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Cross platform Digital Marketing

Triangle AMA event March 16th 2012, presented by Mary Stenmark of NBC News Digital

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Cross platform Digital Marketing

  1. 1. The People & Brands YOU TRUST
  2. 2. Unmatched TalentThe People & Brands YOU TRUST
  3. 3. Unmatched Brands
  4. 4. Unmatched Content
  5. 5. Do You Multiscreen?
  6. 6. We Do!
  7. 7. Responsive Design Desktop Tablet Hand-held
  8. 8. Delivering Record Breaking Engagement ServeView Technology TM OUT-PERFORM BY OUT-PERFORM BY 2X! 3X! 0.6 0.6 0.5 0.5 0.4 0.4 0.3 0.3 0.2 0.2 0.1 0.1 0 0 ServeViewTM 300X250 Ads ServeViewTM 300X600 Ads Industry Avg Industry Avg*NBC News Digital CTR reflects average across all available performance data for a given ad size.
  9. 9. offering the most flexibility & productNBC News Digital Story Pages….differentiation 300 x 468 x 970 x 600 648 250
  10. 10. TODAY MOMS
  11. 11. TODAY MOMS
  12. 12. The Power of Cross Media 61% Lift in Page Views
  13. 13. TODAY MOMS Pre-Roll and 300x60 Leave Behind Companion Unit 300x600
  14. 14. TODAY MOMS
  15. 15. TODAY MOMS
  16. 16. TODAY MOMS
  17. 17. TODAY MOMS Your Ad Here Your Ad Here Your Ad Here
  18. 18. TODAY MOMS
  19. 19. TODAY MOMS
  20. 20. TODAY MOMS
  21. 21. TODAY MOMS April 2010 By the Numbers Top Stream of the Month 275,000 monthly streams Top 3 streams Brooke Burke’s secret 64K J-Lo returns 13K Raising child star 10K “Brooke Burke reveals the secret behind her ink” Web-only video 64,000 streams User Engagement Advertising Performance TODAYshow Avg. 1,340,000 2,683 registered moms (total) n/a 582,000 216,000 246,000 92K 3.0 videos streamed/visit 3.5 videos Sponsored Logo 300x250 ad TODAYMoms Total Ad video ad Impressions Visits to todaymoms 5.0 minutes/visit 9.7 minutesSource: Omniture SiteCatalyst and MSN AdExpert, April 2010
  22. 22. TODAY MOMS A huge line!
  24. 24. TODAY’s Cooking School On-Air segments feature world renowned chefs, helping TODAY hostsand viewers at home master simple techniques and recipes.
  25. 25. On the days of theon-air segments, video streams increased by 55%! Source: Omniture Site Catalyst: 1/1/10-10/10/10 – reflects video streams on Cooking School page only
  26. 26. TODAY used in-show call-outs,including a graphic image of the site,to drive users to the Cooking Schooldestination.
  27. 27. Web Extras Most Popular Streams• TODAY’s Kitchen Facebook fan page• Celebrity chefs have done online series sharing cooking tips:• TODAY food stylist, Bianca Henry, did an online series on location at the farmer’s market sharing fresh, unique food finds. 2010 Most Popular Videos Giada’s Kitchen Crush 170K Tyler’s Delicious Stuffing 90K New Twists on Classic Desserts 74K Stir-Fry Your Way to Healthy Eating 58K Giada’s New Years Resolution 53K Source: Omniture Site Catalyst: 1/1/10-10/10/10
  28. 28. SPONSORED CONTENTSponsored videos areteased in the main videomenu, alongside TODAYeditorial content.Even though Ragu only hadtwo videos in October, theirsponsored video streamswere the highest on record!
  29. 29. Jan thru Sept 2010By the Numbers Top Stream 3,090,000Total streams “Giada on Kitchen Crush” 170,000 streams Sponsored by Content data Overall Video Behavior Total Streams 215,881 streams 3.4 videos streamed per session 4.66 minutes avg time spent 6.15 minutes per session Top Stream Bertolli Frozen Meals Meat Lasagna – 35K streams 5.6 minutes avg time spent Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst and MSN ADExpert, Jan thru Sept 2010
  30. 30. Data Represents 01/10-09/10
  31. 31. The Food & Wine section also received heavy user engagement Data Represents 01/10-09/10
  32. 32. Data Represents 01/10-09/10
  33. 33. is receiving heavy promotion throughout and, including spotlight promotion…
  34. 34. As part of TODAY’s Cooking School, launched an all-newstandalone iPhone application dedicated to recipes. Consumers can easily download recipes and generate shopping lists. Unilever is engaging TODAY viewers on the go! 2.01% iPhone in app banners CTR: iPhone Brand Frame CTR: 13.42% Data Represents 01/10-09/10
  35. 35. As part of TODAY’s Cooking School, launched an all-new standalone iPhone application dedicated to recipes.
  36. 36. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingTODAY viewers and Facebook fanswere the centerpiece of this year’swedding, choosing everything fromthe bride’s dress to the couple’srings. This is by far one of the mostinteractive and exciting cross-platform programs TODAY has everexecuted – generating buzz well-beyond Rockefeller Plaza!
