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Students for Pre Stage

Mr. Uday Pal(PGT Computer)
Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya
Viveknagar: Tripura, INDIA
Plz contact:

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Students for Pre Stage

  1. 1. Computer Based Training
  2. 2. *WWHHYY DDOO AANNIIMMAALLSS NNEEEEDD AANNIIMMAALLSS NNEEEEDD FFOOOODD TTOO FFOOOODD?? GGRROOWW :: A pet dog is usually healthier than a stay Dog. This is because a stray dog does not get enough food. Animals need food to stay healthy. AANNIIMMAALLSS NNEEEEDD FFOOOODD FFOORR EENNEERRGGYY :: All animals need food to grow, to work and to stay healthy.
  3. 3. All animals depend on plants for food. Some animals eat plants. Some animals eat Plant eating animals. Some animals eat both Plants and animals. Thus, all animals depend On plants for their food.
  4. 4. HHeerrbbiivvoorreess:: Animals like cows and giraffes eat grass or green plants. They are plant-eating animals. Such animals are called herbivores.
  5. 5. Animals like lions and tigers eat the flesh of other animals. They are flesh eating animals. Such animals are called Carnivores.
  6. 6. OOmmnniivvoorreess::
  7. 7. OOmmnniivvoorreess::