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Domain Driven Design at UK Parliament

Talk by Silver Oliver at the Parliament, Data and Democracy meetup

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Domain Driven Design at UK Parliament

  1. 1. What is the shape of this thing? (Roughly speaking) By Michael, Anya and Silver
  2. 2. If the data doesn’t join, the website won’t link
  3. 3. Why domain-driven design?
  4. 4. • Language is messy • Organisations are messy
  5. 5. Language is messy
  6. 6. Lexicographer
  7. 7. Lexicography Troll (noun) troll (verb)
  8. 8. Concordance analysis
  9. 9. Lexicography Troll (noun) troll (verb) trolling Computing domain Corpus
  10. 10. Lexicography Commission Committee
  11. 11. Organisations are messy
  12. 12. Knowledge Manager
  13. 13. “If there is a role, formal or informal, which has been around for a long time then it might be a negative custom and practice that should be removed in the name of efficiency. But it is most likely to be a co-evolved role which does things it is not aware of and cannot articulate but on which your organisations future is dependent.” Dave Snowden
  14. 14. Domain-driven design
  15. 15. •Domain •Model •Ubiquitous Language •Creative collaboration What is domain driven design
  16. 16. Parliament domain model work
  17. 17.