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Co-Marketing Best Practices For Mortgage Companies

Start seeing HUGE success with Co-Marketing and learn the secrets used by Top Producing Loan Officers across the country.

Push your business to new heights with these co-marketing best practices and success tips including:

- Finding and Retaining Strong Realtor Partners
- Secrets for Maximizing ROI on the Big Portal Websites
- The Truth and Strategy Behind Online Lead Gen Websites
- Centralizing your Co-Marketing and Success Tracking

For more information about co-marketing and to learn more about our Co-Marketing Platform, visit

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Co-Marketing Best Practices For Mortgage Companies

  1. 1. Total Expert Loan Officer Mastermind CO-Marketing For Top Loan Officers Best Practices + Tips For Success
  2. 2. Total Expert Joe Welu CEO and Founder, Total Expert ♦ Industry Expert With 15 Year Track Record In Strategy-Marketing-Sales ♦ $1 Billion In Residential Sales Experience ♦ Frequent Speaker and Media Contributor on CO-Marketing and Business Growth
  3. 3. Total Expert  A Software Platform Designed To Be a Central Hub For Lenders and Realtors  CO-Marketing System Of Record  Enterprise Grade Audit Tracking and Reporting  Learn More at
  4. 4. Topics We Will Cover  How To: Find And Retain Top Realtor Partners  Maximizing ROI With Zillow, Trulia, And Other Portals  Best Practices For Lead Gen Websites (Boomtown, Comm Inc, Kunversion etc)  How To: Centralize CO-Marketing And Success Tracking
  5. 5. Loan Officer Mastermind Co-Marketing For Top Loan Officers Stop Being Leveraged By “Bottom Feeder” Agents
  6. 6. +96 New Closed Loans Per Year  2.5 Meetings Per Week = 10 Meetings Per Month  Generates 1 New Referral Partner Per Month or 12 New Partners Per Year  1 New Partner = 8 New Closed Loans Annualized  12 New Partners = 96 New Closed Loans
  7. 7. Co-Marketing Partnerships: Top Lenders Focus On Listing Agents
  8. 8. Why Listing Agents Make The Best Partners  Millennial Buyers Wait Longer To Engage  Listings Are “The Point Of Sale” (Brand Exposure)  Real Buyers – Not Dreamers  Listing Focused Teams ALWAYS Produce Better Quality Buyer Leads – Without Exception!!!
  9. 9. How To Find Top Listing Agents  Look For Listing Agents In The Areas You Want to Focus  Zillow – - Local Brokerage Sites  Drive Neighborhoods  Visit Open Houses  Title Companies  Social Media Channels
  10. 10. The Wrong Focus
  11. 11.  Demonstrate A UNIQUE Value Proposition  Add Value and Solve Pain Points  Follow Up Relentlessly  In Person Visits  Have a VIP Agent Program  Confirm Your Objectives Are Aligned Winning And Retaining The Relationship
  12. 12. Maximize ROI On Portals  Be The Lender (Not 1 of 3)  Don’t Spend $ Unless The Agent Has Listings!  Demand Access To All Leads  Centralize All Agent Lead Tracking  Automate Follow Up To Leads  Require Transparency And Collaboration
  13. 13. Use A Single System Of Record For All CO-Marketing Activities
  14. 14. Best Practices For Online Lead Gen
  15. 15. Understanding Tactic vs. Strategy Tactic Strategy Web PrintSocial Community
  16. 16. Always Ask Questions First  How Many Other Lenders Will Be Advertising On The Site?  Lender Churn Rates Hover Around 90 Days  Are You Willing To Course Correct If The ROI Isn’t There?  Are You Marketing Across Multiple Channels or Only Buying Paid Click (lower quality) Leads?
  17. 17. Manage Realtor Expectations
  18. 18. Focus On Client Generation  “Lead Gen” Is Hype  Truly Predictable Business Comes When You Focus On “Client Gen”  Focus On These Questions:  Do I have a single dashboard to track my business?  Do you send relevant, personalized and consistent messages?  What produces results? Do you know your ROI?
  19. 19. Look At Actual Results Vs. Perceived Results
  20. 20. Make Informed Decisions  Understand Your KPI’s and ROI  Course Correct When Necessary
  21. 21. Split Cost By Pro Rata Shares
  22. 22.  Establish a Policy Guide  Use a Single Data Base To Track All CO- Marketing Events  Who Manages CO-Marketing Inside The Organization?  Inspect and Make Adjustments  Reinforce Centralize And Track In ONE Place
  23. 23. Use A Single System Of Record For All CO-Marketing Activities
  24. 24. Build a Predicable Business  Consistency In…  Messaging  Timing  Engagement  SALES
  25. 25. Thank You Learn More or Schedule A Demo