  37. 37. TODAY Throws a Modern Wedding After America picked the couple, they weighed on everything from cake to rings, to help Melissa and Jeremy plan their big day in only 6 weeks and 19 on-air segments!
  38. 38. TODAY Throws a Modern Wedding Separated by war, Melissa and Jeremy wed live on TODAY.
  39. 39. TODAY Throws a Modern Wedding 2010 LIVE Equinox Giveaway Rockefeller Plaza, September 15, 2010
  40. 40. TODAY Throws a Modern Wedding TODAY also had many in-show drivers encouraging users to go online to cast their votes and participate!
  41. 41. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingPOWER of Cross-MediaTraffic on and the custom Facebook tab significantly increased on the days of the on-air segments:• Homepage: 47% increase in page views on the days of on-air segments•Wedding Front: 31% increase in page views on the days of on-air segments•Custom Wedding Facebook tab: 359% increase in tab views on the days of on-air segments Source: Omniture Site Catalyst
  42. 42. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingAs part of this special series, viewers got to vote oneverything from the cake to the location! Votingelements included:• The Couple• Rings• Venue• Dress and Tux• Bridesmaid Dresses• Cake• Personal Touches• Honeymoon
  43. 43. TODAY Throws a Modern Wedding Marqueepromotionthroughout TODAY.omHomepagepromotion
  44. 44. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingOnline promotion continued…
  45. 45. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingOnline promotion continued… homepage promotion on day of wedding Co-branded 300x60 ran throughout and
  46. 46. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingOnline promotion continued… Facebook served a highly targeted TODAY Show Wedding promotional ad to engaged woman, age 25-34!
  47. 47. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingOnline promotion continued…Facebook promotion @todayshow Twitter promotion
  48. 48. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingOnline video creative execution…
  49. 49. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingCustom Ad Slice Execution
  50. 50. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingAd executions cont…
  51. 51. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingCustom Wedding Facebook TabFor the first time ever, created a custombranded tab within its Facebookexperience, truly making this year’swedding a MODERN wedding! Branded header
  52. 52. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingTODAY’s Modern Wedding generated lots of buzz and PR! Both The Knot and Wedding Channel tweeted about TODAY’s Modern Wedding!
  53. 53. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingTODAY’s Modern Wedding generated lots of buzz and PR, includingcoverage in US Weekly!
  54. 54. TODAY Throws a Modern WeddingMore Press!
  55. 55. Custom Cross Platform Programs 2% 5% 11% 12% BroadcastBroadcast 19% 45% Digital Digital Video 54% Video Mobile Mobile 29% Other 23%20112009
  56. 56. Mary StenmarkSenior Director, Account ServicesCell: 678-773-2849 | Twitter: @mstenmarkUnmatchedBrands Opportunity Reach Talent Content Engagement
  57. 57. TODAY TRAFFIC CONTINUES TO SOAR PAST GOOD MORNING AMERICAWith 40 million online streams, TODAY video 8 times higher than Good Morning AmericaNEW YORK – March 9, 2012 -- Viewers overwhelmingly chose TODAY over Good MorningAmerica, according to the latest comScore report. TODAY served up more than 40 millionvideo streams in January alone, 8 times higher than Good Morning America’s 5 million videostreams in that same time period. TODAY also had more unique video users, with more than11.7 million visitors in January, 6 times more than the 2.1 million unique video users for GoodMorning America.Millions of viewers turned to TODAY for exclusive reports, original stories and the latestupdates from around the nation and the world. Viewers watched America’s No. 1 morningprogram for breaking news in business, politics, entertainment and sports, includingcomprehensive coverage of the Republican presidential debates, the Costa Concordiatragedy, Joe Paterno’s life and legacy and Paula Deen’s revelation that she has diabetes.TODAY continues to be an innovative leader and the first choice for consumers on anyplatform. TODAY was the first news brand to debut Facebook timeline for personal pages andthe first morning broadcast to launch a voice-activated custom app on Xbox LIVE. Theimmersive video experiences on TODAY, combined with original journalism and advancedtechnology, give viewers more ways to engage and connect with the day’s top stories.Source: comScore Video Metrix (January 2012)