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2010 Online Marketing Influencers: Trend Predictions in 140 characters by Trendsspotting

"2010 Online Marketing" is the fourth report from the series "2010 Influencers Series: Trend Predictions in 140 Characters".
TrendsSpotting Market Research is now running its third annual prediction reports following major trends in six categories. We will be featuring the predictions of digital and marketing experts on the big changes awaiting us in the coming year.
This year we are adopting a new “tweet style” format, easier for you to focus on, comprehend and forward

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2010 Online Marketing Influencers: Trend Predictions in 140 characters by Trendsspotting

  1. More in this series > Social Media | Mobile | Videos | Technology | Consumer Trends
  2. TrendsSpotting Market Research is now running its third annual prediction reports following major trends in six categories. We will be featuring the predictions of digital and marketing experts on the big changes awaiting us in the coming year. This year we are adopting a new “tweet style” format, easier for you to focus on, comprehend and forward. More in this series > Social Media | Mobile | Videos | Technology | Consumer Trends
  3. Findings: Major trends in 2010 Online marketing: Across many of these predictions, we have identified the following trends suggested to influence Online Marketing: #social media #games #e-mail #real time #direct response #measurement #geo-location #mobile #videos #niche
  4. Display, Video, Games, Location KEN MALLON DUNCAN SOUTHGATE Sr V.P., Custom Solutions Global Innovation Director Dynamic Logic Millward Brown @kpmallon @millward_brown Online display: In 2010, advertisers will experiment with new, larger ad formats. novelty wore off. We'd expect this (novelty wears off) for most of the new, larger ad formats . . Viral video will move from art to science: viral video analytics - becoming sophisticated. A more scientific approach to viral campaign planning. Advertisers will invest in viral seeding strategies, promote their videos via online influencers, Facebook video-sharing app. and targeted, paid placements.. Advertisers becoming smarter about developing & selecting ads with the most viral video potential Gaming gets more social and mobile. Geo-targeting of marketing messages as the number of GPS-enabled devices continues to rise. FourSquare and other apps with a hybrid location/social-networking component to grow significantly in 2010. Utility-focused location applications gain popularity on GPS-enabled mobile devices. Even if consumers won't share their location with brands, brands can share their locations with consumers. Source: Advertising Age
  5. Search, Video Ads & Data Integration.. KEN MALLON DUNCAN SOUTHGATE Sr V.P., Custom Solutions Global Innovation Director Dynamic Logic Millward Brown @kpmallon @millward_brown Search evolves, but not everyone notices. Search will do well,thanks to its clear and measurable short-term ROI. Search will become increasingly real-time. Social Search, More consumers to search on the move. Research to continue into the interaction between search and display advertising. Brands will realize online video is not a panacea. Online video advertising continues to grow at a high rate, and we expect this trend to continue into 2010. Beyond the PC, online video is increasingly being watched via gaming consoles (eg. Xbox360) and mobile. . YouTube is also increasingly embracing short (15 second) pre-rolls and skippable video ads. Smart advertisers to pre-test their online creative before investing in relatively high online CPMs. Brands start taking advantage of social graphs.2010 there will be a heightened need for brands to understand how to be more social in order to access these more segmented networks. Integration trend stimulated by privacy concerns. Data integration enables insightful 'tradigital' learning…from managing "digital" to managing "tradigital" as the lines of demarcation between traditional and digital media blur. Data integration will remain at the heart of our measurement challenge. . Source: Advertising Age
  6. Social Media, Games, Video, Direct Response @jeremysliew JEREMYS LIEW Managing Director Lightspeed Venture Partners Social games overflow out of Facebook. In 2010, they will overflow Facebook and spill into the open web. Games optimized for Facebook will need to be modified to work well on the open web. email and IM without any “platform rules” restricting communication channels may offer new channels for growth. Brand advertising starts to move online, boosting premium display, video and social media - needs of brand advertisers- safe content, brand metric measurement, real reach and frequency measurement, and guaranteed delivery across a campaign. . Video content allows the repurposing of 30- second TV commercials. Video ad networks benefited from TV ad dollars moving online, following users who are increasing watching their video online. Social media sites use integrations and take advantage of the native behavior on social media. Direct Response Advertising becomes ever more efficient. Around 30% of direct response is spent online... Source: Lightspeed Venture Blog
  7. Contextual Targeting , Real Time @jeremysliew JEREMYS LIEW Managing Director Lightspeed Venture Partners Demographic, behavioral and contextual targeting, are helping direct marketers to more efficiently reach their target customers. While the FTC may limit behavioral targeting in the future, the trend still favors direct marketers, who are able to acquire customers relatively inexpensively. Finding Money and Saving Money online -Many consumer are looking online to save money, or to find money. I expect further innovation in helping people find additional sources of cash. . Discount ecommerce: discount shopping clubs, single SKU sales, or pay to bid auctions, Coupon and discount code sites, Online payday lending companies, reverse mortgage companies are all likely to see growth this year. Real time web usage outpaces business models - Real time information puts a new spin on categories like user generated content, news, vertical search, local information and Q&A. Real-time location info sounds more like a content innovation than a sales model innovation. Q&A is one area where there may be some real opportunity. Around 30% of queries are transactional, and hence monetizatable... Source: Lightspeed Venture Blog
  8. Social Media Ad Ecosystem @whatsnext B.L.OCHMAN Internet Marketer, Blogger Blog strategy Consultant Big agencies will keep snapping up consultants with social media experience. Blog and other social media advertising will become the hot ad medium of the year and ad agencies will screw up big-time as they learn the ropes. Ad agencies will take the lead in social media. Companies will finally realize that using social media effectively is neither free nor cheap. Source: Whats Next
  9. Distributed , Personalized, Contextualized Media @eMarketer GEOFF RAMSEY CEO, Co-Founder eMarketer 2010 - US ad budgets crack open just a little, look for an accelerated migration of ad dollars from traditional to digital media. Even post-recession, aggregate media dollars will fail to return to former levels. The measurement and accountability mandate will intensify demand for lower-cost, more efficient media. Media will shrink to match the true value it is delivering to financial marketers by better measurement systems. Media fragmentation will force marketers to target their messages to ever smaller niche audiences. Digital technologies are creating new opportunities for firms to self-market. While media dollars have imploded, media consumption will continue to explode due to increasingly empowered consumers and further advances in technology. Look for media to become more: Distributed , Personalized and Contextualized Source: eMarketer
  10. Social Media, Engagement @eMarketer GEOFF RAMSEY CEO, Co-Founder eMarketer Advertising will support less and less of the load for content and entertainment. The classic interruption/disruption model of advertising will erode, if not fade away. Marketers are clamoring for more direct contact with consumers, especially to engage with them on social networks, and this will divert ad money and attention away from third-party publishers. Advertising on social networks will never attract a large share of marketers‟ ad dollars. Spending on non-advertising forms of social marketing will rise significantly next year and beyond. Marketers will be increasingly willing to trade off reach for deeper engagement. Technologies and ad solutions that allow them to reach only the people who - by their digital footprints - indicate that they are likely prospects. The spending emphasis is on internal staffing, and building structures and systems for two-way, real-time communications with consumers—and not so much on deploying ads.. Whether or not the recession ends, 2010 will bring about monumental change. Source: eMarketer
  11. Metrics, Consumer Data, Audience centric Web @nielsenwire JOHN BURBANK CEO Nielson Online Division The next phase of the Internet- “audience-centric Web”. Metrics will answer traditional marketing questions: Who saw my ad? Did I affect the way they think about my product? Did they actually buy more? A brand‟s measure of online impact will be the same as on TV or mobile or print. The richer the consumer data, the richer the business opportunity. Source: Nielsen
  12. Online Customer Community @smallbiztrends ANITA CAMPBELL Editor Small Business Trends @smallbiztrends: More businesses will create their own customer communities online. Free/low cost tools make it easy..
  13. Integrated Marketing, Monitoring, Brand Advocates @adamcohen ADAM COHEN Partner Rosetta @adamcohen: Social media tactics become integrated tools in the relationship marketing arsenal. @adamcohen: Companies struggle adapting processes for customer interaction in marketing, sales, customer service & PR. @adamcohen: Marketing programs focus more on activating brand advocates than general customers. @adamcohen: Social media monitoring industry consolidates and matures, drawing closer to web analytics.
  14. UGC, SEO, Social Media, Real Time.. @marc_meyer MARC MEYER Principal Digital Marketing Response Group @marc_meyer: UGC will become more and more prominent as an alternative to traditional marketing.. @marc_meyer: SEO and Social Media will continue to be the driving force in online marketing. @marc_meyer: Google Real Time Search will be a game changer.
  15. Social Media Measurement @cbensen CONNIE BENSEN Director of Social Media & Community Strategy Alterian @cbensen: SM Monitoring will be a full fledged aspect of enterprise marketing, a part of integrated marketing rather than a novelty standalone channel. @cbensen: Marketers will need SM Monitoring integrated with marketing tech to perform analysis & campaigns across all channels and cust exp processes.
  16. Online Customer Engagement @johnbattelle JOHN BATTELLE Founder & Chairman Federated Media @johnbattelle: Marketers who engage directly with customers online via publishing platforms will win.
  17. More „Educated‟ Customers @adambroitman ADAM BROITMAN Partner & Ringleader @adambroitman: Consumers will become more educated about how they are targeted, and still do nothing.
  18. Online Will Conquer Offline Marketing @danielwaisberg DANIEL WAISBERG Head of Web Analytics Easynet @danielwaisberg: Websites will be replaced by pieces of content & design to be delivered based on user behavior. @danielwaisberg: Online will conquer Offline Marketing and be used as a tool to plan and measure offline behavior.
  19. The Year Marketing Dies. @augieray AUGIE RAY Sr. Analyst of Social Computing Forrester The search engine changes mean 2010 will be the year when brands can run but they cannot hide In 2010, your brand will be more defined by what you do and who you are! No marketing budget can possibly overcome the actual experience consumers have (and share with friends, followers and Google) with the product, service, or organization. Consumers will use Social Media to exert more influence over marketing and business decisions Social Media tools improve and more and older consumers climb the Social Technographics Ladder, moving from Inactives, Spectators, and Joiners to Collectors, Critics, and Creators. Source: Forrester
  20. Search, Video Ads @eMarketer eMARKETER Digital Intelligence @eMarketer Slowly recovering economy, combined with basic structural changes in how marketers and the public use media, will lead to Internet ad spending growth in early 2010. During 2010 & 2011, search will continue to grow at mid-single-digit rates, while classified spending will decrease again both years. . Video ad spending growth will far outpace any other online format, running in the 34% to 45% range from 2009 through 2014. . Video ads moving from the sidelines to center stage, becoming the main form of brand advertising in the digital space.. Source:
  21. Hybrid Plan, Data, Social + Search @eMarketer eMARKETER Digital Intelligence @eMarketer Hybrid Plans that combine subscription fees with advertising - More marketers will increasingly embrace online video advertising, supported by the twin boom of video streams and video ad networks. More transparency on websites could undermine Online Ad efforts - consumers increasingly concerned about privacy issues.. . Websites let users know what data is being kept about them and give them options to remove data. Social Plus Search will equal better results, More Ad opportunities. Source:
  22. Mobile, Commerce, Earned Media @eMarketer eMARKETER Digital Intelligence @eMarketer Mobile commerce‟s time has arrived - consumers are using their devices to buy books, apparel and other items associated with online shopping on a PC.. Retailers grapple with measuring Social Commerce - retailers will become more serious about trying to measure social media’s impact on sales. Mobile Is moving into the mainstream - Mobile ad spending will rise from $416 million in 2009 to $593 million in 2010 as more brands and agencies integrate mobile into their marketing mix. Earned media takes center stage - Marketers will demand better ways to manage and measure the impact of earned media. Source:
  23. Mobile, Video Ads, Budget Reallocation @eiaa EIAA EIAA research findings: 94% of marketers across Europe are planning to increase online advertising in 2010. Mobile is a rising star : 97% predict growth in mobile advertising during 2010 and again in 2011. . Reallocation of traditional advertising budgets - the biggest shift in spend has been from traditional direct marketing. Shift of investment from television budgets as broadcast content is becoming increasingly available via the internet. Video also continues to secure budget from other media. Source: EIAA
  24. Small Business Trends @adology C.LEE SMITH President & CEO Ad-ology Research 28% of in enterprise spend forsay they plan to spend more on online video in Surge small business owners social platforms in late 2010. U.S. online 2010, up 75% over market will grow community softwarelast year‟s plans. 63% in 2010 to $679 million. Businesses are looking for ways to secure social media activities. They will realize 25% say the same about social networking. it will be cheaper to purchase this software in the cloud Traditional enterprise software providers (such as Microsoft with Sharepoint 2010) 21% plan to commit more resources to mobile advertising. will enter this market. Facebook was ranked the most beneficial social network for small business, followed by LinkedIn and Twitter. More standard ways of measuring social business value . E-mail marketing continues to be the most popular online marketing method for small businesses, but these numbers show increased acceptance for emerging media since last year’s study. Source: Marketing Forecast
  25. Small Business Trends @adology C.LEE SMITH President & CEO Ad-ology Research 29% plan increased advertising spending overall, targeting increased resources to online, direct mail, and newspaper advertising.. More than one-third plan to spend more time writing white papers and e-articles. 52% plan to devote more to cause marketing in 2010. 42% plan to participate in trade shows or conferences (18% increase). Source: Marketing Forecast
  26. On Small Business @dollarmarketing JOHN ARNOLD Marketing Speaker Author Search Engine Optimization : search engines will be looking for more relevant and personalized content from publishers and brands. Paid Search: search advertising prices will remain reasonable, and average returns will remain comparably high. E-mail Marketing: E-mail marketing will remain highly predictable in 2010 and may even become more powerful as e-mail service providers improve. Social Network Marketing: Social media has one redeeming quality for marketers--lots and lots of eyeballs Blogging: 2010 will be a year that exposes the blogosphere's vulnerability to the law of averages. Web Presence: Driving visitor traffic to your website isn't the way to go for 2010. Instead, you need to spend 2010 driving your website content to the visitor traffic. Source:
  27. On Small Business @dollarmarketing JOHN ARNOLD Marketing Speaker Author Mobile Marketing: Demand is increasing dramatically for mobile applications and mobile web-browsing due to wider adoption of devices like the iPhone and the Google Android phone. Podcasting and Online Radio: 2010 will be a year of exploration for online broadcasters as they struggle to find and attract loyal audiences. iTunes has long been the leader in podcasting, but there are still no clear leaders in internet radio. Online Video: In 2010, watch for video to become more accessible to small businesses through online outlets. Source:
  28. Interactive Marketing Trends @ hanssmellinckx HANS SMELLINCKX Co-Founder Social Marketing Forum Neuromarkting: Investigating how your target audience will receive your publicity or how they will use your website. This is not just based on click behaviour or pure metrics, but how the human brain is working. E-mail marketing more alive than ever: 46% of all people share content on social platform by using e-mail. E-mail marketing will become more and more popular, but hopefully agencies will improve their knowledge about the medium. Infobesitas: Advertisers and websites are still thinking mass media and CPM, so people will start to decrease their media consumption and being more focused.. next year will be the year to getting it relevant, including advertising. Behaviour marketing: people are fed up with your nonsense advertising. Relevancy will bring you success and a high brand value and as consumers are looking into great experiences, your brand value will become more and more important. The i community: having relevant messages to the individual will become very important. Integration is key: With the rise of social marketing, model integration will become more and more important.. Source: Digital Marketing 101
  29. Interactive Marketing Trends @hanssmellinckx HANS SMELLINCKX Co-Founder Social Marketing Forum Search becoming personal and predictive - semantic web will become reality in 2010 and probably mainstream in 2011. Big brands feeling the heat- Several big brands will feel the heat of smaller brands who are putting the consumer central in their organisation. Twitter, finally a business reason: Due to Google this becomes a very cheap alternative to mass media. The biggest hoax in 2010: Social email marketing Source: Digital Marketing 101
  30. SEO Trends @randfish RAND FISHKIN CEO, Co-Founder SEOmoz This Real-Time Search thing is outta here - In 2010, this fades away. Perhaps not entirely, but we won't be seeing it for nearly as many queries with the prevalence we do today. .. Twitter's "Link Graph" is the real deal. Expect algorithms/metrics like PageRank, TrustRank, etc. will find their way into how Google uses the real-time data. tweets are going to carry their own weight in helping pages rank. . Personalized Search is here to stay. It's going to be a Two-Engine, 80/20 world. A year from now, most webmasters will be looking at a scenario where Comscore/Hitwise reports Binghoo! has ~25-28% market share, but those engines combine to send a little under 20% of all search traffic. Site Explorer & Linkdomain will disappear. SEO Spending will rise dramatically. 2010 is the Year of Conversion Rate Optimization. . Source: SEOmoz
  31. Experiments and Consolidations @trendsspotting APURBA SEN Analyst and Co-author TrendsSpotting @trendsspotting: 'Click thru' dies as measure for the effectiveness of brand- building campaigns. The movement against the “last click”- gains momentum. @trendsspotting: With search queries getting longer & search becoming more real time, ad coverage & thereby monetizing Long tail continues to be a sore throat for the publishers as well as advertisers. @trendsspotting: Expect Facebook, MySpace & other social media publishers to experiment with new ad formats (video) and/or to create scarcity of inventory. That's 'basic economics' after all. @trendsspotting: Content consumption/ Video viewing will continue moving stealthy to major gaming consoles and wifi digital frames. Expect some niche Ad network to tap this opportunity.
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