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2015 Internet Marketing Survey for Family Entertainment Centers


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We surveyed FECs of all shapes and sizes throughout North America to develop a "State of Internet Marketing" to share with the industry. Find out how your FEC compares to others in Internet marketing strategy.

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2015 Internet Marketing Survey for Family Entertainment Centers

  1. 1. 2015 Internet Marketing Survey for Family Entertainment Industry Kevin Ekmark Winter 2015
  2. 2. We surveyed Family Entertainment Center (FEC) owners from all over the United States and Canada from December 1, 2015 through December 23, 2015. Our goal was to capture data from a wide variety of FECs regarding the current status of their Internet marketing. Our second goal was to compare the data so that other FECs could see where they stack up against each other, and also break down how FECs as an industry compare to small businesses in North America. In this report, you will find a variety of data points and my personal opinions regarding the state of Internet marketing for the Family Entertainment industry. - Kevin Ekmark, President/CEO of TrustWorkz
  3. 3. Thanks to our large network and fellow members of International Association of Trampoline Parks, IAAPA, Roller Skating Association International, and BPAA, we were able to survey a wide variety of FECs. From trampoline parks to karting to roller skating rinks. We were interested to know whether how owners perceived the value of Internet marketing over other channels. Most said that they got the biggest bang for their buck with the Internet. FECs of All Types & Marketing Channels
  4. 4. Internet marketing falls on the shoulders of most owners/operators with 56% claiming that it is their responsibility for their FEC. This would include the actual day to day tasks of creating content (written, visual, video) and distributing it through various web channels such as Facebook and a company blog. Agencies and in-house marketers were the dominant marketing leaders outside of ownership. Most FECs do not put their marketing in the hands of their hourly staff members. Owners Who Manage Marketing
  5. 5. There was a clear split between owners who were responsible for their own Internet marketing that thought they had a handle on it versus needing help or being ready to delegate the tasks to someone else. Roller skating centers made up the largest percentage of owners managing their own marketing and most felt as if they had a handle on it. Those that managed their own marketing were 91% more likely to not measure or understand their marketing results. Are Owners Successful?
  6. 6. Do FEC owners believe that Internet marketing is the real deal? According to our survey, 88.6% believe that Internet marketing is more important today than anytime in the past. We can assume that because Internet marketing is believed to be more important today, owners are more interested in learning about its capabilities more than ever. How Important Is It?
  7. 7. According to a BrightLocal study from early 2015, most SMBs will spend less than $500/month on marketing. However, that data varies on company size. According to their data, SMBs within the range of 3 to 50+ spend $863 to $3,261 per month on marketing. ** Using their data, we found that nearly half of FECs surveyed were under spending on their total monthly marketing when compared to other local small businesses. Marketing Budgets
  8. 8. CMOs expect digital marketing spend to make up at least 75% of their budget within the next five years. *** When we compared total marketing spend to Internet marketing spend within our data, we saw a disconnect with that prediction for FECs.. Part of the reason for most FECs investing less in digital is due to high marketing costs associated with print media and television. Both mediums are considered to have lower ROIs and higher costs than Internet marketing. Internet Spend
  9. 9. Owners that “strongly agree” or “agree” with the statement, “We are successful with Internet marketing”, were also more likely to have an in-house marketer or agency working for their FEC. FEC owners that managed their own Internet marketing (without the help of staff) were more likely to feel neutral about the statement or disagree altogether. Does Internet Marketing Work?
  10. 10. A major challenge for many FECs is that they simply aren’t tracking their results. Owners that were unsure or were not tracking at all were most likely to be managing their marketing on their own. The most educated owners regarding their results delegate their Internet marketing to in- house marketers or agencies. Owners that tracked their results also “strongly agreed” that they saw results from Internet marketing. and 80% understood how those results related to their bottom line. Additionally, they were more likely to dedicate a larger portion of their total marketing budget to Internet marketing. Are You Sure It Works?
  11. 11. Most FECs target the same four age groups with their marketing. Trampoline parks and both indoor and outdoor kart tracks are more likely to target young adults. The 2nd largest target market, behind Millennials, was the under 18 age group. This was a considerable amount of marketing dedicated to targeting a group with the lowest disposable income. However, this age group has twice the amount of brand conversations per week as adults. **** My suggestion is to target mom and dad, but do not neglect the influential under 18 group. Who Do FECs Target?
  12. 12. The FEC Marketing Toolkit Facebook is a clear favorite. However, most FECs are missing opportunities with search engines and paid advertising.
  13. 13. TrustWorkz decided to only build mobile friendly websites since April 2012, when Google and Bing both came out in support of the mobile responsive web format. It took almost 4 years, but it appears as if most FECs believe that mobile web design is important for their business. According to Party Center Software, around 54% of parties booked on their online booking are made from a mobile device. Our analytics reflect that the average FEC receives 70% or more of their website traffic from a smartphone. Mobile cannot be ignored. Has Mobile Finally Gone Mainstream?
  14. 14. During a webinar in 2014, we presented what mobile friendly design was for websites and party booking, and we quized the attendees before and after about whether they had a mobile friendly website or not. Before we began, 67% believed that their website was mobile friendly. After the webinar, attendees changed their mind. By the end of the webinar, 70% now believed that their website was not mobile friendly. ***** While most FECs that we surveyed believe that they are mobile friendly, we actually found that many still were not, which is why we believe this is inaccurate due to surveyors not understanding mobile friendliness 100%. But Are They Mobile Friendly?
  15. 15. The State of Internet Marketing for FECs It’s clear that FECs believe that Internet marketing is a valuable place to invest their marketing dollars. However, nearly half of all FECs are struggling to find their way through the marketing forrest. There is also a clear connection between owners that delegate marketing work to in-house or agencies and their Internet marketing success. FECs utilizing agencies and in-house marketing experts have a better understanding of their results and how they tie into the bottom line for their business. They typically allocate a larger piece of their marketing budget to digital as well. As the Internet continues to evolve, more technology and channels demand expert marketers to help pull levers. FECs that can find a solution to keeping up with marketing in 2016 will also begin to develop a more successful and well balanced marketing strategy which includes social media, SEO, and paid advertising.
  16. 16. Sources *TrustWorkz Winter 2015 FEC Marketing Survey ** *** **** ***** Contact: Kevin Ekmark @KevinEkmark on Twitter