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Domain modelling Parliament

Anya Somerville, Silver Oliver and Michael Smethurst on work to domain model the UK Parliament. Slides for Euro IA 2017

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Domain modelling Parliament

  1. 1. Domain Driven Design at UK Parliament Euro IA 2017
  2. 2. Anya Somerville Head of Indexing and Data Management, UK Parliament Michael Smethurst Data Architect UK Parliament Silver Oliver Information Architect Data Language Introductions
  3. 3. What you will learn •What Parliament is •What problems we are trying to solve •How we are going about it •What the outcome has been to date
  4. 4. What is Government? •Is accountable to Parliament •Proposes new laws to Parliament •Runs public departments
  5. 5. What is Parliament? •Holds Government to account •Allows input from citizens •Debates issues to influence decision making
  6. 6. Erskine May
  7. 7. What is Parliament?
  8. 8. The challenge
  9. 9. Don’t put your organisational structure on the web
  10. 10. Website for each office or project Over 50 different domains
  11. 11. How we are trying to solve it
  12. 12. Domain-driven design
  13. 13. What is domain modelling? •A creative collaboration •Drawing back at each other •Talking about things in a natural context
  14. 14. Why Domain-driven design?
  15. 15. Simple ComplicatedComplex Chaos Cynefin Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge
  16. 16. Calendar Standing Orders Precedent Election Cynefin
  17. 17. If you don't address the messiness you build it into your system
  18. 18. Inquiry
  19. 19. Committee Inquiry Committee
  20. 20. Committee Inquiry
  21. 21. Committee Inquiry Committee Inquiry Committee Inquiry
  22. 22. IMPOSSIBLE: Very HARD: HARD: Quite HARD: Quite EASY: EASY: Fairly EASY: Business applications providing data Data platform Changing workflows/ job descriptions Union negotiations Data authoring tools Website THE EVENT HORIZON
  23. 23. How to do it
  24. 24. WHAT Bridge person 2-3 SME’s Finding people Environment Culture How wide to go? How deep to go? Probe familiar patterns Cardinality WHO HOW Anecdote Pens Whiteboard Social graph Domain modelling Trial and error Conversation
  25. 25. Facilitating not directing (from a script) •Congruence – without hiding behind a professional or personal facade. •Unconditional positive regard – demonstrating a willingness to attentively listen without interruption, judgement or giving advice. •Empathy – desire to understand and appreciate their participants perspective.
  26. 26. Parliament domain modelling
  27. 27. ent/domain-models
  28. 28.
  29. 29.
  30. 30.
  31. 31. See Also •Modeling Parliament(s?): parliaments/ •A routes file for the state: • How we make websites: tes.shtml • Cynefin for devs: for-devs/ •Beyond the polar bear: