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Website Analysis Report : SEO, CRO Website Audit.


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This is one of my SEO, CRO Website audit.
Note: This audit missed the report of google analytics, cause I have had no access for the GA account.

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Website Analysis Report : SEO, CRO Website Audit.

  1. 1. Website Analysis Report Presenter: Tarak Turki 14th April 2016
  2. 2.  Site Metrics  Ergonomic Audit  Technical and Functional aspects  Design and Usability  Editorial & Content Audit  Validity  Duplicate Content  Technical audit  SEO situation  SEO Recommendation  CRO Recommendation  Implementation Plan Agenda
  3. 3. Site Metrics
  4. 4. Site Metrics
  5. 5. Ergonomic Audit  Technical and functional aspects Compatibility and Accessibility : • Your website is well-configured for visitors from mobile devices • The web site appears well in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  6. 6. Ergonomic Audit Loading time : • This website has a slow loading time on the mobile and Desktop version Recommendation: • Optimize images, css and Javascript files Use wordpress plugins to optimize images, css and Javascript files or perform the optimization manually
  7. 7. Ergonomic Audit  Design and Usability Navigation : Good navigation helps visitors to understand what is on your website and to distinguish its different components 1. Menu: An unclear menu can confuse the users
  8. 8. Ergonomic Audit Recommendation: • Differentiate the menu from the website header Example 1: Example 2:
  9. 9. Ergonomic Audit 2. Trust Information: When you select a menu item e.g. «Bathroom Aids» the trust information disappears
  10. 10. Ergonomic Audit Recommendation: • Add the trust information into top bar.
  11. 11. Ergonomic Audit 3. Promotion:
  12. 12. Ergonomic Audit Recommendation: • Create a slider that contains images, text and call to action Example 1:
  13. 13. Ergonomic Audit Example 2: Call to Action is key to increasing conversion rate optimaziation
  14. 14. Ergonomic Audit 4. Phone Number and Live Chat: • The phone number is present only one time in header • After 24 hours from testing live chat no response Recommendation: • Include the phone number in footer • Ensure resource is available to answer live chat requests. If that is not possible then it is better not to use it
  15. 15. Ergonomic Audit 5. Product page: • Add to Basket button is not visible when you scroll down the page • Duplicate content in the product description Recommendation: • Use CSS to make the Add to Basket button available as you scroll down in the page • Rewrite a unique and correct product description • Include videos to demonstrate the products
  16. 16. Ergonomic Audit 6. About Us Page: • Only black text without any images Recommendation: • Use keywords and links for content • Use images at list one image
  17. 17. Ergonomic Audit 7. The 404 page: • The site does not currently have a 404 error page - this is bad in terms of usability Recommendation: • Provide visitors with a helpful 404 error page to increase user retention
  18. 18. Editoral & Content Audit 1. Validity: • Using valid markup that contains no errors  Syntax errors make your page difficult for search engines to index Recommendation: • Use W3 validator to fix syntax errors or pass the issues back to your developer for code fixing
  19. 19. Editoral & Content Audit 2. Duplicate Content: • The NRS website adheres to search engine quality charters , in terms of unique and valuable content for visitors • Duplicate content is a major obstacle for each site in its search engine ranking
  20. 20. Editoral & Content Audit Recommendation: • Rewrite duplicate content Use siteliner to detect the duplicate content
  21. 21. Technical Audit  SEO Situation Internal Technical Criteria: On Page 1. Analysis of title tags and Meta description: • Your meta description should contain between 70 and 160 characters (spaces included). • A good description acts as a potential organic advertisement and encourages the viewer to click through to your site
  22. 22. Technical Audit Recommendation: • Ensure that each of your web pages has a unique meta description that is explicit and contains your most important keywords
  23. 23. Technical Audit 2. Site Compliance: • Your website is structured using HTML headings (<H1> to <H6) Recommendation: • Use your keywords in the headings and make sure the first level (<H1>) includes your most important keywords
  24. 24. Technical Audit 3. Images: • Alternative text (the alt. attribute) is missing for several images Recommendation: • Add alternative text so that search engines can better understand the content of your images • Use keywords in your alternative text
  25. 25. Technical Audit 4. Internal Links: • There are 330 with no title attributes (inside the tag <a>) Recommendation: • Add title attributes to all links and use keywords
  26. 26. Technical Audit External Criteria: Off Page 1. Backlinks:
  27. 27. Technical Audit • Small number of backlinks • Missing title for backinks
  28. 28. Technical Audit Recommendation: • Add more backlinks to the content of your website • Add title to the links and use keywords
  29. 29. Technical Audit 2. Blog: • Your website does not have a Blog Recommendation: • Create a page blog for your website
  30. 30. Technical Audit 1. Presence on Social Media: Social media has become an imperative for all brands looking to be a part of the digital market and to increase their brand awareness business Facebook:
  31. 31. Technical Audit • Posts per Day: 0.62 You publish three to five new posts each week. To activate your fans, you should add something on a daily basis • Length of posts: Between 100 and 500 characters The majority of your posts are between 100 and 500 characters It is recommended that you write longer posts since longer posts generate more responses from your followers • Posts by fans: No messages last month Facebook is an amazing network for dialogue with your clients and customers. You should encourage your fans to ask more questions
  32. 32. Technical Audit Recommendations: • Use likealyzer tool to analyse the performance of your facebook page • Ask more questions to your fans • Review the length of your posts • Publish posts more often • Encourage your fans to ask more questions for you to answer • Publish more pictures
  33. 33. Technical Audit Twitter: • Your Twitter usage statistics look great • You can enhance them even more by building connections with industry experts and exchanging expertise or content.
  34. 34. Technical Audit • Google Plus Being active in this social network is important for your brand awareness , influencing your search engine rankings and interacting with your network
  35. 35. SEO Recommendations  Optimize your site load time for mobile visitors  Rewrite duplicate content  Optimize images and add the alt. attributes and titles  Write a relevant summary of each page in the description tag: • Use plugin SEO yoast to integrate meta title and description  Highlight keywords (bold, font, H1, H2, H3)  Increase links with keywords to your landing pages  Create a blog page and start posting articles  Use industry leading tools i.e. hootsuite or buffer ,for maintaining your social media presence  Use Linkedin Publisher to share posts
  36. 36. CRO Recommendations  As a minimum redesign the website Home page and landing pages  Use AB testing to validate the redesigned pages  Optimize your site load time for mobile visitors  Rewrite landing page content to include identified keywords  Use clear and obvious call to action to increase conversion  Add appropriate videos to product landing pages  Create “top sellers page” to target top sellers based on profit margins  Create “Why Buy From Us” page to deliver the key message about the company and their services As a minimum this page should include: • Content with keywords • Short video • Sidebar including all services provided after point of sale  Review all ads to be sure that the right users are being targeted :use more the add extensions
  37. 37. Implementation Plan Quick Wins & Priority Modifications • Optimize your site load time for mobile visitors • Redesign the home page • Re-write the Meta description of the home page • Add the google Map to your contact page • Create more internal links • Review the list of the keywords for your PPC campaign • Review all the Ads Short to Medium Term Modifications • Create blog for the website • Review and improve social network campaigns • Re-write content for the landing page • Create “top sellers page” • Submit of websites in to Search Engine Optimization directories • Create and implement new SEO and PPC campaign for Bings