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Build Less Patterns AgileRoots 2014


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Easy to add, hard to remove. It is the case in many situations including software development, process improvements etc. How we can stay lean eliminating unnecessaries and be agile? We’ll explore the solutions with pattern mining workshop sessions. Stay Lean, Be Agile!
AgileRoots 2014

Build Less Patterns AgileRoots 2014

  1. 1. Produced by Tsuyoshi Ushio Kiro Harada
  2. 2. Facilitator Tsuyoshi Ushio (Agile Consultant, Business Analysis, DevOps) Kiro Harada (Agile Coach, Domain Modeler, SCM Consultant)
  3. 3. Build Less Patterns • Know why we come here. • Know about Build Less. • Share and exchange ideas with AWESOME experts. • Form a team (4 people in each team) • Mining some Build Less Patterns in your team. • Write your ideas and share these. In this workshop, you will … What will you do? Ranking Gold Stars
  4. 4. Story Why we come here?
  5. 5. Japan A country of …
  6. 6. Japan is a country of …ルーツ・トレーディング-みんな でクルクル~すしパーティ!くるりんお寿司 /dp/B004GWZDNC Sushi Toyota Hiranabe
  7. 7. Japan is a country of … “How” 職人芸
  9. 9. HATSUNE MIKU LIVE How to use No such thing like Objectives
  10. 10. Sharp 912SH In 2007
  11. 11. iPhone 1st In 2007 Which product rules the world?
  12. 12. Japan is a country of Build Mass Hell Give My Regards to Black Jack SHUHO SATO Manga on Web
  13. 13. Like this…
  14. 14. Could you help us, PLEASE! It happens EVERYTIME! You may be 1000 times better than us
  15. 15. But it could happen in your … Dilbert, Scott Adams
  16. 16. Build Less Patterns Easy to add, hard to remove
  17. 17. • Increase effectiveness of integrating software functions • making them leaner A pattern catalog for how to remove software functions. What is BLP? Or how to prevent to add…
  18. 18. Repeatedly more than 3 times… Removal makes significant values! Standish Group Study Reported at XP2002 by Jim Johnson, Chairman
  19. 19. Why Build Less? Remove first, add last. Less software is easy to manage. Less software keeps codebase small, this means You’ve never been busy for maintenance. Less software reduce cost and embrace change. Less software has less bugs. Less software reduces the operational cost. Getting Real, 37 signals
  20. 20. #1 Operation feature later Context : A sprint planning Force : A sales division did not want to cut features Problem : Every stories seem mandatory Solution : Postpone implementing features used in operation. These doesn’t need now. Result : Easy to order stories. Related : Concierge By SonicGarden
  21. 21. #2 Hire an Ikemen(イケメン) Context : a hiring process of the project Force : Feeling of not being able to get enough value Problem : the product owner requests to implement too much functions Solution : hire an ikemen Result : The ikemen satisfied the product owner for their value and gave them advice less mass. Ikemen is a programmer who … - has great technical skills - can provide value makes the PO satisfy - has great negotiation skill related build less
  22. 22. Other Build Less Patterns Business flow on a white board Prioritize by user role Preach Build Less No Velocity Utilizing Available Service Share vision/rule before hand
  23. 23. BLP Pattern mining workshop mini Easy to add, hard to remove
  24. 24. Thank you! We will upload these patterns on the Wiki Easy to add, hard to remove