can get a better idea of this professional host. Before, talking about the host, we need to focus on the essential considerations before choosing a host. Features Before choosing a host, you need to focus on the features. do they provide the desired features for your sites? If yes, then you can go for this host. Performance:
  3. 3. 3/14 What are the speed and performance requirements of your sites? Either it can be fulfilled by Bluehost or not. Uptime and reliability: Does Bluehost offer the desired uptime and reliability for your sites? How will you want to get your site’s speed through it? Support System: Does the host offer the desired support for the customers to get rid of issues? Because if you are not considering it then it will create challenges for you. Especially, for beginners. Plans and packages: No wonder, investment should be the main focus for all the small and large sites before choosing a host. Do they offer reasonable and affordable plans for your sites? if you don’t want to read all the specifications and details then this Bluehost review 2020 is the good choice for you. So, you can know about the host based on reviews. Moreover, according to our review, Bluehost offers great, reliable, and secure services for its clients. Therefore, we will recommend you to choose this host for your sites. Additionally, let’s talk in detail about the host. 1- Bluehost introduction: Since 1996, Bluehost is offering great hosting services for the clients. Moreover, it is becoming one of the main and biggest hosting provider companies. Do you know? This host is currently providing services for more than 2 million websites all around the world. Moreover, it offers standard services for WordPress users as well. Features and Pricing Basic Plus Choice Plus Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited Website space 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited Included domains 1 1 1 Email accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited Email storage 100 MB / account Unlimited Unlimited Regular Price $7.99/mo $10.99/mo $14.99/mo Discounted Price $2.95/mo $5.95/mo $5.95/mo
  4. 4. 4/14 Customers pride the company because of its 24/7 customer services and great infrastructure for WordPress. As we all know, all hosts have some good factors as well as some bad factors. So, let’s talk about these factors one by one. 2- Pros and cons: Generally, it’s not a surprising thing as all the hosting companies have a few pros and cons of their services. However, a few things and factors can’t be ignored. Pros of bluehost: Especially, in the case of the large-scale sites and WooCommerce business. So, here are following Pros of Bluehost: Plans and packages: Well, Bluehost offers affordable and reasonable pricing plans for all clients. Therefore, these are suitable. Especially, for large scale sites. No Hidden cost: Unlike other hosts, this host doesn’t have any hidden and inappropriate charges. So, the clients can enjoy the same services in the same charges. Free domain name: Bluehost offers the free domain name for all the plans for one year. So, the customers can get the domain while signing up for the account. No downtime: Fortunately, Bluehost offers the best speed and performance to all the clients. So, the downtime for all the websites is minimum globally. Cons of Bluehost: Luckily, it has a minimum downside as compared to other hosts. However, here are few following cons you need to know before purchasing the plans. Higher renewal charges This host offers the free domain for the first year. But after this, the renewal cost of the domain is higher as compared to competitors.
  5. 5. 5/14 No free site migration Unlike other hosts, Bluehost doesn’t offer free site migration. So, the customers are not so happy from this. Moreover, if you want to get the site migration then you need to pay $149.99. furthermore, this is the cost of one-time migration for 5 sites. However, the company claims that you can do it quickly without any downtime. But you need to pay the cost. Unfortunately, the cost is enough higher to consider. Upselling expectations Bluehost has some confusing upselling expectation at the time of checkout. Therefore, if you don’t want it then unmark all the unnecessary add-ons. Here is Bluehost User-Friendly Dashboard 3- Performance/ Uptime: 99.99% Well, performance is the main metrics you need to concern while purchasing a host for your sites. Because it affects the overall performance of the sites. Moreover, performance is the main benchmark for SEO ratings and indexing. That’s why it’s not a good option to ignore it while choosing a host. So we listed the Bluehost Reviews table and their uptime below. Check Bluehost Last Months Uptime
  6. 6. 6/14 August 2019 99.99% 350 ms July 2019 100% 386 ms June 2019 99.98% 415 ms May 2019 100% 384 ms April 2019 100% 307 ms March 2019 99.99% 236 ms February 2019 100% 339 ms January 2019 99.96% 392 ms December 2018 100% 435 ms November 2018 100% 437 ms As we all know, performance is the main thing that sticks the audience to your sites. Without it, you can drop out from the SER (Search engines ranking) within minutes. So, the 1-second delay can lead to a drop of 7% in CRO (Conversion rate optimization). Moreover, this delay can also become the cause of low cost. 4- Loading speed/405ms For a good responding website, a good speed provider host is necessary. Luckily, Bluehost offers the best loading speed 405ms for all the sites. Moreover, this speed is above than expectations. Therefore, loading speed is the 2 main concern after performance or uptime. Through speed metrics, you can lead to success as well as a complete flaw. It’s all just because of a host responding speed and quality. So, Bluehost is one of the high loading speed provider hosts. 5- Server’s performance: While talking about the host’s server performance, we can’t neglect the location of the server. Because location matters a lot for the better performance of the server. Moreover, Bluehost has a server within the US. So, let’s talk about according to the server location. According to complete search and studies, Bluehost Reviews offers great server response or performance for the US sites. However, in other regions, the response time is a little bit higher. But the response time is still above the expected time. So, you can change the server location according to your site’s and audience locations. nd
  7. 7. 7/14 6- Hosting Plans and Features Bluehost offers multiple hosting plans and features for all types of sites. So, the customers can choose the plans according to budget and features. These plans include VPS, dedicated, shared and WooCommerce hosting. So, before talking about these plans let’s talk about the features of these hosting types. Shared Hosting: Are you running a small site or looking for the best type of hosting for your site? Then shared hosting is the best and affordable option for individual’s site. Generally, shared hosting has all the necessary features to fulfill the small-scale sites hosting. So, it’s a reasonable option for the sites as compared to VPS and dedicated hosting. Now, focus on the Bluehost shared hosting plans and features: Basic shared hosting plans start from $3.499 per month Plus plans available for $10.99 per month regularly Customize plan: this plan starts from $23.99 per month Undoubtedly, these prices are highly affordable even for small sites. Moreover, you can get the 50GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth through a basic shared hosting plan. On the other hand, plus plan offers the unlimited site’s hosting with unlimited bandwidth. Moreover, this plan offers unlimited domains and sub-domains. So, if you want to get the email accounts then you need to pay $200 marketing cost including CDN and spam detection. In the case of the third business plan, the additional cost of $180 needs to pay for extra benefits and services. VPS Hosting: Through VPS hosting, you can share the server with others if you have a virtual OS. In simple words, WordPress hosting is the main example of VPS hosting. So, the customers can get optimized hosting services through these plans. The pricing plans for VPS hosting are the following:
  8. 8. 8/14 The standard plan starts from $19.99 for the first month, $29.99 for further services. Enhanced plan starting price is $29.99 for the first month and $59.99 after the first month. The ultimate plan starts from $59.99 for one month and $119.99 after the first month. However, these plans and prices vary according to industry or services. So, the first two plans offer the 30GB to 120GB SAN from low to a higher tier. Besides, the ultimate plan offers the IP address including 24/7 customers series for all the plans. The main thing is, these plans come with a refund or money-back guarantees. Dedicated Hosting: Just like other hosting plans, Bluehost offers the three following dedicated hosting plans. Standard plan starts from $79.99 for the first month and $119.99 after one month The enhanced plan starts from $99.99/month and $159.99 after the first month Premium plan starts from $119.99 for one month and $209.99 after the first month. Moreover, the storage space for standard and premium plans is 500GB. Besides, it provides three IP addresses with money-back guarantee and support. 7- WordPress Features: Overall Bluehost Reviews offers three plans for WordPress sites and business. So, the basic plan starts from $2.96 per month including subscription for 3 years. Moreover, plus and choice plans start from $5.45 per month including 3 years subscription. Besides, pro-WordPress plans offer high-level services. However, the rates are higher for these plans and services. Moreover, all the pro plans come with free SSL and 24/7 customers support services. WordPress pro plans offer multiple plugins and automatic updates and backups. So, you can build and test your site before publishing. 8- WooCommerce plans: Bluehost offers easy setup services for WooCommerce stores and business. Moreover, you can get free SSL for your store’s security including encryption. So, you can get the unlimited storage space through plus plans for shared hosting plans. On the other hand, through these plus plans, you can handle the high traffic per month. Although, Bluehost is not designed specifically for WooCommerce. But it offers reasonable features for the better access and management of the stores. 9- Excellent Security Features:
  9. 9. 9/14 Even though it is one of the cheapest hosting providers. surprisingly, Bluehost security offers great features for the sites and business. So, you don’t need to compromise on the security factor. After Reading Bluehost Reviews It offers great security features for the sites including free SSL. Moreover, all the plans include domain features for the better protection of personal data and information. So, you can save private data from hackers. For advance security, Bluehost includes the feature of SiteLock. This lock saves the sites from malware. Moreover, CodeGuard offers protection through daily recoveries and backups. Bluehost offers the same protection as Postini the google security tool. So, you can secure your emails and inbox from getting hacked. Above all, Bluehost offers great and important security tools and features for the sites. Moreover, if you want to close the access to the sites then you can do it through SSH. So, the site’s files can manage with complete security and configuration. Moreover, you can get simple integration through Cloud Flare. It helps to provide better security and save the sites from DDOS. 10- Better site’s integration: Like security and many other features, Bluehost offers great integration for sites and business. So, the developers and designers can get better access to the sites.
  10. 10. 10/14 Moreover, it assures for the better usage of the site’s services. For instance, a domain name helps to manage the site’s data and save it from hackers. Besides, it offers monthly and daily backups. If you are a WordPress user, then with the help of this host you can get the services with just 1CLICK. Moreover, it offers great services for content management systems including Drupal and Joomla. Through CDN, Bluehost offers a better delivery of content. So, you can manage the images and large files on the sites with fastest performance and speed. 11- User’s Friendly: Unlike other hosts, Bluehost Reviews are the best and offers the user’s friendly services for all types of customers. So, the less experienced and non-technical person can do the work easily. Moreover, control Cpanel offers easy services for beginners. So, you just need to install WordPress and start working. On the other hand, Bluehost provides a great and intuitive website builder. So, the developers can manage their development sites through drag and drop features. 12- Return Policy: For all the clients, Bluehost offers the 30-days refund policy. So, if you want to return the policies then you can return it within 30-days. However, after 30-days you can’t get a complete refund. Additionally, the cost of the domain is not refundable. 13- Customers support:
  11. 11. 11/14 Undoubtedly, Bluehost offers great customer support for all the clients and customers. Moreover, most of the customers give positive feedback about customer services. However, a few customers give some negative feedback about the services that the services are not enough to support. Moreover, the clients are worried about the excessive upselling of Bluehost. But you can get rid of it through un-marking the ads on. One more thing, Bluehost doesn’t offer the ticketing support. However, the company try to eliminate the issue by providing knowledge-based support services.
  12. 12. 12/14 So, if you can’t get the proper solution through live chat then you can go for the ticketing option. Is it suitable to recommend Bluehost? Well, according to mentioned above Bluehost reviews 2021, it’s a good option. Moreover, Bluehost has official recommendations by WordPress. So, yes, you can go for it. Besides, Bluehost offers excellent uptime and performance services. Also, it offers great security for sites and businesses. So, you can get the easy to use services within $2.75 per month. While focusing on the downside, the renewal cost is higher for the Bluehost services. Moreover, you need to pay the additional cost for sites migration. So, if you are looking for small scale sites then basic plans are good for the clients. For which sites Bluehost is suitable If you are running a small-scale site or looking for a reliable source then Bluehost is the best option. Moreover, Bluehost is a well-reputed host for the business’s sites. Moreover, it is suitable for WordPress sites to offer reliable services. On the other hand, Bluehost is offering trustworthy services for established sites. Are you paying extra for WordPress features? then you don’t need to do it in case of Bluehost. Because Bluehost offers advanced features for WordPress hosting. Moreover, it provides expert support services for WordPress clients. So, the owners of large scale and small-scale sites can choose the Bluehost without any risk.
  13. 13. 13/14 Besides, it’s a good option if you are looking for a budget-friendly host then Bluehost is suitable for it. FAQ For Bluehost Reviews Do you need to spend more on managed hosting? As we all know, managed WordPress hosting is great for all the sites. Especially, for the large-scale sites. Moreover, managed hosting can run the sites efficiently. Therefore, we can say, it’s worth to spend over managed hosting services. Undoubtedly, simple hosting plans offer optimized hosting. But not just like as managed hosting. Meanwhile, security is the main focus of managed hosting services. So, you can rely on it to get better security and protection of the sites. On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting offers specific services for WordPress. So, you can rely on the Bluehost to get WordPress managed services. Furthermore, managed hosting plans offers multiple plugins and tools for the better performance and security of the sites. So, you can get effective hosting plans and features for managed services through Bluehost. Does the server location matter for the speed of the host? Yes, undoubtedly, server location matters a lot for the better speed of the sites. Therefore, while choosing a host, focus on the location of the server. As we are talking about Bluehost, so, you can choose the server location within the US and other regions. On the other hand, you can choose the host that offers excellent services globally.
  14. 14. 14/14 Do you run WordPress without the hosting plans? If we see technically, then no, you can’t handle the WordPress sites without a host. Because of proper management and performance, you need to invest in hosting plans. But if you don’t want to establish your sites on large scale then you can run it on on this platform, the clients can operate the sites freely. Conclusion Summing It Up The bottom line is, Bluehost offers the multiple exciting plans and features. moreover, Bluehost offers advanced functions and services for the manged and large-scale sites. Also, it provides services according to plans and packages. Furthermore, all the plans are highly flexible and budget-friendly. So, a small-scale site’s owner can afford it easily. Whatever you are looking for, Bluehost has all the required features for all the sites. Despite negative reviews, most of the customers are satisfied with the services. It’s all because of the company’s good reputation and quality services. Above all, Bluehost is one of the most recommended hosting providers. especially, for WordPress sites and small-scale sites. So, if you are looking for a host with well-reputed past services, then nothing is better than Bluehost. With affordable plans, Bluehost is suitable for all clients. Hopefully, this article will provide you with all the required information about the Bluehost. Moreover, it will help to take a look at the good side as well as the downside of the Bluehost.