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Survival of the Fittest: How to Build a Cyber Resilient Organization

Cyber threats are growing increasingly complex, and with the explosion of the internet of things (IoT), organizations need to take steps to protect themselves and their customers. Intel has projected there will be over 200 billion IoT devices by 2020, and online data volumes are expected to grow up to 50 times what they are today. Infotech and security leaders are now evaluating a new cyber resilient architecture that can adapt and scale with rapid business digitalization and new IT models. Simplifying the security stack is no longer just a cost-saving priority – with cybercrime threatening to cost $6 trillion by 2021, it is also a prerequisite for uninterrupted visibility, responsiveness and resilience.

In this webinar, guest speaker Jeff Pollard, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and David Meltzer, Chief Technology Officer at Tripwire, discuss the growing challenges of cyber threats and share steps you can take now to build a cyber resilient organization.

Topics include:

-How to identify and cut the technology bloat in your security operations.
-Challenges and opportunities as IT transitions from on-premise to in the cloud.
-Eliminating blind spots and dark spots for uninterrupted visibility, regardless of the endpoint or its location.
-How to re-evaluate strategic planning so that you can align your security programs to new business models.

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