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What is Sales Operations


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Maybe you've increasingly heard from B2B technology companies about the increasing importance of the Sales Operations function....

But what does it mean and how can if effect your business? This presentation provides a high level framework to unpack the question "What is Sales Operations" and how can you use it to drive growth in your business.

What is Sales Operations

  1. 1. WHAT IS SALES OPERATIONS? And Why Your Company Needs It
  2. 2. Learn more about the Slackbot for sales teams at “We need a Sales Operation person”
  3. 3. The explosion and increasing necessity of “sales operations” is here...
  4. 4. Yet many of us, maybe even you… still don’t really understand what a sales operations person does?!
  5. 5. The Sales Operations function can vary based on the GOALS, stage, and STRUCTURE of your organization, from the front-line to the C-suite
  6. 6. BUT one way to think about it is...
  7. 7. Sales Operations creates, implements, and optimizes the processes, data and applications that support the sales team. Learn more about the Slackbot for sales teams at Create Drive Measure Plan
  8. 8. They also help mold the foundation that feeds into marketing, finance, and customer success. DATA Sales & CS Marketing Finance
  9. 9. Woah...that’s A LOT of stuff.
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  11. 11. It’s Not Uncommon for Sales Operations to Be Responsible For or Help Guide Initiatives like...
  12. 12. Defining Required Data Structure & Fields Workflow and Validation Rules Automation CRM Setup Sales Enablement Tools Sales Tech Stack Setting A Foundation
  13. 13. Knowledge Sharing Establishment of Team Communication Calendar Assuring Alignment Across Teams on Data and communication Communications 66% of companies say sales operations leads sales process definition Source: Syngy
  14. 14. Input on Org Structure Onboarding / Training Knowledge / Management (Can fall under Enablement) Hiring Plan People
  15. 15. Ongoing Development, Adoption, Compliance and Improvement on Sales Process Time Management Amongst Teams Driving Performance
  16. 16. Dashboard Construction Defining and Evaluating Goals and KPI’s *All in the name of supporting metrics based decision making! Measuring Performance 71% of companies say sales operations leads performance analytics Source: Syngy Reporting
  17. 17. Forecasting Territory & Lead Allocation + Distribution Designing and Comp Plans to Reward, Retain and Attract Talent Budgeting for New Hires Planning
  18. 18. All These Things Lead to Greater Sales Effectiveness! Learn more about the Slackbot for sales teams at
  19. 19. There might be a few things we glossed over...
  20. 20. But you can see how Sales Operations Pros often need to be like a Swiss Army Knife... You need to be able to do a lot!
  21. 21. So when does it make sense to bring on a sales operations person?
  22. 22. Often when it’s time to “bring order to chaos”.
  23. 23. Rapid growth without visibility, process, and measurement can get you in trouble.
  24. 24. That’s why having someone in place to help establish and guide that growth is a GOOD IDEA!
  25. 25. And guess what...
  26. 26. As you grow, so does the role and responsibilities of sales operations!
  27. 27. Here’s one example of how the role of sales operations can change that someone way smarter than us made: Source: Saleshacker via Matt Cameron
  28. 28. STAGE SITUATION WHAT YOUR HEAD OF SALES COVERS WHAT SALES OPS DOES Finding fit ~<$1M ARR ● Hired first head of sales ● ~4AEs, ~2 SDRs ● No predictability, looking for productivity before scaling ● Sales process development ● Skills training ● Onboarding ● Guides proposal dev. ● Comp plan design ● Owns forecast ● Deal approval The hires: (1) ‘Technical operations’ Skills: CRM administration and Advanced Excel**; Analytical thought partner to leader ● Report and analytics ● Commission calc ● Input to growth strategy Repeatability ~$1M=$10M ARR ● Product/Market fit is confirmed ● As above hiring more AE’s and SDRs whilst trying to find formula for repeatability ● Likely Series A funding ● Sales process improvement ● Guides proposal dev. ● Comp plan design ● Owns forecast ● Deal approval The hires: (1) ‘Technical operations’ (2) ‘Sales effectiveness manager’ Skills: Program mgt, in depth functional sales knowledge/experience ● Sales onboarding ● Training architecture design ● Training & cert. delivery Going big ~$10M+ ● Time to scale -- Serious VC money is in the bank ● Likely Series B Go to market strategy (with Director) The hires: (1) ‘Technical operations’ (2) ‘Sales effectiveness manager’ (3) Sales Operations Director Skills: GTM strategy/planning, commercial negotiation, process design, sales domain expertise ● Sales operating plan incl. Growth plan ● Deals desk (approvals and bid support) ● Territory and Comp plan design ● Comp plan design ● Owns forecast ● Sales process enforcement
  29. 29. So this whole Sales Operations thing is pretty darn important right!? Learn more about the Slackbot for sales teams at
  30. 30. "Sales operations provides leverage to sales organizations through the smart adoption of technology and automation. It's their job to sniff out and execute opportunities to make reps and managers 10, 20, 30% and more efficient. And with the growth of sales efficiency solutions available, not having sales ops paying attention to and grabbing these opportunities injures your sales motion." -Peter Kazanjy Founder, Modern Sales Salon and Author Founding Sales
  31. 31. "The rise in technology to assist sales makes investing Sales Operations mission critical to building and efficient modern sales org. The top organizations I've seen emphasize this early in order to have the infrastructure in place to scale." -Max Altschuler, Founder & CEO
  32. 32. So next time someone asks “What is Sales Operations?”
  33. 33. Now you know why they are so important to the growth of your business!
  34. 34. Oh, and while we have you….
  35. 35. Does your company use Salesforce & Slack?
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